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Saying Sorry, Samoan Style


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I received an apology letter today from a lawyer who agreed to write it as part of a settlement in the Supreme Court of Samoa. I explain the context of the letter; analyse the contents and describe the Samoan style of saying sorry. I end with a mini sermon and commentary. Foreigners wishing to learn and understand the Samoan culture should read this post VERY carefully, for Samoa REALLY knows how to say sorry, and we, in the West, have a lot to learn about diplomacy. The lawyer involved is the first person in six years to offer me a full and genuine apology and while it would have been better if he had no need to apologise, I issue my first digital bouquet to Pau Tafaogalupe Mulitalo, a man who clearly understands the true spirit of Faa Samoa. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Samoan Domain Name Naughty Naughty CSL

samoa-observer-domain-detailsA privately owned computer company Computer Services Limited (CSL) has registered the primary newspaper’s domain name ( in their own name. This is very ‘naughty’ for an IT company in a position of trust to register a domain name for a client in their own name . . . it’s a tempting practice we outlawed in New Zealand years ago. I discuss the history with reference back to New Zealand’s domain name space and give advice. [Read more…]

Samoan Court returns SWAP vehicle

A Tour Guide in Samoa

SWAP can now go back to ‘business’ with the return of the SWAPmobile vehicle by Supreme Court agreement.

I am pleased to now report on the successful return of the SWAPmobile into SWAP custody. Following a year-long court wrangle SWAP’s Toyota Prado Regn 15414 has returned home thanks to a judge that, in his own words, “wanted resolution of the matter” and [hint; hint] “today”. It happened today, thanks to everyone ‘doing their bit’.

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Samoa Observer’s SobStory – SobServer

samoa-observer-google-going-goingSamoa Observer (Samoa’s local tabloid) is AGAIN in deep doodoo (and no it’s nothing to do with me suing them or them suing me!) it’s again their amateurish approach to IT matters, especially online. In this post I demonstrate that yet again Samoa Observer is poised to lose all their online history on Google, a worst case scenario for anyone interested in making or maintaining a web presence. I give them warning and advice.  [Read more…]

Advice for Voting Samoan Christians

A padlocked ladder in a country "Founded upon God" Security is a major issue with petty theft rampant.

A padlocked ladder in a “Christian” country “Founded upon God”. Security is a major issue with petty theft rampant. Aside from religious practices, genuine Christianity has little correlation to reality in much of the country.

In this Sermon from Samoa I give advice for Christian’s intending to vote in the upcoming 2016 Election in Samoa – DON’T. I explain how Democracy is literally an idol; how the entire financial and political system is immoral and totally contrary to everything that the Lord teaches and I show how the principle of authority applies to Christian voters who have incredible power at their fingertips – if they only but exercise it.  [Read more…]

Politics in the Samoan Judicial System

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” . . . we are all hopelessly mired in selfinterest. All we can do is try to evaluate the idea rather than its source.” My take is that Judge Fisher should be cognisant of his own advice when sitting in Samoa.*

This post is an initial ‘whack’ at reporting my observations of the politics within the Samoan legal system. Judges and lawyers with conflicts of interest, bias and personalisation of business matters in a small fiercely proud island state are par for the course it seems. Knowing how corruption pervades Samoa in other strands of Samoan society, I’ve been expecting, perhaps even dreading revelations of the same within the Samoan legal system. My take is that indeed it’s not much different. [Read more…]

Qoin – Where the Money Went

Where Rob van Hilten's share of the money went - the family home held in his wife's name

Where Rob van Hilten’s share of the Qoin money went – the family home held in his wife’s name. Click for higher resolution.

In this post I demonstrate where the Creditors’ money went . . . real estate and lifestyle of the two Directors Rob van Hilten and Edgar Kampers. It’s sickening how the people that helped Qoin on its way for philanthropic reasons have gotten conned by the smiles-in-suits but that’s the way conmen work eh? Self first! [Read more…]

WARNING to Qoin Supporters/Endorsers

This is a public warning to Qoin Supporters (and other participants in the Qoin Con) that within 7 days I will be listing all participants in the fraud, giving them a rating from RED, through ORANGE to GREEN in regards to their role in perpetuating the fraud.

This is a copy of an email sent to all Supporters/Endorsers of the Qoin Con. The smart ones will take action to protect their reputations . . . the rest I will list on the page where I reveal all.


Dear Sir/Madam

I am an author and investigative blogger based in Samoa and in Q3/Q4 2014 I exposed Qoin’s flagship barter exchange Tradeqoin as a totally fraudulent operation.

In Q4, 2015 I commenced an investigation into the Qoin Foundation (and their various multiple offshoots and rotating companies) and announced the publication of the book The Qoin Con in January 2015.

I note that you or your organisation is listed as a supporter of Qoin in some way. I write here as a courtesy to inform you that within 7 days I will be publishing a post listing all participants in the fraudulent activities of Qoin. As I believe that the principals of Qoin (Rob van Hilten and Edgar Kampers) have used deception to leverage their multiple connections to perpetuate what I call the Qoin Con, I am alerting you to the possibility that you or your organisation may be exposed as an unwitting endorsement of a criminal activity, as I have blogged about extensively.

May I suggest that if you do not wish to be seen to participating in this fraud that you have your name removed from Qoin’s marketing materials – for they are obviously using your name to gain credibility. This is not a binary situation for me hence my categorisation of participants into 5 colour-coded categories from RED (full active participants in the fraud) through ORANGE to GREEN (innocent).

If you believe that you may have been used by the conmen Edgar Kampers and Rob van Hilten, an excellent way to validate your position is to CC me into any email request for Qoin to cease their use of your name on their marketing materials.

Should you require clarification of any matter I am available, able and willing to speak with you personally. There is a plethora of background information and commentary with ample evidence of the Con on my website, simply search for QOIN or TRADEQOIN.

I would note that the upcoming blog post will occur within 7 days and will list all individuals and/or entities listed on the Qoin website at that time, or if it is removed from the Internet before that date, the last snapshot available online and it will exclude all/any organisations that indicate their active request to be removed from Qoin’s marketing materials.

Thanking you for your time and cooperation.

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The Qoin Series

Qoin’s Conman Rob van Hilten’s Lies

tradeqoin-rob-van-hiltenFrontman for the Qoin Con is Rob van Hilten. In this post I turn the light on one of the conmen showing how simple facts get in the way of the truth. Caught lying once and you can be VERY sure that another one is just around the corner. Two, three, four or five times and the pattern is clear – truth and conmen are VERY long distant relations. Enjoy! [Read more…]

WARNING to Tradeqoin Members

tradeqoin-tradeqoin-tradeqoinThis is a public warning to Tradeqoin Members (and other participants in the Qoin Con) that within 7 days I will be listing all participants in the fraud, giving them a rating from RED, through ORANGE to GREEN in regards to their role in perpetuating the fraud. [Read more…]