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More Tuila’epa Media Gaffs

Samoa's Prime Minister Tuila'epa's final pose on the 60 Minutes programme

Samoa’s Prime Minister Tuila’epa’s final pose on the 60 Minutes programme

Somebody needs to tell the Samoan Prime Minister that he makes a fool of himself when he deals with foreign media, and fast. As Tuila’epa is ‘King Kong’ in Samoa and they are all scared of him, this will never happen, so I’ll step up to the mark and oblige. This post follows his disgraceful explanation and defence of the woeful prison services in 2015 and the terror of an Australian couple in Samoa 2015 at the hands of an escaped prisoner, a story recently run by 60 Minutes. [Read more…]

Bearing False Witness in Samoa

EJ (Force) Schmidt – being charged with perjury

In this Sermon from Samoa I describe the consequences of lies and lying, a cultural norm in Paradise. The root of this accursed activity (as with all ungodly, self-destructive and anti-social behaviour) is always pride. It’s sad that the people with smiles do this so much, but that’s the world we live in eh? [Read more…]