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Correcting IRTA’s ad hominems

IRTA’s Executive Director Ron Whitney, in response to further blogging showing them in a very poor light (following revelations that their favoured Member Qoin is now bankrupt) has attempted to shout down the sounds of reason with another hit-piece on yours truly. In this post I reveal his errors of logic, fact and strategy, while reproducing the entire source documents that he has cherry-picked from. It is VERY revealing – and personal. Enjoy! [Read more…]

IRTA Source Email – Ron Whitney

Source email from which IRTA’s Executive Ron Whitney has quoted;

[Read more…]

IRTA Source Emails Annette Riggs

Source Emails to/from Annette Riggs showing context to quotes pulled out and used as supposed proof of malicious motives.

Email 1

Dennis A Smith
19 August 2014 at 15:28
To: Annette Riggs <>
Hi Annette

Following on from my recent blogging about the secret Bartercard/IRTA deal and barter in general I have just published the second article on my analysis of Universal Currency. It is scheduled to go live in a couple of hours. It is a damning commentary on the management and conduct of the UC administrator (IRTA).
In my next post I analyse the power structures and politics within IRTA and talk about roles and responsibilities. In my opinion, as President you are in a serious and vulnerable position of course. [Read more…]

Issues for Qoin’s Liquidator [Curator]

qoin-bankruptWith Qoin’s recent bankruptcy (29 March 2016) the Liquidator [called the ‘Curator’ in The Netherlands] has a challenge ahead of him to “find the gold” in the midst of a sea of deliberate confusion and obfuscation. This post gives a summary of the issues that he will be facing . . . including the conmen’s attempts to conceal and retain assets. Deception though is futile when you know the facts – as I do! Enjoy. [Read more…]

Bye Bye Qoin – Officially Bankrupt

Today sees the publication of what anyone in the know [and with half a brain] has known from the outset, that Qoin is a con. It was officially declared bankrupt by the Dutch courts on 29 March 2016. In this post I help creditors deal with the two conmen Rob van Hilten and Edgar Kampers who are wriggling like eels in a desperate but futile attempt to try to save the Qoin name and brand. Way, way, too late boys! I also slam IRTA’s nepotism and on behalf of the honest ones in the industry, give this supposedly industry watchdog [but in reality corrupt, greedy, purveyors of evil] a justly deserved single finger salute. [Read more…]

Public holidays in Samoa

Holiday Rule 2016 2017
New Year’s Day January 1 January 1 January 1
Day after New Year’s Day January 2 January 2 January 2
Good Friday Friday before Easter Sunday March 25 April 14
Easter Sunday First Sunday after the first full moon since the vernal equinox March 27 April 16
Easter Monday Monday after Easter Sunday March 28 April 17
Anzac Day April 25 (Not a full holiday) April 25 April 25
Mothers’ Day Second Monday in May (?) May 9 May 8
Independence June 1–3 June 1–3 June 1–3
Labor Day First Monday in August (?) August 1 August 7
Father’s Day ? August 15 August ?
White Sunday Second Sunday in October October 9 October 10
White Sunday Monday after White Sunday October 10 October 11
Arbor Day First Friday in November November 4 November 3
Christmas December 25 December 25 December 25
Boxing Day December 26 December 26 December 26

A Hare Away

The Short Story, A Hare Away, tells of uniqueness and how this can be beneficial to a community, even though it may not be recognised (or appreciated) by others at the time. [Read more…]

Short Story – Mirrors, Mirrors

The Short Story, Mirrors, Mirrors explains the challenge of interpreting reality in a warped world, where a child walks through a confusing playground of distorting mirrors and experiences only to find peace with a true mirror. [Read more…]

Dealing with an Implosion


A typical Samoan house setup for an established generational family – “Palagi-style” house [right] for living and a meeting and general purpose house [left]. No rates; no mortgage; Customary land makes for good resilience to global implosion EXCEPT for a huge billion-tala national debt that has saddled Samoa with debt-enslavement for generations.

In a previous post I have shared how in His greater wisdom, God lets evil have it’s way and works His purposes around and through the results. In this Sermon from Samoa I share some biblical responses to challenges where the world is seemingly going to pot around us and we can feel that we’ve lost it, or have been abandoned. I think it’s good advice, even if I do say so myself. [Read more…]

Short Story – Amy’s Dream

Amy’s Dream is a collection of real-life experiences woven into a motivational piece that encourages us to live life to the fullest and to be able to face grief. [Read more…]