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  1. From the TIPLINE:
    Hi Dennis,
    Just stumbled across your blog/website looking up Samoa stuff. I am currently in xxx working but am also from Auckland born and raised. I am half Samoan half Dutch and am recently married (In Samoa April 2015) with 5 kids who are currently living in Auckland.
    Just wanted to say hi and found your topics very interesting, not only the Samoan topics either. But you have really hit it on the nail with corruption in Samoa hurting its own. Will eagerly follow your blogs.

    Thanks xxx
    Life will never be the same again in Samoa when the people have one not afraid to speak for them eh? I say, “Roll on 2016!” when they will have a voice via the website!
    I would note that while some would class me as a sh*t-stirrer, I am a-political and try not to personalise matters I write about.

  2. The world seems to be heading more and more in the direction you speak of. And might has more or less become right, accepted, because people are unaware, part of the game, and unable to see the road we are all being led down, willingly, or unwillingly. The Scandinavian countries manage so much better than the rest. No doubt they would not be exempt from corruption, there is arms manufacture etc, but their overall standards are high, and they are closer to democracy than most. I was like you, a believer in good, only to wake up to the way things really are. All the terrible cruelty meted out by the strong to the weak and poor. The lies and denial. If Christian practice were truly a following of Christ’s message, as it is for a percentage, then much good would result.But it looks as if mammon plays a large role in today’s religion. Or religious texts are used to justify aims that are anything but good. And then there is that saccharine which has become just another form of cover up. And those leaders who have both genuineness and gifts and love for the world and for truth, almost always end up impotent, or dead.I hope that you find a middle way in Samoa, a way to do what you feel is right, while staying out of hospital. cynical, ain’t I?

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