The Qoin Con – Exposing them all

The Qoin Con - The real story behind the Funny Money Jokers

The Qoin Con – The real story behind the Funny Money Jokers, launching February 2016

This post announces the launch of my new book THE QOIN CON – The real story behind the Funny Money Jokers.

Over the last few months I have been completing this latest masterpiece of my literary ‘genius’ [that’s dry British humour for Americans BTW] and I now have all the pieces of the puzzle stitched together.

The book is scheduled distribution date is midday Wednesday 17th February 2016, Samoa Time.

The book will be devastating to the principles of one of Netherland’s longstanding and ongoing frauds emanating from the mind of an ultra-smooth-talker Edgar Kampers, his lap-dog front-man and off-sider Rob van Hilten and lying lawyer Valerie Vallenduuk as it exposes not only their figures, cons and dishonesty, but more importantly their callous disregard for others.

The book contains the full set of blog posts that revealed their commercial trade exchange (Tradeqoin) as a fraud and is replete with insider stories that are damning to the extreme.

My opening two quotes say it all:

“Dennis, these are people without a conscience”


“I got used badly, yes I know that now . . . they are users of people.”

The book reveals key information about:

  1. The extent of the Symbid crowdfunding campaign hoax. This was outright fraud known by all to be a cobbled together exercise using fictitious figures thus making their entire crowd-funding campaign a provable crime;
  2. The extent of Qoin’s indebtedness going back years even to the point that their own legal advisor gave them clear instructions to go bankrupt EVEN BEFORE Tradeqoin marketing commenced, thus making the Directors personally liable for all borrowings (new debts) and losses as a result of trading while insolvent;
  3. The extent of the personal enrichment that occurred to Rob van Hilten and Edgar Kampers as others including staff were conned into working for worthless shares and second-rated debt, even lending their wages.
  4. The corruption that lawyer and co-owner Vallerie Vallenduuk brought into an illegal and despicable campaign to discredit and bring the only credible Trade Exchange in The Netherlands down out of spite but which will likely result in her being struck of the lawyer’s register in late January 2016;
  5. The corruption within the Executive of IRTA who knew the full nature of the fraud from the earliest days yet for personal and political reasons covered up and actively sought to discredit those who spoke the truth;
  6. AND MORE!

The conclusion from The Qoin Con is unequivocal – Qoin is and always has been a cynical method for the jokers behind it to enrich themselves personally at the expense of others. It’s a totally bankrupt shell of a commercial fraud the same as their commercial flagship trade exchange Tradeqoin and there’s nothing surer than eggs that they will go under when exposed, hopefully never to resurface in my lifetime.

It is a story of people who “got away with it” for years but eventually whose egos caused them to overstep their mark and will now face public ridicule and potentially legal actions as the result of publication.

Some quotes from the book for your good reading pleasure:

TQC-image1Then I look at the Symbid investors who have all variously
chipped in a hundred Euros, five hundred Euros and more into an
operation that was (and is still) scamming the investors for personal
gain. I knew where the money was going and watched the fraud
occur in realtime. I knew the desperate need that he Jokers had for
that cash – just to repay the previous loans that had all gone into
building one of the Jokers’ farmhouse; into paying the rent and huge
wages and to buy a small trade exchange called Barter Your Business,
and of course their own pockets.



TQC-image3Hopeless at business with a string of failures, these Jokers though
know how to self-promote, secure public monies and then pocket it.
They’ve done it for years and they’ve done it well living a great
The Qoin Con is now over, bankrupt and exposed, the public
purse tightened and warned, the crowdfunding at an end, Friends,
Fools & Family long past exploting . As they say, all good things
must come to an end.
There is no honour among thieves. The Jokers will be at each
others throats even more shortly.




Email me if you wish to get advance copies of the book. It will be available online ordering plus in physical form from selected bookshops and by post in the Netherlands in due course.

The Qoin Series

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