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Short Story – The Mirror

In this Short Story a girl with a troubled past searches for a treasure she dreamed of but couldn’t see – genuine beauty. Going to all her friends and relatives to seek the truth, she was none the wiser for they kept changing their minds. She extended her search to her neighbours and townsfolk but still drew a blank. Eventually deciding to travel the world in search of her dream, a wise old man gave her a very valuable hand mirror with some sage advice – to use the mirror every day. In a special moment when she looked in the mirror, she realised she had indeed seen genuine beauty – in herself. She later learned that the mirror could not only show reality about herself, but it could be used for the benefit of others.

This story represents the lifetime search many of us conduct to find beauty, reality and truth. How many times the things of our childhood, or at least our past mess with the reality of who we are? We simply need a reliable reference point on which to compare ourselves with the world around us. The girl’s mirror did that for her. The truth was there all the time – she just needed to see it properly! Not all appreciated the reality they saw, however.

The story is a Christian parable too in that a man who seemed to know it all helped her see reality.

If Jesus is who He says He is and did that which He is claimed to have done, then His perfection is a solid measurement upon which we  can use to compare ourselves. Indeed, this very conclusion is the result of my life’s findings following decades of my research, analysis, testing, questioning and faith.

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Christmas is here and with the arrival of the 25th December so too has my right to register and use the .nz 2LD, Here is the story of its registration and the more than two years of waiting, fighting, asking and pleading to be able to use it. In due course will become my primary digital home replacing [Read more…]

Analysing the Backlash Against Internet NZ

dnc-backlashInternet NZ has unleashed a huge backlash from disgruntled domain name owners with their requests for feedback following the Board’s two year-review of the 2LD introduction and recommendations to force conflicted status domain name Registrants to respond. I analyse here the various strands of thought, give feedback and advice. All this validates my blogging going back to 2012 and reinforces the necessity of the matters being sorted in a neutral venue such the courts of New Zealand. Internet NZ is now tainted and the Chairman of the Board has a huge conflict of interest. [Read more…]

Class Action Against Internet NZ

dnc-crosshairsThis is an invitation for anyone to register their interest in possible Class Action to be taken against Internet NZ over their handling of the .nz 2LD management, a matter of which I believe may now ‘have legs’, legally speaking. The situation follows a decision from them two years ago to create a category of names called ‘conflicted’ and evidence recently released that 6,406 unique strings are held in this category, thus denying (and disadvantaging) probably more than 5,000 entities what they probably all believe should by natural justice be theirs. It also follows Internet NZ’s Board clearly stated intention following a two-year review that the problem that they have created will remain ad infinitum. I give a brief background then lay out the grounds for Class Action and the issues involved. I then invite feedback. [Read more…]

Internet NZ Quantifies .nz Balls-up

DNCI blame greed on the part of Internet NZ following its tacit admission of a huge balls-up introducing the 2LD .nz two years ago. They are now backpedaling, (“tweaking things” shall we say) and have admitted they have tens of thousands of conflicted domain names with many thousands of conflicts likely to remain long term due to their foolish approach two years ago. I warned them publicly that how they were proposing to do their changes was going to be a disaster. It was. It is. I give my thoughts here on the whole disgraceful palava and on their attempts to patch it all up, well, because they’ve recently invited me to! [Read more…]