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Addressing Samoa Tourism Issues

koru-on-samoaIn this post I address questions raised in Phil Cummings’ recent post In pursuit of Sustainable Tourism. I do this here as he has no comments enabled on the actual post.

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Sandy Hook Deceptions – Valuable Lessons

QUOTE FROM THE BOOK Notice that the windows of Classroom 10 are not shot out and the flag is up. Wayne Carver can be seen behind the man in the blue evidence suit. This photograph is taken from one of the elevated cameras we have discovered that were mounted around the parking lot to record the drill. The mortuary tent is not there yet, which makes this early morning. Could we have more decisive proof?

Notice that the windows of Classroom 10 are not shot out and the flag is up. Wayne Carver can be seen behind the man in the blue evidence suit. This photograph is taken from one of the elevated cameras we have discovered that were mounted around the parking lot to record the drill. The mortuary tent is not there yet, which makes this early morning. Could we have more decisive proof?

Amazon’s banning of a popular trending book exposing the deceptions at Sandy Hook offers some very good lessons for truthseekers. It’s not so much that ‘they lied’, shock horror [sarcasm!] or that they banned the book [golly Amazon must be owned by TPTB!], it’s that from such a clear example we derive fantastic lessons in how TPTB can deceive multitudes, therefore showing truthseekers what they should be doing to have a good grasp of reality.

No one died at Sandy Hook. The evidence is VERY clear in the book Nobody Died At Sandy Hook a (now) free PDF free by James Fetzer and eleven other Ph D authors.  I encourage everyone to read it. Whereas 9-11 has a whole bunch of confusion and disinformation and questions, and JFK and Pearl harbour are long gone, Sandy Hook is a slam-dunk case of an extremely well-proven False Flag with a blatantly obvious single agenda.

These guys have done a great job getting the evidence.

The claimed story is that some weirdo shot up an elementary school and a whole bunch of children died. The beef is of course gun ownership and TPTB clearly want to make gun ownership less attractive. Dictatorships must always remove, criminalise or certainly reduce the right to defence in order to achieve their goals. This is basic stuff – NWO 101.

The real story is that crisis actors conducted a “training exercise”; no one died at Sandy Hook – props, actors and the authorities all conspired to use an abandoned school [2008] to do the acting; they splashed the event all around their complicit global media as another ‘oh-dear-another-case-of-crazy-gun-owners-therefore-we-need-to-control-guns’ story and when the book with a truckload of real, embarrassing and irrefutable evidence started to trend on Amazon, they pulled it.

James gives the whole story in a series of detailed and lucid posts on his website that are worthy of a read for those interested in the background.

Ten Lessons

The first lesson I derive from this all is that even with the evidence so obvious and irrefutable, the Media still will not cease their peddling that the Sandy Hook thing was for real. Doing so would reveal their stupidity and/or complicity in the con job or course. This is the issue for all deceivers when caught out. The crims, crooks and crazies that I expose also have the same issue when exposed – do they fess-up, or do they continue to lie, obfuscate and come up with more drivel that shows their true nature?

The second is the resistance to facing reality that humans have. When fooled or deceived, our natural response is to defend our viewpoint. I learned this when I argued with my younger sister as a child over Santa Claus. When she came to me showing me that she’d found Santa’s shopping list in the rubbish and that it was written in Mum’s handwriting, therefore obviously concluding that Santa wasn’t real, I defended my belief system against simple logic based on fact. Understandable but unwise. People reading this about Sandy Hook for the first time will naturally defend their faulty beliefs, and will normally do this until they have little choice to do otherwise.

The third is that the widespread presentation that conspiracy theorists are fools, ones with agendas etc etc is actually the total polar opposite of reality. TPTB have, for pretty much as long as mankind has existed, deceived others for the purposes of consolidating their power and wealth. To deny this or ignore this is foolishness in the extreme. Believing those that have a clear (sometimes even self-confessed) agenda TO deceive over those who simply ask questions and follow the evidence is proof positive of where the real conspiracy lies.

The fourth is that Amazon and the MSM are complicit in the real conspiracy. It’s not that every book on Amazon is NWO Agenda – far from it, but it is that commercial reality dictates that it if they want to remain in business they will obey the instructions of their ‘partners in crime’ and in this case it will go back to the people who initiated the Sandy Hook event. Likewise with the MSM – they know where their bread is buttered and the long-term credibility issues become much less important to them when they have bills to pay today. Commercial reality 101, money talks – again!

The fifth is that now that the evidence is out there, and may I suggest again that this book has stunning REAL evidence that is incredible in its simplicity, that people across the globe now have very little excuse not to accept the basics of conspiracy – that there are deliberate efforts from TPTB to manipulate and deceive. Hitler, Goebbels and Co would have hated the Internet! +1 for the Internet therefore and +2 for the early questioners of the Sandy Hook false flag. You guys got it right!

The sixth is that in the process of defending the book, and sharing his experiences, James has highlighted a series of logical fallacies in his detractors. He speaks clearly and identifies these failings and with his background in critical thinking I’ve found it very interesting to observe his comments in the face of illogical nonsense. Understanding logical fallacies; working out the rules to be able to divine truth effectively is probably one of the most important and sadly lacking disciplines in the modern age.

