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Samoa Supreme Court Happenings

samoa-supreme-courtToday I stood before a judge of the Supreme Court of Samoa taking a matter I first lodged in the District Court to the next level. Doing something in the Supreme Court was another first for yours truly – a little scary in some ways but I had done the preparation work and have got used to standing in a Samoan Court so I wasn’t overly worried. Nervous but not worried. Observers said to me, “You were ‘good’ [in court]!” and when asked to explain they said, “You got what you asked for!” [Read more…]

Samoa’s ‘First’ Private Prosecution

samoa-private-prosecutionToday I lodged an “Information” with the Samoa Supreme Court, which I believe is Samoa’s first private prosecution*. The man I charged is a lawyer, Pa’u Tafaogalupe Mulitalo from Aniu’u Law Firm and I charged him under Section 141 of the Crimes Act for Conspiring to Defeat Justice. The guts of it is that he lied in court. I challenged him in court at the time and out of court after the hearing. He later confessed and promised to correct the record but he didn’t, and today he still hasn’t. As far as I’m concerned he’s committed a crime, lawyer or not. The case is scheduled for the first day the courts are open January next year, 2016. Golly, another first! [Read more…]

Simon Black – Nature of Money

soverign-man-retro-logoSimon Black (Sovereign Man) has nailed it, yet again, with a simple summary of the Nature of Money and the significance of this proper understanding. I consider it fantastic to see accurate descriptions like this coming out more and more in human consciousness. I give him a mark of A++ (100%) for accuracy but only a B for application and a D for full disclosure. Enjoy his words of wisdom and my commentary. [Read more…]

Path of Truth – Logical Fallacies


Adherents to The Path of Truth ascribe perfection to their leader. I question this infallibility based on an unwillingness to seek truth outside their pet topics and a strong and illogical excessively judgmental approach to human interaction. Victor Hafichuk errs as the Christian message balances truth and love in equal measure

A Path of Truth adherent continues correspondence and shows the true nature of the ministry; in particular an inability to handle logic; an unshakeable belief that their leaders are perfected i.e. infallible, and their polarising propensity for ad hominem attacks. It’s an interesting read for those wanting to dig deeper into the Victor Hafichuk’s, Path of Truth. [Read more…]