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  1. Hi Dennis, thank you for reaching out to me. I invested significant time, effort and money into the BBX trading program. The licensee for WA, whom I later found to be a bankrupt of a record breaking 5 times no less (!!), refused to hand over goods of approx. $80k and I believe I am owed in excess of $100k. I am soon to commence civil proceedings against both BBX, Mark Milland and the Skyhigh Investment Trust that fraudulently took my points and then refused to hand over the goods – namely a Chevrolet show car. I do fear that as Milland is a serial bankrupt, Skyhigh has probably been asset stripped and as BBX is looking shaky it would seem I may have little or no recourse.

    DS: Sky High Investment Trust owes the BBX currency $143,158.17 (i.e. it is in overdraft). Your reasoning is sound. BBX is not looking shaky, it is actually falling now as we speak. People within BBX across the globe are fearful of their future, some, who have committed crimes behind the BBX facade are worried with good reason. You would be wise to suspend all legal action as the barrel is empty and the Liquidators will take anything that is left. The authorities will move in due course. Unfortunately, you have lost all, sorry.

  2. Hi Dennis,

    Thank you for your email.

    I decided not long ago that I would not waste any more time with BBX as it has been nothing but a waste of time and money. I would not recommend BBX to anybody.

    I am currently at work and cannot get into it now but if you would like more information I would be happy to give you more feedback.

  3. Sold 4 Stands for a Business Exhibition in BBX pounds 2 years ago.
    Have been unable to spend them ever since

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  4. Denis

    Thank you for the email. Unfortunately, or fortunately; I was given a welcome pack at an event a few years ago and registered to find out more. Upon doing so, I decided against taking any further actions.

    So, my only connection and interaction with BBX is a weekly/monthly email. I have never used their currency not invested any of my money into the scheme. I am therefore afraid that I will be of little or no help to you.

    Kind regards

  5. Hello Dennis

    Please could you tell me how you got my email address?

    [DS: Yes, it was supplied to me via my Tipline, along with all other BBX members and details. For the record, I verified that the information had a high degree of reliability with sample testing and basic due diligence. I did not include your email address in my testing but I did check the details of enough BBX UK members that I assessed the data supplied was very accurate. I cannot reveal the source as they requested anonymity and I honour all such requests. I am also subject to journalistic Shield Laws and will not reveal sources of my information even under threat of legal action. In a court of law I will defend that right. I also note that I have provided an unsubscribe link so that should you not want to hear from me again you won’t! Hope that answers your question and gives enough to understand why we are now talking!]

  6. Hi Dennis,
    Good Job!
    I decided ages ago to write off the money im owed and if i could reclaim it to the Dollar and get away from this organisation I would.

    • You will have to write it off and you will be gotten away from them by default when they close up shop. Standby because I can hear knocking at the door!


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