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  1. Thanks for SEO linkage and it is not hidden…. It is a page, not a post as it does not go into my view of what I normally am posting about. Last I checked, I can build my sitemap as I felt is best 🙂

    God bless you, bro.

    • Yes it WAS hidden (as I show with the screen-shot) because you had no links to it, but with my posting and linking, it is now not. Yes, you have every right to build your sitemap as you so wish, but when you hide an Open Letter away from your site map, when it is not in Google for a week (I waited deliberately to prove the point) and call it an “Open Letter” then this is deception from you, yet again. More importantly though, you miss and constantly fail to address the key point of my blogging, Peter – that you are an unrepentant serial thief and a liar masquerading as a Christian Missionary. With that in mind, you are welcome to as many SEO links as you like. What you fail to realise however is that 99% of your visitors are not your customers, and feeding your ego with hundreds of people visiting you to mock you, and realise the truth about you is foolishness in the extreme – to most people anyway. Using the phrase “God bless you bro” fools none of my readers, Peter. It simply shows them how much out of touch with reality you are pretending to love others who call you to account. No person on the planet would turn to your God as a result of your conduct Peter . . . Let’s just remind ourselves what this blogging has shown – that you are an unrepentant mass plagiarist – you attempt to cover it up, knowingly treat others with gay abandon and then tell people to get over it and get on with life without an inch of remorse. You are a liar and a thief, with a serious lack of understanding of basic social interaction skills. Your conduct is unbecoming of any Christian Missionary.

  2. Mr Vandever has just invaded our “You know you’re a missionary kid if” site. He has been creating havoc with his postings and ideas for the last two weeks. I have openly opposed his writings along with several of the others on the group and finally rebuked him openly. When he responded flippantly and basically told me that I was off the wall when I said that I was speaking from the Lord, I did some google searching and was very thankful to come upon your blog, which I could refer to the administrators of the the group to back up what I had to say about him myself. I am deeply grateful for your blog, I am sure that it will help the administrators make a decision on how to deal with him.

    • That’s a constructive step and well done for researching the man. Let me know the events and I will update my posts on Peter’s latest escapades. Peter’s arrogance mixed with his psychiatric issues makes for ongoing trouble in all of his human relationships. Exposure is healthy and an important part of why I have taken the risk to write and take the stance I have. Peter Vandever has no hesitation to misrepresent himself. The truth however will always OUT when good people speak. Thank you for contacting me. Keep me posted and feel free to update events here as you so wish.

  3. I am thankful that Mr. Vandever has had his membership on our site revoked. I was not alone in voicing concerns to the administrators. The interesting thing is that many people do not exercise discernment when interacting with individuals. Certain individuals put you on the same level as the person you are trying to correct/oppose. Ah well. He started a number of posts. The post that I was mainly involved in was “Waiting on God is not biblical”. What!!! “If you want to be a missionary, just pick a country and go”! I’m sorry. That sounds like the opposite of wisdom. Anyway, my experience with this individual bears out what your blogs states. He is a seriously oppressed individual that mixes truth with lies, and has probably deceived himself to a point to where he no longer knows the difference. I hope that my interaction with him is over.

    • Thanks for the update. Peter is deceived and deluded. There is a mixture of reasons for this – pride and psychiatric, the balance of which God only knows. Best left like that methinks. Glad that the administrators saw reason. It is a repeating pattern which sadly Peter cannot accept and learn from. In regards to the subject of “simply choosing a country and going” I am with you. I would note also that the clarity with which we can hear God’s voice in a specific call determines the level of commitment that we have, and thus the effectiveness of our ministry when we go. This is important when adversity strikes. Peter’s conduct proves the point that when the going gets tough he moves on, thus proving that his call is primarily motivated by and for self. I’ve previously noted this with him. Moving on is not a direct indicator of living in the flesh but when combined with other conduct such as shown in your group discussion it does indicate the true nature of his ‘missionary work’. Thanks for posting this and keeping the world informed. This blog is well-used by those wanting to understand the other side of Peter Vandever. He is very likely to continue winding others up with his words and conduct!

