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Samoa’s Judiciary vs Samoan Politicians

Samoa has a Human Rights issue with a recent Supreme Court Judge ruling that a case before it for more than a year, be “taken off the list” due to my non-appearance. As a “prohibited immigrant” (a political decision) I cannot return to Samoa, and for a Supreme Court Judge to require me to appear ( a judicial decision) thus denies me justice. In this post I share the background to the dilemma, show the recent communications and discuss some of the issues it raises. Enjoy! [Read more…]

How to “Hold Qoin Accountable”

hands-upFollowing a recent communication from a disillusioned Symbid investor via my Tipline, I give here advice on how to achieve his objective . . . to hold the conmen accountable. Natural justice should be free for all, but in practice it always costs. For me it is my massive investment of time (and money) into researching a con such as Tradeqoin/Qoin. For others (like this guy who has been ripped off) it may cost as well. As Dietrich Bonheieffer quipped, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil”. Here I give the background to the Qoin Con, and pick out the key issues that those seeking justice should be aware of and give advice. Enjoy! [Read more…]

SWAP Goes to Court in Samoa

Notice of civil action on Camp Samoa's gate. An application for an Interim Injunction is before the Supreme Court of Samoa 14 October 2016.

Notice of civil action on Camp Samoa’s gate. An application for an Interim Injunction is before the Supreme Court of Samoa 14 October 2016. Click the pic for a close-up view.

I tried for years to avoid it. I warned the government many times verbally and in writing, from the plebs to the Prime Minister and everyone in between but on Friday the SWAP Foundation lodged an Application for an Interim Injunction in the Supreme Court of Samoa, against the Attorney General on behalf of the Samoa Land Corporation preventing them taking any action over the lands in dispute. Here are the documents relating to the civil action and commentary. I can’t wait for our day in court! [Read more…]

Qoin Bankruptcy now over €500k!

Conmen Edgar Kampers & Rob van Hilten aren't laughing like this anymore as the Curator of their bankruptcy is on their case and is getting serious.

Conmen Edgar Kampers (left) ∓ Rob van Hilten (right)aren’t laughing like this anymore as the Curator of their bankruptcy is onto their crimes and getting serious.

There’s one thing that Dutch conmen Rob van Hilten & Edgar Kampers, IRTA’s executive Director Ron Whitney, IRTA’s president Annette Riggs and I all have in common . . . we all knew that more bad news was coming in the Qoin Bankruptcy investigation. In fact really bad news for the global barter industry, especially considering that one of the two Qoin shysters was at the height of their fraud on the International Board of IRTA milking their cosy relationship with IRTA’s corrupt leadership for all it was worth. The Curator’s second report, just released, proves yet again that the Qoin ‘conglomerate’ was a massive con job; that the darlings of the industry are simply low-life crooks and that this blogger was onto it, accurate, totally credible and if anything underestimated the size of the con. I this post I analyse the latest public report and highlight more proof of crimes in the Netherlands. [Read more…]

Seven Years in Samoa, Now Back to NZ



In this Latest News update, I report that I’ve picked up a local lady with a ready-made family; I find myself living in New Zealand and I’m buried in the middle of kitting out a housetruck ready for some fun and games in 2017. Just the usual bunch of insanity from Samoa  [oops!, now it is] New Zealand. [Read more…]