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  1. DS: From Manny:


    I’ve read your blog post, entitled ‘Path of Truth – Logical Fallacies’. I shan’t be replying to it. Is there any point in replying again to you? I think not. For you are cemeted in your erroneous beliefs; and many of these beliefs – no matter how right you think they are – are not in line with reality. You certainly live in a fantasy world, where everyone should listen to, and adhere to, your royal, supreme opinions. But your opinions are not fact; they are just baseless ramblings, coming forth from a darkened mind. In this fantasy world of yours, you are sorely deceived, and you don’t even know it. You need deliverance – which will indeed come, in due time.

    Victor and Paul spoke truth to you, and you didn’t receive it. The very thing you needed the most, is that which you have not been able to absorb. You’d rather not take in the truth, but instead choose to rely on your own understanding.

    ‘Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.’
    (Proverbs 3:5)

    I’m done. If Victor and Paul, men of God, have been unable to get through to you, what should make me think that I can?

    Anyway, that’s it.


    DS: Thank You Manny!

  2. It is akin to a child saying, Mummy the pigs have jumped the fence and are out eating the taros!” and the mother replying, “Can you even spell P-I-G?” and then losing the taro crop as a result.

    That’s my favorite part of this article, a really good parable or simile, whatever the term. I feel sadly more people tend to behave like the mother now when it comes to any kind of debating and discussion.

    • Yes but the root cause of failure to apply critical thinking is . . . pride. It always is Jay; isn’t it? Thank you for commenting.

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