  4. Dennis, funny you should mention culture shock. One of Peter’s frequents complaints about being in the Philippines is “lack of hospitality.” But that hospitality seems to mean preferential treatment, like being the first served by waitresses even if there are loads of other customers who came before him, or being given the discount when he asks. Lots of people in the groups I’m in get mad when he complains like that. And another of his memorable statements, since you mentioned it, was, in effect, “empathy is a stupid thing.” But I guess that only emphasizes further that he needs help.

    • > another of his memorable statements, since you mentioned it, was, in effect, “empathy is a stupid thing.”

      People like Peter Vandever do not understand empathy and other softer, subtler aspects of life. They lack this the same way as a blind person lacks comprehension of colour. When you have someone like Peter who wears his heart on his sleeve, this becomes confrontational in a second and winds others up quite quickly and often badly.

      The way to handle this is to acknowledge that he actually believes what he says (because he undoubtedly does) and avoid confrontation. If we understand psychiatric issues it helps him to identify his uniqueness to associate it with his ‘issues’ whatever they are. I can only do this in a general sense because I am not a shrink, but if at any point in the future he does listen to professionals in this space then he can (and will likely) go back to these examples. Speaking the truth is a double-edged sword – like surgery on a cancer it can hurt, but it can also heal given the right circumstances.

      > But I guess that only emphasizes further that he needs help.

      He already has had help. He needs humility – a far bigger challenge!

      • Another thing that he often used to anger people was his opinion that OFWs (Overseas Filipinos Workers) are deplorable simply for being so. He claims OFWs are greedy slobs who leave their families just for money – never mind that the families need this money to support their needs. And that OFW remittances are a significant contributor to keeping the Philippine economy afloat. And that there is a scarcity of well-paying jobs at home. So he slams expatriates while he himself is an expatriate. But I guess this is another thing that points to his need for humility aside from his need for help.

        • > So he slams expatriates while he himself is an expatriate. But I guess this is another thing that points to his need for humility aside from his need for help.

          Yes, indeed!

          When people don’t understand others (and this can be both ways BTW, Peter AND his detractors) they tend to label others and be dogmatic. The issue you refer to (OFW) is definitely not black and white. Peter makes it so because his mind is made up (it literally HAS TO BE) so that he can cope with the complexities of life. Truth, true logic – which accepts different circumstances, values and human objectives – comes secondary to defense of his position which he can only see as the ‘right’ one. This mental inflexibility is a symptom of his ‘condition’ whatever it may be. He’s not a fool, and quite often has a good point but he can’t get his thoughts into the context that others live by. The irony of himself being an OFW [although that might be stretching it a bit] is funny; hypocrisy to some, no doubt!

          As you have refered to humility, when you mix in arrogance with this desperate defense of a dogmatic position from an inflexible mind, with a dollop of a care-free attitude towards the feelings of others you have a recipe for a human interaction disaster – in this case one called Peter Vandever! It’s not very pretty but I spend so much time writing about him so that others can avoid doing the same things as he does – holding dogmatic positions on him; labeling and doing to him the very thing they complain about him doing to them. Truthseekers must accept BOTH sides of a given coin. Yes, he IS a thief and a liar claiming to be a Christian Missionary and should be ‘outed’ for that but the WHY of it all isn’t really understood by those who come into conflict with him. I hope that my blogging brings balance and understanding, apart from the core revelations of his crimes.

          Thanks again for contributing here.

          • One last thing. I suspect he’s one of those hired trolls or shills meant to cause trouble online for opponents. Start flame-wars and all that. I’ve seen online accounts that throw around similar opinions and behavior similarly, and a few of those were confirmed to be troll accounts. Not a conclusive opinion on it, but it’s a possibility for me, given how pressure groups have realized the power of the Internet and social media, and are trying to use it to their advantage. Anyway, cheers, here’s to life after Peter. hehe

          • > I suspect he’s one of those hired trolls or shills meant to cause trouble online for opponents

            I don’t. While you can’t prove a negative without absolute knowledge (and I don’t have this with Peter) I have seen nothing to support this suspicion, although it is a technical possibility.

            > here’s to life after Peter

            For you, yes. Not for me though. The journey is probably only just beginning, for human pride is persistent and it is very likely that the name of Peter Vandever will continue to be associated with dishonesty and widespread social trauma. As long as I’m around and blogging though, I’ll be there!

