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Victor Hafichuk “Nobody Is Perfect”


Victor Hafichuk – Path of Truth
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In this series I’ve been exposing the conduct of Victor Hafichuk and his Path of Truth, a Christian Ministry called a cult by many. Having previously shown logical failures, I now dig into the central issue of contention (as I currently see it) which is his elevated opinion of himself. I use his own words to show how pride confuses and eventually ensnares, both himself and [sadly] others. [Read more…]

Absolutism, Truth & Logic

cover-600-fifty-years-a-truthseekerHere I discuss the concept of truth. I’ve been a truthseeker for more then 50 years and truthseekers apply cold hard logic onto fact. Either applying faulty logic or getting fooled by deception (the root cause of both is pride) will take us off the scent. This post will help those wanting to find truth and I conclude that indeed absolute truth does exist. That’s absolutism. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Victor Hafichuk – The Other Side

the-path-of-truthThis post extends and develops my analysis of Victor Hafichuk’s Path of Truth Ministry, which has in the last year become one of my most viewed pages. Commenters have universally ‘pinged’ him for running a cult. This despite my constant cautioning that I believe PoT to be a genuine Christian Ministry despite their caustic and divisive conduct and what I have called their serious flaws of excessive judgmentalism. It is written in the hope of bringing balance and reason into what is clearly a serious and ongoing situation for many. [Read more…]

Samoa Observer’s Big F*ck-Up

samoa-observer-suicide-apologySamoa Observer’s Sunday edition published a photograph of a Samoan Faafafine who had recently committed suicide. Journalists around the world know VERY WELL that putting photos of dead people hanging is something you JUST DON’T DO – let alone with a homosexual! These guys not only did it on the front page, it was full-face identifiable body shot! Interested more in how they were responding to the negative feedback, I read many of the commentaries deliberately avoiding any links that may contain the photo, but unfortunately stumbled upon it despite my best efforts. My heart stopped, the hair went up on my neck and I exclaimed aloud, “Oh Fuck!” [yes literally]. This was a REAL F*ck-Up of the highest order, even for a tabloid. Then the owner of the local rag refused to comment, defended once, then apologised – sort-of! Samoa Observer, you’ve made another HUGE mistake! [Read more…]

Cover-Up – Samoan Police (2010-2016)

COVER-UP2Egon Keil, recently appointed Samoan Commissioner of Police was billed on his appointment as the ‘fixit man’ for corruption in the Police. In his third week of employment in his new role I met with him personally and predicted that he would have a difficult time ahead if he was serious about that intent. I also warned him to keep an eye out for one matter – my case before the PSU. Since then the cover-up has continued. As of today though I can go public, for today I have the last piece of evidence to prove corruption and a cover-up of actual crimes going back more than five years! Here’s a precis of events covered in the book and the significance of today. [Read more…]

Qoin & Digital Ownerships this post I share another example of the sloppy work by Qoin’s conmen attempting to protect their ill-gotten gains from the Qoin con and its bankruptcy. I do this in realtime so that the world can see how these shysters have no qualms about lies and deceit. Remember as you read that there are hundreds of thousands of Euros owing to Qoin’s creditors, many people who believed in the Qoin concept and gave their all to help these two conmen. Remember also that both conmen have nice houses as a result of their misconduct, and that I have previously exposed a string of deceptions, lies, frauds including white collar crime of trading while insolvent. Enjoy this one too if you can . . .  [Read more…]

Short Story – The Seed

This Short Story, The Seed, shares the story of an Old Man planting his last remaining seed, and watching how it brings a greater Return On Investment than all the other seeds he had because he chose to give it all away. The principle is that we must humble ourselves and die to self for God’s love to outwork blessing. [Read more…]

Why Is This Country So Poor?

samoa-flagIn a recent communique from Simon Black (Sovereign Man), he addresses this question from his American perspective and using his extensive travel experience (120) nations. I take a feed from his comments and apply them to Samoa, addressing some of the curly ones about why Samoa struggles so much in the economic world. [Read more…]

How To Dissect the Holocaust Story

dissecting-the-holocaustIn this post I give guidance for dealing with the Holocaust story, a hoax but a long-term one that has strong social taboos generated from the perpetrators of the fraud. I apply the principles I’ve learned as a truthseeker and an investigative blogger to this politically charged topic showing how one can divine truth from fiction – this ‘little puppy’ is a little harder fraud than many to dissect – but it’s a straightforward process to dissect nonetheless. I give advice on what to research and how to approach the matter – and survive the ordeal. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Short Story – The Eleventh Man

In this Short Story, ten card-playing men find themselves incarcerated through debt. They work through the issues that caused their doom, finding that it wasn’t so much the Eleventh Man (the banker) who was the problem but the tool by which he enslaved them. [Read more…]