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  1. I will bite for you…. I will do it in point.

    * I would not insult Samoa? Really? I have SEVERAL times done and cause the WHOLE nation on edge for my very direct insult to Fa’a Samoa? You forgot that I publicly said that Fa’a lavelave is gay and that Samoa just go to American Samoa to rape the economy? I remember those post, you don’t?

    * The Philippines has the freedom of speech. It is actually a first world country and part of the “West” and has been since the Paris Treaty. A political leader does not give a fuck about what people say. All he cares is getting his paycheck. Plus, a few hundreds bucks and they will have a smile on their face. This is not New Zealand….where the mayor told people to fuck off.

    Ok, cut the bullshit, will you. All of this to do with you don’t like how I talk about people and my lack of “empathy” for those in poorer countries. Guess what? I agree. I will be in American Samoa later this year and I will continue to mock the former governor there. He can’t touch me and he knows it.

    Your problem with me has always been my attitude not of the rest of this crap that is just smoke, not the fire. Like making a big deal out import an image by url that is a very common practice….even by major news outlets.

    In your own words last year, “A bit of humility, cutting a bit of slack and who knows, I might become a raving fan of yours!” This is ALL over you don’t think I am “nice” to people and give a sign about their emotions and how they feel…..

    The rest of this is completely smoke and nothing else. You have made it a goal of yours to try and “humble me” Four years on and guess what, It hasn’t worked. I remember that talk in Apia…. you bitched about what you saw as “pride…..”

    I see through the smoke here and know what you dislike about me. Salamat Po/

    • Peter, you’ve spoken good words here. I quote you:

      ” Ok, cut the bullshit, will you.”

      So let’s cut to the chase . . .

      I’ve blogged thousands of words here after hours and hours of investigation all about the Peter Vandever who is an unrepentant photography thief, plagiarising from multiple sources, claiming that they are his own works, for pecuniary gain, then hiding them when outed, and either ignoring his victims or telling them to shove off, all the while pretending to be a Christian Missionary.

      The proof is there by way of real evidence.

      I predicted that your “one-and-only” response wouldn’t be – sadly this incoherent nonsense simply shows me and the world more of your self-centric approach to life and living. Go back to your shrink Peter and get a life!

      You are a fraud and have been outed and unravelled. Get used to it.

  2. Peter’s only response to the entirety of this undeniable evidence is some vague, meaningless comment about importing images into a blog. No, Peter both suggests or directly states that the plagiarised photos are his own. Gimmicks and stunts are core trademarks of Peter’s “work” and in all avenues of his life. He is a fraud to the core. Why he chooses to live this way is anyone’s guess.

    It was learned from conversations with his family that he even burned his own parent’s house down many years ago when he wasn’t able to get what he wanted from his mother. He is truly a sick, sick individual.

    Great presentation on this website. It’s good that others can discover who is the real Peter Vandever.

    More on this guy at petervandever.com

    • Thanks for bothering to comment here C. Thanks also for your supportive comments. A lot of investigative work has gone in to this and it costs to expose people like Peter – they lash out, sadly, thus it is appreciated when someone ways nice things!

      > Peter’s only response to the entirety of this undeniable evidence is some vague, meaningless comment about importing images into a blog.

      When people with psychiatric issues in denial are caught in the spotlight they have little option but to ignore the criticism and/or to highlight red-herrings in order to try to take the heat off them. They cannot simply confess (pride) and find it incredibly uncomfortable for all of about a millisecond or two. They then revert to their own story believing that because they believe it the world will also. Not always so eh?

      While Peter has serious issues with human relationships and commercial misrepresentation, I find the fraudulent claims of Christian missionary work the most obnoxious. I do wish he would either give it up or pull his head in and live within his means on his benefit. I hate it when people get suckered like they did in the past. Fortunately I think his success at conning people has reduced now with first this blog and then others getting the word out.

  3. I leave this here with you. I have spent my evening reading the information you have gathered on Peter Vandever.
    I am letting my own opinions on the whole thing be just that, my opinions. That being said I was reading his new(?) site, and knowing you were in Samoa about the same time as he I would refer this to you and your judgement. on the correctness of this.


    • Hi Rik
      My comments are:
      1. American Samoa is a different country to Samoa where I was based but has essentially the same root Samoan culture
      2. Peter visited Samoa shortly before he went to A.S. where I met him once
      3. I offered him assistance and he ignored this, continuing to solicit funds as a “Christian Missionary” falsely claiming poverty
      4. This event alerted me to his fraudulent nature and generated my first blog in which I warned others
      5. His challenge to and criticism of the Samoan culture and circumstances in Samoa and A.S. was real, insensitive and inflammatory
      5. His story that you link to is exaggerated and lacks credibility but has some truth contained
      Hope this is what you wanted from me

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