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Short Story – The Wall

The Wall is a Christian Allegory about the Truth, alluding to the teaching that Jesus claims to be the Truth (and the Life etc) – like the Wall. When Truth exists (which is the Christian message) it’s actually a lot more important how we respond to it than identifying or agreeing on its exact nature. [Read more…]

Short Story – He Knows

He Knows is a short story describing the change that can occur in our hearts and minds when we have an encounter with someone who understands us (in a Christian sense this is of course, Jesus).

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Short Story – The Captain

The Captain is a Christian Allegory in which Jesus helps the Captain to know and understand himself and the world around him. Faced with a societal need; having the tools and opportunity to do something constructive about it; viewing the challenge as too great, the Captain is immobile, that is until someone who knows and understands things steps up and takes control.

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Universal Deception Prohibits Reason


Suka – a Samoan pig. Dirty to the Western mind but a source of pride, finance and bacon to the Samoan farmer! This mother had four piglets born boxing day 2015 the two girls I will keep for mothering and the boys . . . well, it’s a short tough life as a Samoan pig if you’re a fella!

Cultural norms can be a deceiver and prohibit reason. In this post I share how the symptoms of deception within a society (in this case I mention the two I know so well, Samoan and Western) parallel that of brainwashing and mind-control. I use an old Illuminati Mind Control deprogramming guide as a blueprint for comparison. [Read more…]

Over One Million Published Words

1-million-words-awardThis blog now contains more than one million published words. Here I analyse nigh on a decade or so of blogging and writing; giving an analysis of the contents; a summary of the keys points; highlighting and low-lighting; and passing commentary on my commentaries! By any stretch of the imagination, a million published words is quite an achievement. Enjoy my digital celebration of this in a Q&A format – yes, yes, yes I know . . . interviewing yourself is soooo crass! Too bad . . . this blog is celebrating a million today! [Read more…]

Two Opposing Streams of Power

your-vote-counts-notThis Sermon from Samoa takes a lead from Tuila’epa’s recent landslide ‘victory’. I explain how this achievement fits into the two power structures as Samoa’s 2016 Election results are interpreted by the victor deceptively. The MSM provides shallow commentary as political power opposes the biblical power that Jesus manifested, thus platitudes that include the word “God” from Samoa’s political leaders deceive and are a stream of power that oppose His real purposes. [Read more…]