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  1. Hi Dennis,
    Just a wee little comment on the words “Ausrottung” and “Vernichtung”.
    You say these words are mostly used in German to refer to physical separation rather than deliberate death.
    Well I happen to be German and I can assure you this is not so. They sound cruel, they are cruel and they mean something cruel when mentioned to refer to a way of treating another human being. Annihilation and destruction is what they mean. If one was to refer to physical separation, o e would use words such as “Deportation, Umsiedlung or even Zwangsausweisung, to adress an inforced operation.

    Besides that, I find your page quite interesting so far. I must also admit that I did feel some satisfaction when I could witness Paul Cohen was for once outsmarted, outargued and frankly beaten. After reading some of their correspondance I hoped he would one day find his match, someone who could expose him at some level, and so he did. Not that it has relevance for the truth in the matters you guys were discussing, I just wanted the bully to be beaten. Not to call you a bully…
    You simply exposed something.
    Take care, God bless

    • Thanks Michel for the two trains of thought here. I’ve split your feedback into the two relevant two posts.

      I will leave this post as it stands and your comment of clarification or correction as well. I look forward to a more detailed analysis of the use of these words specifically in regards to Hitler’s attitude and actions towards the Jews. I have taken my feed in this matter from two sources that claimed the translation/usage matter was not simple. I have also had another German explain that my take above is not 100% correct so I can believe that your feedback is accurate from today’s anecdotal viewpoint, as well as respectful – thank you for that. The significance is in relation to the total absence of any formal instruction to kill, a necessary pre-requisite for the German military machine to undertake extermination. The context as I understand it was that not even the Holocaust proponents have any formal document, thus taking open hostility and ‘bad attitude’ [granted] to the level of extermination [contested] is a HUGE and CRITICAL leap. Hopefully others will contribute more to the subject.


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