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Analysing A Path of Truth Detractor

In this post I dissect the words of a Path of Truth detractor showing how faulty logic and passion (emotion) combine in a toxic mix. From this I hope to show others now not to fall into the same trap. Victor Hafichuk will no doubt appreciate that I am ‘on his side’ with this post, but that is not the case . . . I seek only the truth. This is an important post for truth-seekers, especially those who have got tangled up with Path of Truth Ministries in any way. [Read more…]

Palagi Principles vs Samoan Relationships

Construction of Le Vaisilika Funeral business a failed business investment started but not finished with Tuigamala from Faleasiu. Now subject to a Supreme Court case in Samoa.

Construction of Le Vaisilika Funeral business (a failed business investment) started but not finished with Tamapaa Vaisilika Tuigamala from Faleasiu. After six years of nothing, it is now subject to a $22k civil case before the Samoan Supreme Court. Cross-cultural issues are involved.

This post explains the core cultural differences between the Western (Palagi) ways/value-systems/culture and the Samoan ones. It’s an understatement to say that they’re different cultures. They are vastly different and in many ways at the opposite ends of the spectrum. I use the example of two recent legal conflicts I’ve been involved with to show how racism interferes with natural human relationships. My take is that both cultures are guilty of arrogance (pride is the root of racism) hence the dearth of genuine, meaningful cross-cultural relationships here in Paradise. [Read more…]

Cults, Bigotry & Racism

Samoan Matai - Onosai with daughter

Samoan Matai – my friend Onosai with daughter Mahina. A lifestyle of relative poverty but culturally rich – very different from the Western ways!

In this post I share examples from real-life of accusatory behaviour showing how it is often the accuser who reflects their own issues. I use the accusations of the Path of Truth ‘cult’; recent feedback from a guest in Samoa and the attitude and actions of local Samoans towards ‘white people’, called here “Palagi”. These are tricky subjects that can ignite a war at the drop of a hat so read on with caution, if you dare! [Read more…]

Holocaust – Deluded Fools & Bigots

paul-henry-davidIn this post I take a swipe at three Holocaust believers, showing how their delusions are fed by a foolish approach to research and how their pride sets them up to be bigots – two of them using the term “Holocaust Denier” as a tool of ad hominem manipulation. The spotlight of this post falls upon Paul Cohen from Path of Truth Ministries; Henry Makow who runs a high-profile alternative history blog and David Farrar, New Zealand’s top longtime prolific [political] blogger until he was topped by Cam Slater more recently. [Read more…]

Exposing Deception – Holocaust, Santa etc

Logic applied to fact proves that Santa, the Holocaust & the Tooth Fairy are essentially stories.

Logic applied to fact proves that Santa, the Holocaust & the Tooth Fairy are essentially all stories.

In this post I use the Holocaust fairy-tale to show how logic applied onto facts & evidence, like the myth of Santa or the Tooth Fairy, exposes deception. This after all is the intent of a genuine truthseeker, is it not? Enjoy. [Read more…]