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  1. Dennis,
    you responded to my previous question about the facts, with:

    “You can see the legal entity on the just-recently published listing on my blog – just click through for the full details. I used Google’s Translate but you can see all the original in Dutch and locate the Curator from there . . . that’s pretty much all I did, although I have local investigators up there that I work with as well for bespoke translation work and deeper digging, so I have an advantage over most in the West. I’m blogging a little more about what they’re actually trying to do as well as the significance of this all on the industry which will answer a lot of your questions. Keep alert and don’t believe everything you read online. Check, check and double check anything and everything, especially from people who are known conmen like these two goons!”

    Could you please share the comapny structure – there are a lot of us who still believe in the guys, and to be honest, I can not see exactly what is happening –

    In my opinion, when I see name calling – I just wonder is there a relationship issue, as opposed to something that is bad – I am still very much an interested party in justice – and I like to see valid, emotionless proof – reason being – the Complimentary/currency market does so much good, and many different projects have benefited from the Cyclos software that has been assisted with Mr Kamper’s consultancy.

    why can’t I see the thread here – again, I’m just a 3rd party who’s after the truth.

    • Hi Peter
      Thank you again for engaging here. Hopefully the world will be a better place for it!
      > Could you please share the comapny structure –
      No, sorry for several reasons – first information supplied to me via the Tipline is confidential unless deemed reasonably generic stuff. The company structure of a private entity in The Netherlands (even if it is of a bunch of crooks) is NOT that. Secondly it was supplied to me in a situation that requires commercial sensitivity for legal reasons so that even if the source(s) gave approval for their use it still may not be appropriate to share it. This is indeed my assessment. Thirdly I know that the Curator has the critical documents and that at the end of the day is what matters – not what you or indeed I or the conmen think, say or claim. I am an investigative blogger not an activist. I do not consider it my job to bring these turkeys down – that is for the people and legal systems of The Netherlands to do. What I CAN do though is put the facts out there in a manner and timing that assists (as I put it) “making the world a better place”.
      > I can not see exactly what is happening
      Just read my blogs. EVERY word is well research, carefully structured and well elucidated. Go back three years and read the Tradeqoin prospectus for Symbid – nonsense. Go back and read my analysis that TQ is an utter fraud and the results of many many hours direct marketing and research calling EVERY SINGLE one of their supposed members only to find 6% genuine and all of them Qoin’s buddies at that! Do the simple test I told you about – who owns the primary domain name? Peter, there are tens of thousands of words of blogging PROVING that the Qoin boys are shysters and crooks of the first order. If you won’t or can’t do the research then I am sorry but you will remain “confused” and you will NEVER find the “truth”. If you genuinely want to know the truth, just do the research and ask the questions yourself. That’s all I do BUT you have to apply cold logic onto facts. You will NEVER get the facts from the Qoin people. Be careful that you do not succumb to the Stockholm Syndrome. Conmen rely on trust derived from silky words. Edgar Kampers and Rob van Hilten are masters at it. I on the other hand am crude and polarising. I do the hard yards, shoot straight and p*ss people off. In personal life I am a lovely guy (so they say) only out to help people. When exercising the power I have in this space however I can be a c*nt and ruthless. Conman Daniel Evans found this out the hard way, now these fools are finding it out too. I’ll say this again to make it absolutely perfectly clear – Qoin is a con. It always has been. Rob van Hilten and Edgar Kampers are conmen with the gift-of-the-gab and a horrendous history of using and abusing creditors for personal gain. Bankruptcy of their central legal structure as a direct result of my blogging makes me one very happy dude, I can tell you. When the Curator is back from his holidays JUST wait! Mark my words – Qoin is well and truly gone!

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