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Questions: The Future of Barter

oops-pain-aert-mark-williams-bartercard-ukThis post answers questions from the Tipline for help understanding the future of barter exchanges. The writer is looking at one for sale. I share my advice here. It’s timely with my revelations that Qoin (a major self-promoter well-respected in the barter industry) is a Con, and the sale of Bartercard in the UK earlier in the year to a guy who will be ruing the day he failed to read my blogs warning about Bartercard’s massive hidden trade deficit (in the UK alone it is around £20m!), let alone their massive cash hemorrhaging in the UK I estimate at around £100k per month!

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Qoin Directors’ Criminal Actions

qoin-directors-behind-barsIn my series on the Qoin Con, I have announced publication of the book The Qoin Con; explained the process of investigating; then established the extent of the fraud. I detailed IRTA’s active covering up (for years); gave advice to Qoin’s Creditors and showed the extent of Qoin’s incredibly huge debt to real asset ratio [>60:1]. In the process I showed the conmen’s spine chillingly callous attitude to their creditors, many who had helped and sacrificed for them. In this post though, it gets even worse (for the conmen) as I explain how they have committed very serious crimes – knowingly trading while insolvent AND securing loans and advances fraudulently. The consequences of this fraud are significant, for creditors, for IRTA, the barter industry and many others. Aside from Bartercard’s massive undisclosed trade deficit, and one longrunning shonky US operation not yet blogged about, I estimate the Qoin Con to be the most serious event the industry has ever faced. Let me explain . . . [Read more…]

Qoin Screwing Their Creditors

TQC-image4This post contains a debt restructing [Dutch:Schuldsanering] document, less than a week old, straight from the Qoin conmen’s lair. It includes specific instructions from the conmen on which creditors to ‘screw’ and gives guidelines in approaches on how to reduce their rampant indebtedness as they know that they are ‘going down’. The callous self-interest and greed exhibited here makes for chilling reading, and this sort of ruthlessness is one of the reasons that I have written the book The Qoin Con – The real story behind the Funny Money Jokers. As you read this post, remember that IRTA, the industry body has actively protected these conmen for years, and some in the industry still believe that these boys are “nice guys” and my blogging lacks credibility. I repeat that Tradeqoin is a proven fraud, and that Qoin is a con, a foundation specifically set up for one purpose and one purpose alone – the personal enrichment of two individuals involved. As you peruse this document remember also that the real tangible assets of Qoin totals less than 5,000 Euros! If you are a Qoin creditor I ask you to take a few VERY long hard, deep breaths now before you read more and prepare for your blood to be boiling within a few minutes. Do that now, for you have been warned! [Read more…]

Qoin on the Ropes

In today’s post I share one of the most incredible emails sent from the conmen at Qoin to a Dutch barter company; an email in which anyone with an ounce of sense would have stopped from being sent and simply filed in File 13, the round one on the floor that accepts screwed up reject items, old fish and chips paper and banana skins. The recipient has asked me my opinion, I give it here because it’s not only a source of amusement, it’s also highly incriminating and shows the extent of panic within the Qoin ranks as I reveal in realtime, how the Qoin Con is unravelling as we speak. I invite those who have an interest in truth and justice to sit back and enjoy the moment! [Read more…]

IRTA’s Cover-Up of The Qoin Con

irta-exposedIn this post I give details of the way that for years IRTA has actively covered up the Qoin Con. I take a stab at explaining their likely motives and suggest that IRTA’s Executive (specifically Annette Riggs & Ron Whitney) have to put it politely, serious egg-on-face now that Qoin is in the process of self-destruction and the truth is coming out. I give a history of their misconduct and end with a damning condemnation of the ethics of the organisation’s top leadership concluding that conman Daniel Evans was indeed dead-right when he claimed that they were little more than an old-boys network [and more]. [Read more…]

Coordinating Qoin’s Creditors

Edgar Kampers' house - recommended target for a clawback from Qoin's creditors due to proceeds from criminal activity

Edgar Kampers’ house – recommended target for a clawback from Qoin’s creditors due to proceeds from criminal activity

This post contains advice for Qoin’s Creditors due to the unique circumstances surrounding the Qoin fraud . . . the conmen have left a trail of evidence and a clawback from the personal assets that the crooked directors have scammed is quite conceivable . . . IF the creditors unite. While I don’t consider myself an activist per se, I am happy to help in this process if enough of them wish to cooperate. I conclude with an invitation for Qoin’s Creditors to contact me and potentially commence action to clawback what is rightfully theirs. [Read more…]

Using Modus Operandii to expose Qoin

TQC-image2My upcoming book The Qoin Con exposes the principals of Qoin as fraudsters of the first order. Conmen, like criminals, virtually all work to a pattern. In this post I explain how knowing Qoin’s modus operandii has enabled me to not only investigate effectively and thoroughly, then to expose [first Tradeqoin, and now] Qoin but to also predict their actions . . . and with a high degree of accuracy too I might add. I do that here in regards to Qoin’s attempts at damage control and stripping what they can off the sinking ship, then I finish with some practical advice to affected parties. [Read more…]

The Qoin Con – Exposing them all

The Qoin Con - The real story behind the Funny Money Jokers

The Qoin Con – The real story behind the Funny Money Jokers, launching February 2016

This post announces the launch of my new book THE QOIN CON – The real story behind the Funny Money Jokers. [Read more…]

Dealing With Dodgy Samoan Lawyers

dd-3dI’ve had a good day in court today but my blood is boiling. Here the Palagi Samoan blogger shares three stories of more dodgy Samoan lawyers – first the one that I’ve charged with a crime of dishonesty; then a guy who got roasted by the judge and misrepresented his client badly but shamelessly let his clients love him to bits who thanked him profusely for doing whatever he tried to do; then yet another Samoan lawyer suing her sister for defamation when she told the truth . . . oh yes, and the judge . . . well he’s their cousin! OMG, could it get any crazier? OK Samoa, get ready for gossip . . . here we come! [Read more…]

Dismissing a Crooked Samoan Lawyer

samoa-supreme-courtIn December 2015 I appeared before the Samoan Chief Justice who gave me until Monday this coming week to prepare a Motion to Dismiss a Samoan Lawyer whom I had charged with a crime of dishonesty. Here are the documents, the MOTION, my AFFIDAVIT and the EVIDENCE. Enjoy! [Read more…]