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Samoa Observer – The Facts Please

tell-the-truth-pleaseMy motion lodged in the Supreme Court of Samoa today requests that Samoa Observer resubmit their Statement of Defence based on reality and not fabrications. Their lawyer, Rosella Viane Papalii will likely be scratching her head over this one because it’s a pretty direct backhanded swipe at her Statement of Defence and in some ways could be a taunt along the lines in sport, “Oh, please can have a better team to compete against?” Ouch! [Read more…]

Shield Laws & Complex Roles

zip-mouth-detectiveIn this post I discuss my challenges with the application of Shield Laws, the legal protection designed to protect the confidentiality of professional journalism’s informants. The simple classification of a professional journalist is muddied in the real world in an age of a modern media, changing roles and multi-tasking, like with me. My conclusion is that as always with the law, it can’t address all situations equally. My second conclusion is that as always with the law, the law is for lawyers!

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Lessons in Logic for Samoan Lawyer

liers-cheetsIn this post I hand Samoan lawyer Rosella V. Papalii a lesson in legal logic, effectively ‘roasting’ her for the illogical grounds of her opposition to my motion to separate their $2m defamation case from my $3,500.00 civil case against Samoa Observer. Following my claim that there was no causal factor between the two cases, she responded stating that the “primary causal factor [is my] disgruntled attitude” towards her client. It is illogical that a [supposed] attitude can be a legal cause in defamation because as far as I know and understand the law, defamation relates to ACTUAL WORDS, ACTUALLY SPOKEN, about ACTUAL PEOPLE at an ACTUAL TIME and PLACE! Incredible, and as they say, only in Samoa! [Read more…]

WARNING: BPS Technology – Pump & Dump

BPS Trevor DietzThis is a PUBLIC WARNING to investors in regards to the conduct of Australian company BPS Technology (BPS), the Directors of which I believe are in the process of classical Pump and Dump activity. [Read more…]

Importance of Understanding Money

coconuts-dollarIn this post I explain the supreme importance of understanding the true nature of money, which is, literally simply a record of half-completed transaction. A correct understanding of money enables us to avoid risk, helps us avoid enslavement and gives us an incredible freedom, literally opening the doors for us as others around us fall. I consider it the second most important aspect of life.

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Bartercard – Industry Warning

This is a public warning to the Barter/Trade Exchange industry regarding Bartercard’s international development plans. In this post I analyse an email I have received from an ex-Bartercard insider who is now ready and willing to speak out, one of many who has missed out badly from dealing with a company whose principals have an incredibly long track-record of exercising substantial aggression and deception for their own benefit. Read here . . . “Warning, Bartercard, red alert!” [Read more…]

Warning to lawyer Rosella V Papalii

lies-and-the-lawIn this post I issue a very serious warning to Samoan lawyer Rosella V. Papalii, counsel for Samoa Observer, a company that I am suing for $3,500.00. In this letter I call her to account for a few professional and personal ‘sins’ and give commentary [mostly all negative] on the validity and merits of her Counterclaim of $2m defamation against me. I give her some homely advice and then offer her a full digital copy of my latest book The Two Million Tala Palagi for a Right of Reply. She’s got a real problem on her hands as a result of presenting a document in court that she signed for it contains a proven lie that is the entire basis for her client’s defence. Continuing with the Defence and Counterclaim in the knowledge that it is all based on a lie destroys her professional credibility, but removing the lies destroys her client’s credibility AND defence. Oh what a tangled web we weave . . . but doing the right thing always costs us! [Read more…]

The Two Million Tala Palagi

cover-600-ttmtpIn this post I announce the publication of my latest book (I think that makes it twelve in various stages of release). It’s a book that exposes misconduct from the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Samoa’s leading newspaper. The book contains a copy of all communications, blogs and legal documents including a $2m defamation case against me. This book is the journalistic equivalent to a single figure salute to a man whom I have shown to be not only fooled by gossip, but also his company to be a routine thief and recently proven a liar acting in malice, self-interest and total disregard for Christian ethics that his proud Samoan culture claims for itself. Enjoy now as I share the background to its publication and more . . .  [Read more…]

Describing The Deep State

Deep-stateDoug Casey has written today about the Deep State and his description of the Money-Power is interesting, especially valid for people who deny conspiracy. His description is an excellent, believable and simple description of the political/financial/media power structures – a Conspiracy Primer if you will around the political aspects of the NWO. My comments interspersed. [Read more…]

MEDIA RELEASE: Samoa Observer Sues: $2m

MEDIA RELEASE: Samoa Observer sues Blogger for $2m

DATE ISSUED: 7 October 2015


MEDIA CONTACT: Dennis A. Smith
+685 777-9999

Documents filed in the Supreme Court of Samoa, reveal that Samoa Observer, Samoa’s largest independent newspaper is suing Investigative Blogger, Dennis A. Smith for $2m (WST) and legal costs.

Claiming defamation, the Statement of Defence and Counterclaim states that the Blogger “has defamed [them] and Mr Malifa” and “has caused much embarrassment, distress and inconvenience”. As a result of the claimed defamation Samoa Observer is asking the court to award $1.5m (WST) in compensation and “exemplary and punitive damages in the sum of SAT$500,000”. [Read more…]