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GOD Strikes Out 2016

global-outreach-dayGlobal Outreach Day (GOD) 2016 struck me in town today, and as far as I am concerned three strikes and GOD struck out. Please don’t read this post if you’re a Pastor in Samoa – it likely contains serious blasphemy to your belief systems. [Read more…]

Path of Truth IS a cult

Analysing a commenter’s strong claim that Victor Hafichuk’s Path of Truth Ministries “is a cult”, I show how the failures of logic mixed in with the conduct of PoT adherents do indeed indicate a cult-like following not suppressed by the leader. I assess the evidence from conduct and thought processes and conclude that (totally independent of any theological issue) that PoT does demonstrate cult-like tendencies and is undoubtedly a cult – but a Christian cult. [Read more…]

IRTA: Explaining is a Sign of Defeat

IRTA is on the defensive and trying to defend the indefensible over their longterm endorsement and active support of the Qoin conmen, and its recent demise. Explaining things while defending is a strategic disaster because only the gullible or those with vested interests cannot work out reality. Strategic thinking though from the IRTA Executive has never been particularly visible. IRTA asks its members to reach out and ask questions. I help them with some pertinent ones, ones of course that can never be answered without self-incrimination! [Read more…]

IRTA’s Defence Undermined by FACTS

I share in this post, a damning response to IRTA’s response to a challenge from a longterm IRTA critic and industry player, Jacob Musschenga. I hold the bulk of my commentary for a separate post. Enjoy … [Read more…]

Qoin Spins Down & Down

IRTA and Qoin are spinning the Qoin bankruptcy. Here’s the latest BS from this corrupt cartel and my commentary. Enjoy the way these crooks are squirming in the light of truth. All of course revealed on this blog in realtime. [Read more…]

Short Story – The Lovewreck

Our less than ideal circumstances can sometimes be changed through a shipwreck, and is best understood in the context of godly love. This is the message of this short story, The Lovewreck. [Read more…]

Qoin’s Bankruptcy – Industry Significance


Qoin still listed on the IRTA website – a total disgrace that they were there in the first place. Sheer insanity that they are still there three years after revelations of fraud!

With the recent announcement by the Dutch authorities that Qoin is now formally bankrupt, the Alternative Currency industry navel-gazing should occur. It won’t though, for the Qoin conmen were highly successful at building, fostering and manipulating industry leaders. Virtually everyone in the industry got conned, thus it’s in no-one’s interest to speak about it. You will likely hear a resounding silence as one of the poster-boys has been ‘struck-off’. I give my thoughts here on the significance of Qoin’s bankruptcy. [Read more…]

Qoin Conmen’s Methodology

All  conmen employ similar methodologies to outwork their schemes, which is essentially a confidence game. In this post I show how the application of cold logic onto fact exposes and indeed eventually destroys the conmen’s deceptions, a little like Dorothy exposed the Wizard from behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. I show how Qoin’s gaining the support of IRTA was central to their capacity to perpetuate their con in this industry and I use examples from the words of their supporters to show how the confidence game really actually works. It’s an age-old process used by the scum of the earth to fleece less ‘savvy’ suckers. Edgar Kampers and Rob van Hilten are no different in nature to the conman Daniel Evans or indeed any number of conmen throughout history. Simply spin a story, gain their confidence; then fleece ’em for all you’ve got. Truth, logic and critical thinking be damned! [Read more…]

Qoin’s Trading While Insolvent

Qoin’s Directors have knowingly traded while insolvent for years. Not only is this a crime it also exposes every action and decision they make from the point at which they knew they were insolvent to both criminal AND commercial clawback. Qoin’s observers, Creditors AND the Qoin Curator will be stunned beyond belief with the facts I reveal in this post, for I now share THE smoking gun proof of long-term deliberate, conscious fraud on the part of Rob van Hilten and Edgar Kampers. This information has never been shared publicly before. The conmen don’t know that I know it. None of the Creditors know or knew it and neither have the criminal investigators known it until now. I and others have warned IRTA to no avail and many of Qoin’s supporters and admirers have refused to accept this. Today is a watershed moment in the history of Qoin and their conmen, for now they too will know that truly, the game is up and that they must surely be facing staring at concrete concrete walls in orange suits. [Read more…]

Qoin’s Bankruptcy – Liquidator Report

qoin-bankrupt-reportIn this post I release the initial Curator’s (Liquidator) report into failed Complementary Currency ‘experts’ Qoin. This proves the extreme accuracy my blogging with these recently revealed official figures EXACTLY as I revealed them months ago. I also pass comment on the sheer stupidity of the two conmen, accomplished liars now outed as men without a morsel of conscience and I predict their personal financial demise. This is also THE  post that IRTA’s Executive have dreaded coming, documentary proof that not only their Board Member Rob van Hilten’s business is (and has always been) a fraud (and that they have been actively covering for these shysters) but that indeed my blogging has INCREDIBLE credibility, contrary to their formal claims otherwise. [Read more…]