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  1. When I happened upon this victor haficuk, his opening attack and lie about Dr. Walter Martin. ( i didn’t even read anything about him ) i was to busy trying to find a way to tell him he lied.) I couldn’t find a way to leave him a comment. But, after getting out of his page, I saw yours. Dr Martin was a brilliant man of God. He shared the truth and I was mad about him saying those things. Dr Martins ministry did change after he passed away.(CRI) I’m sure he would be disappointed to say the least. Believe me, if he was alive, he would fix it. Yet, I and so many others who listened to him know in the hearts and through the spirit of our Lord and Savior he was a devoted man to Jesus Christ.
    Thank you for letting me say that.

    • Hi Vicki
      > Thank you for letting me say that.
      A pleasure. It is important to get the truth out there isn’t it?
      In regards to your assessment of CRI and the man you speak of, I can’t comment – first I try not to debate theology and secondly I do not know the man. I do though know Victor. Victor’s errors of logic are legendary and occur like this: a) I have the Spirit of Christ in me [true] b) I have received certain knowledge and gained a certain understanding [also often true], therefore [c] Those who are (or appear to be) against me (or my understanding) are false [this may or may not be true]. What Victor cannot accept is that God may not use Victor as His one and only theological commentator. This failure in logic does not allow Victor the grace to mind his own business and let God use people with human weaknesses as He does, Victor. The root causes of Victor’s blindnesses in this regard are i) Pride and ii) Psychiatric. Fortunately the Lord alone is the one who will sort this all out! Thank you for commenting here!

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