The seventh is that fact-finding; truthseeking and asking questions has a real impact on us all as individuals. Just like you can’t undo the loss of virginity, you can’t undo the knowledge that you gain when confronted with evidence. Dare to read James’ book and you will never again be able to write off all Conspiracies simply because they are conspiracies. Never again will you be able to trust what TPTB speak simply because they have the power. These are significant

The eighth is that deceivers only have a small army of tricks up their sleeve and are highly predictable. Truth will ALWAYS out – ALWAYS – given time and people committed to finding it and sharing it. Banning the book may have worked in the age of the printed book. No longer.

The ninth is evidenced through this post. I pretty much knew from an early stage that Sandy Hook was another false flag. On my Conspiracy page, I had listed it as [light green] “Probably” a false flag. Now that I have seen real evidence it is now in my opinion [frog green] a “Fact”.

The Tenth is that these guys have an own goal here. The Streisand Effect hits again. Banning the book from Amazon has, and I predict WILL CONTINUE to push awareness and interest in the book through the roof. Deceivers fail in the strategy department all the time. Spiritualising this for just a moment, the deceiver by nature the Devil operates more like a robot, dishing up the same-old, same-old whereas God who is and only ever operates with/in the Truth has an infinite array of weapons at His disposal. Seeking, then speaking the truth allows us to think strategically, something TPTB or others who want to deceive can never do.

Conspiracy In General

Conspiracies per se need not be seen more valid than what is common knowledge.

Whacky ideas that fail the simple application of logic onto evidence are simply that, whacky ideas. But to assume that there is no conspiracy from the MSM or TPTB, or that Conspiracy Theorists are by default crazy is simply not logical. Indeed as I have said, the reverse should apply; we should be EXPECTING deceit from those who wish to consolidate their power and wealth!

I consider myself a Conspiracy Analyst before a Conspiracy Theorist. The difference is import. I AM the former but therefore in most cases BECOME the latter. As a truthseeker from an early age, I simply want to know the truth. I find the best way achieve this is to apply logic on top of fact. Humbling myself is a prerequisite to succeeding in this endeavour.

The truth is the truth in regards to Sandy Hook, the Holocaust or 9-11 regardless of whether the world knows about it OR whether I write about it.

I trust that you too can learn the pleasures of finding the truth. – Victor Hafichuk

A copy of ( a longstanding third party commentary reproduced in full as the original website is not always available.

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“Path of Truth Cult” – Vanity Search

In this post, I share a communication from a Path of Truth insider who identifies [probably] himself as Manny who searched for the phrase “path of truth cult” and landed on my analysis. There are two parts to this post, the first a simple professional email exchange, and the second the detailed back-and-forth comments primarily relating to Manny’s concern at my arrogance and errors. I’ve invested a substantial amount of time into the interchange, enjoyed it and trust that it helps people understand a little more about Path of Truth, myself, and hopefully a little more of the good things of life! SHOCK WARNING: Excessive testosterone ahead!

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bps-technologyThis is my final serious warning to the public for 2015 about Australian Company BPS Technology (ASX:BPS) prior to my publishing the book and website Bartercard Exposed in Q1 2016. BPS has three divisions, Bartercard, Tess and Bucqi; all of which are losing money. BPS is a simple Pump & Dump operation with the Directors desperately attempting to hold up appearances of what is actually a sinking ship until they can quit their shares in July 2016, and escape with their payout. I predict that their efforts though will be unsuccessful and that Bartercard, the barter industries longest-running & biggest fraud will implode sometime in Q1-Q2 2016. [Read more…]

The Futility of Politics

Tuila'epa - Samoa's Prime Minister

Tuila’epa – Samoa’s Prime Minister

In this Sermon from Samoa, I explain the futility of Politics as viewed from [what I believe is] a true Christian perspective. [Read more…]

Monetary Reform – No Answer

Samoan Hen & Chicks. Not a worry in the world!

Samoan Hen & Chicks. Not a worry in the world!

In this Sermon from Samoa, I explain that despite the rhetoric, Monetary Reform is NO ANSWER to the ills of the world. I use a recent communication from a passionate Philippino author and Social Credit activist as the basis for this post. Enjoy. [Read more…]

Get Ready For Crazy Alright

honduras-flag-in-jailI comment here on a recent communique from Jeff Thomas, “Get Ready For Crazy”, one that I consider very relevant to both Third World AND First World. I conclude with advice for Samoans (that’s where I reside). Enjoy! [Read more…]

Credibility: Samoa Observer vs Blogger

defending-on-the-truthIn this post I share the entire contents of my Statement of Defence (and Counter-Counterclaim) in the $2m defamation case in the Supreme Court of Samoa, Samoa Observer vs Dennis Arthur Smith. I’m “going” on truth, nothing else. It’s now a full scale credibility war between the MSM and a blogger; between a Samoan High Chief and a Palagi (foreigner); a rich man vs poor man; a socially connected & powerful man vs a virtual social outcast. Legal Eagles will likely find it interesting.
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