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  1. Dennis you wrote a few years about Bartercard was going to crumble but it is still alive and now you write about BBX I think you had something to say about Ormita at some stage as well why don’t you write about Contrbart or don’t you know them you might off upset some members of BBX but most of them see you for who you are someone who has something against trade exchanges and that’s how you spend you time trying to tell people how good you are at destroying businesses who has problems caused by other people get off your bike and get real

    • Kevin, you cannot get more real than me. Ormita was a fraud. I (through publication of The Ormita Report) brought it down consciously and deliberately and the fraudster cannot poke his head up in this industry ever again thanks to me. Qoin was a Con. I exposed it in real-time despite IRTA’s active support of it and active opposition to my efforts and the crooks are now facing jail time as a result of my efforts alone (well almost). The BBX Report in Q1 2017 along with the whistleblower’s actions essentially broke BBX International which the crooks had to flick off to a rich Singaporean who bought it to save her reputation. The Directors are now facing serious issues of both civil and criminal nature. Bartercard has been proven to be exactly that which I called it – a Ponzi operation with crooked Directors. Trevor Dietz got caught with his hands in the till and walked the plank. The others were recently evicted forcefully. The currency is continuing to devalue furiously and the end is nigh with the USA and UK looking shaky, Australia downsizing and real serious issues on every front that you can measure. I tell people how good I am at exposing crooked operators like these ones (and IRTA) because I am and there are people like you arguing with me. There’s nobody on the planet who has come within a bull’s roar of what I have pretty much single-handedly achieved in this industry. If you don’t like that it’s essentially a negative message, then get into an industry which is not crooked or show me how I’ve made a mistake and I’ll correct it. In regards to what the BBX members think of me, many said the opposite to that to me directly and if what you are saying is true, then more fool on them. They will keep paying their cash fees in the forlorn hope that the BBX donkey will return them something, somewhere, some day . . . like h*ll it will! If your friends in BBX are in credit, then the sum total of their business acumen is clear for all to see isn’t it? I lost money in NZ Barter decades ago. I made a mistake and trusted an exchange operator that devalued his currency. I never lost a cent again because I learned from that experience which is why I got out of BBX, UC and Bartercard. If they keep doing what I say – paying the crooks cash each month then they really are deluded fools. You told me to get off my bike . . . I tell you to wake up and smell the roses, and don’t come to me crying crocodile tears when the BBX party is all over and you’ve lost a bundle. Sober up and engage grey matter, please!

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