            Cheers, indeed!

          • Ah, then let’s both be there then when he’s still making trouble around these parts. Cheers!

  5. Hello Dennis,

    I would like to thank you for your postings on Peter Vandever. I stumbled on his Philippines videos on YouTube and find his information extremely misleading, derogatory, hateful, and contradictory. He claims to be a child of GOD and a religious man, but he swears like a sailor, berates expats in the Philippines, belittles the Filipino people and their culture. He also claims to have been born and raised in the Philippines (Clarks). This was from a post on (note, his website in now down):

    Understand Filipinos culture – The Gypsy Backpacker

    Wayne Forte:
    U dont look Pinoy but u seem to know what ur talking about n say it like it is. I like that!
    May 16, 2015

    Peter Vandever:
    Born at Clark, raised in Makati. I don’t bs around.
    May 17, 2015

    But my research shows, his residence is in Saint Joseph, Missouri. I am in the process gathering full details on Peter Vandever, because he is misrepresenting and providing false information to people. That is creating false hate, drama, and allegations against people without warrant. He will be exposed. And not to destroy, but to hopefully help Peter Vandever find his way in life. He is truly lost. Will keep you posted.

  6. I have worked in the Alaska VA for a few yrs, in the mental health and substance abuse field. I believe Peter has a personality disorder and some paranoia disorder. Also possibly a prior substance abuse issues. He has threaten me to file a libel case on me. I took it personal when he said OFWs domestic workers are live in whores. My wife was an OFW for 24 yrs as a domestic worker and also she was a POW during desert storm and beaten by her Kuwaiti employer along with 7 other filipinas.

    • Hi Jule
      Thanks for commenting here.
      > I believe Peter has a personality disorder and some paranoia disorder. Also possibly a prior substance abuse issues.
      I can believe this but would like to know on what you base these beliefs. Opinion is one thing. Proof is another.
      > He has threaten me to file a libel case on me.
      Peter is VERY unlikely to do this – he has no capital from which to launch litigation and not the mental fortitude to conduct anything like this – and he normally shies away from legal things. I recommend that you simply continue to speak the truth and share your opinion freely. Truth will always out.

  7. Have been following Peter for many years (as an observer) and thought you might be interested in this http://latterrains.com/

    Last post was September 3rd and he has a support page for money. He is 1) not a Christian by any standard I would hold and 2) a con man.

    I have called him out before, have spoken with him on the phone and he is delusional at best

    • Hi Jim and thanks for the link

      Notice also that he hot-links to others’ copyrighted photos, which shows that he is still an unrepentatnt plagiarist although hot-linking to steal images is not the same as what I showed him doing before – outright image theft for attempted commercial gain. On his latest post for example you can see his use of https://simergphotos.com/2012/09/09/jerusalem-a-photo-essay-of-the-holy-city/ a photo taken by Muslim & Nevin Harji (https://simergphotos.com/2012/09/09/jerusalem-a-photo-essay-of-the-holy-city/). A good read BTW.

      This cognitive dissonance shows his cynical grasp of reality and indicates his psychiatric condition – lack of comprehending human relationship issues. He doesn’t understand these things, and when you talk to him in a quiet moment he admits to this. It’s like a butcher killing things all day then going home to wife and kids and stroking the cat – a hard thing for many. For people like Peter, emotional norms are foreign concepts. He simply doesn’t understand them and lives in his own world.

      The reason I blog about Peter is that the deceptions he weaves have the potential to fool gullible supporters into supporting him financially and bringing the Christian faith into disrepute. Fortunately his fraudulent fund-raising has reduced substantially in the time since I went public and a search for his name brings much more balance to his digital footprint than previously. You are correct that his behaviour is not within the bounds of Christian norms and that he is a conman.

      Be careful not to write him off entirely though because the line between heaven and hell is blurred somewhat for those with psychiatric conditions. I just thank God that it is not me who has to hold him to account and judge at the final muster. I think he will have serious issues at the pearly gates but I think that exposing him and speaking the truth today in the here and now is important.

      Thanks for contributing here.

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