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Bartercard’s Demise – BPS’s Deceptions

In this post I summarise the deceptions around Australian listed company BPS Technology (ASX:BPS); explain the tricks that the Directors have used to prop up their failing core business; and show how Bartercard continues to disintegrate . . . all this despite personal profit of the three Directors, of course. [Read more…]

Private Prosecutions in Samoa

Edwin Joseph (Force) Schmidt, now charged with thirteen crimes, perjury, theft, intentional damage, threatening to kill and intimidation

Edwin Joseph (Force) Schmidt, now charged with thirteen crimes, including perjury, theft, intentional damage, threatening to kill & intimidation – all Private Prosecutions

In this post I describe the process and detail challenges for laying criminal charges privately in Samoa. It’s not an easy thing to prosecute (even more challenging to do it privately) but it is perfectly possible and is an accepted legal action. In this online guide I use the thirteen charges I have laid against Edwin Joseph (Force) Schmidt from Alafua as examples, showing the applicable Statute and how I have applied the law to the Informations (charges). [Read more…]

More Holocaust Bigotry

auschwitzIn this post I show the bigotry and foolishness typical of Holocaust believers, shallow-thinking people who can’t be bothered applying logic and/or asking important questions. They are the antithesis of truthseekers and when they call on the name of Christ, they bring Him and Christianity into disrepute. I stand for truth and love. In this post I hammer a commenter for her foolishness, calling a spade a spade, hoping against all hope that she will ‘wake-up-and-smell-the-roses” but in the absence of that miracle, giving others of her ilk the chance to engage brain before they too make fools of themselves. Hopefully others can sense love in this post, even though it may be ‘tough’! [Read more…]

Olinda Woodroffe on Fire

woodroffe-vs-fisherOlinda Woodroffe has just released news that she’s sued the top Judge in Samoa AND the Government of Samoa – for a cool $4m. Holy Schmoley, this lady is on fire! I’m not aware of others attempting to take on someone like an Appeals Court Judge, especially one imported from New Zealand, and at his own game too! Here’s my take on it all, and how one lady lawyer can justify doing the unthinkable, taking on the top dog in law, using the law . . . fireworks and sleepless nights are the order of the day methinks. [Read more…]