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  1. This is my Statement of Position in regards to my eviction from Les Squires Pied Skyper’s Complementary Currency chat group in January 2016.

    I have ALWAYS maintained the utmost of professionalism with Les and ensured in writing more than once in several years that I would comply with any requests for moderating and managing controversial content. I have worked hard to honour the group’s wishes to keep on topic relevant and meaningful.

    The demise of one of the industries highest profile companies occurred despite the best efforts of a few powerful people with vested interests. That they failed effectively at my hands has more to do with my willingness to “take sh*t” from IRTA, Qoin and their various cronies” and spill the real beans continually in the face of lies, ad hominem, backroom deals than it doe sof their conartistry per se – obviously until I arrived on the scene they had more than a decade of success at conning much from many.

    It though more shows the real nature of the people concerned in my eviction. Who did Les listen to and what was he told? Did he give me a right of reply or make more than one single attempt to call me in the early hours of my morning and failed to respond to my requests to communicate? Did anyone ask WHY I was evicted and on what evidence? Which words of the more than one million on my blog cause offence sufficient for Les to act unilaterally? Or was it indeed nothing to do with this at all and is or was personal? Only Les and his informant(s) or petitioner(s) knows!

    This is the appropriate log: [1/28/2016 5:25:03 AM] *** Missed call from Les Squires Pied Skyper. *** I WAS SLEEPING!

    Then [1/28/2016 8:01:27 PM] Dennis A Smith: Hi Les Missed your call I’m here now for an hour or two then back in the morning
    [1/28/2016 9:31:46 PM] Dennis A Smith: Flick me an email dennis@dennis.co,nz if you want to know more about Qoin – if that’s the reason for your call Back in 8-9 hours
    I then saw him online shortly after that:
    [1/28/2016 9:32:20 PM] Dennis A Smith: Oh I see you there – wanna talk before I head off?
    He failed to reply or respond then or ever again – nice eh?

    I was summarily evicted with no notice, no communication, no right of reply.

    As a consequence of that action which I consider an injustice I said or did nothing. Nothing – not to anyone on the group of elsewhere – NOTHING!

    With today’s proof out there for the entire world to see that indeed Qoin was adjudged bankrupt by a Dutch Court I wrote the above post – slamming the corruption at the highest levels of our industry and then posted this message to Les:

    Hello Les. I do not know why you have removed me from the Community Currency Group and assume that it was because I dared to cliam fraud within the ranks of longterm members however I seek the opportunity please for right of reply. Verification of many hundreds of hours of investigative research has been posted online today in The Netherlands, Qoin’s parent entity was put into bankruptcy on 29 March 2016 and the Dutch fraud department has referred the matter to the authorities for a criminal investigation which as I understand it is currently underway. If this (and IRTA’s deliberate coverup and campaign of disinformation against me) is not sufficient proof for die-hard believers in fairy tales, then NOTHING will ever suffice. For the record I would like to be reinstated as a member and an explanation would help restore some form of natural justice. Thanks

    My opinion is that there is now well-proven validity to ALL my research and blogging for the last three years into this Dutch cesspit of lies and nepotism called Qoin and their relationship with IRTA. Natural (and biblical) justice states that an eviction such as mine based on information later found out to be false should be inverted on the perpetrators of the deception that caused my eviction.

    Les Squires can do what he likes – it’s his group and all members are his guests but if he doesn’t reinstate my membership and hold his informants to account then the group will know clearly that this is his style.

    I enjoyed my interaction with others on the list (even though some were decidedly “anti various things” but the silencing of the ones have the freedom of thought, who provide original and FACTUAL deep investigative information in this industry says more about the loss to the industry than to me personally. Qoin is gone – to the same place that all cons should go – to extinction right alongside Ormita and in due course [mark my words] Bartercard.

    As Les will be seeing shortly when he logs on, my blogging has and will continue to expose crims, crooks and crazies naming and shaming the liars and deceivers amongst us regardless of whether I am on the CCC group or not.

    Thank you for reading this statement of position in regards to Les Squire’s Community Currency Collective.

  2. Hi Dennis,

    which company actually went bankrupt, and what is the connection (directors and shareholdings) to qoin and tradeqoin?

    do you have the court listing – this could be important.

    • You can see the legal entity on the just-recently published listing on my blog – just click through for the full details. I used Google’s Translate but you can see all the original in Dutch and locate the Curator from there . . . that’s pretty much all I did, although I have local investigators up there that I work with as well for bespoke translation work and deeper digging, so I have an advantage over most in the West. I’m blogging a little more about what they’re actually trying to do as well as the significance of this all on the industry which will answer a lot of your questions. Keep alert and don’t believe everything you read online. Check, check and double check anything and everything, especially from people who are known conmen like these two goons!

    • You haven’t done the research Harry. If you have you will know that I HAVE THE CRITICAL DOCUMENTS that prove that indeed TQ and Qoin ARE owned by the bankrupt entity! Check this for yourself . . . The primary domain name is owned by who? A Bankrupt entity trading as Qoin? Back a thoroughbred over a donkey my friend. There’s A LOT MORE too! Trust me – not smooth-talking con-artists! At the end of the day though it’s not what you, me or even the conmen think or say it’s what the Curator says and does that matters isn’t it? Have you spoken to him? I doubt it! Speak to the upset creditors and ask THEM if what you say is true. Do the research!


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