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The Future Without Usury

Weaving table mats in Samoa. A cottage industry.

Weaving table mats in Samoa. A cottage industry.

In a previous post I shared how Christians should and can conduct their lives in accordance with the clear biblical instruction to avoid usury (interest). This necessitates removing our trading, buying and selling from the world’s usurious financial systems. Surprise, surprise, there is great blessing and opportunity when we do this! In this post I demonstrate in practical terms what this means as people move into a future without usury. [Read more…]

Christians & Legal Tender Money

money-crossIn this Sermon from Samoa I explain the nature of [Legal Tender] money as inherently evil as it based on usury, a totally prohibited practice. I explain the significance of this understanding then share the appropriate actions Christians should be taking. This is especially significant in the light of increasing belief that with exponential debt increases, there will be a coming global financial meltdown. It’s a vital subject, one that I believe is second in importance only to the identity of Christ. [Read more…]

Corruption in SAMOA

Corruption in Samoa - eBook

Corruption in Samoa – eBook & website launching Midday 1st June 2015

After five years living, working and playing in Samoa, I think I’ve got it pretty much worked out! It’s a nation with endemic self-interest, greed, lies and a unique way of dealing with power. In the West we call it corruption. In Samoa it’s called “just the way things are”. Today I announce the launch of a new website Corruption in with a description of what I am doing and why. Pigeons might be a little wary of the cat from here-on-in. [Read more…]

Analysing Victor Hafichuk’s Ministry

the-path-of-truthIn this post I share my experiences engaging with a Christian Ministry calling itself The Path of Truth. Accused by some for being a cult and challenged by others for theological error they are without doubt a divisive lot. My assessment is that contrary to their many detractors they ARE indeed a valid Christian Ministry but in their uniqueness they err with extreme judgmentalism, essentially born out of self-confidence that has clearly slipped into arrogance. [Read more…]

Fighting the Holocaust Story

holocaust-or-holohoaxIn this Sermon from Samoa I share the essence of an engagement with a Christian Ministry that believes and defends the Holocaust story. I show how faulty logic and low-level thinking sadly end in a violent breakdown of relationship. There are many lessons, not the least of them that even though the Holocaust has been a taboo subject, it is increasingly seen as highly questionable by those prepared to ask simple questions. [Read more…]