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  1. > Hi.

    > Was looking into bbxuk

    I assume that you are looking for a franchise, not simply a membership.

    > It all looks great in principle until I came across your blog.

    Lucky for you eh? Well done for doing due diligence!

    > In addition none of their websites really seemed to explain how you actually made money.

    As a Franchise Holder you make a small amount of money from the fees on your members’ trading, but the potential for leveraging off your members’ credit is huge. Establishing a commercial barter system without having to reveal your actual trading balances (as with unregulated BBX Trade Dollar) gives you massive opportunity to steal from your members – BBXUK had 1.2m Trade Pound deficit the last time I looked, after only a few years, thus there is wealth gone from the membership to “someone”.
    I’m quite legitimate just exploring business opportunities actually for the Middle East. Am I missing something or is there a catch with bbxuk

    > BBX UK’s figures are inflated with free memberships and non-memberships. Franchises are sold with false marketing as I have revealed in the BBX Investigation.

    If you are looking to run an honest business in barter you would find it hard to live with BBX’s (and Bartercard’s too BTW) practices. BBX International is going backwards and desperately short of cash. Three of the Directors are facing criminal charges in New Zealand and trading is down substantially. BBX India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malasia, Singapore and several others are non-starters. New Zealand has all but closed shop. The only independent Australian franchise was going to be sent back to BBX Head Office which is a shell of what it used to be. CEO has just had a baby and one of the founder’s daughters appears to have been given the flick. It’s a sad, sorry saga is BBX, showing all the signs of demise. Ask Ron Whitney from IRTA what his thoughts are now. They are an IRTA member so that must make them a legitimate ethical business, according to IRTA’s rules anyway! My thoughts are that IRTA is covering for one of their members going down and they don’t want the negative press that it will surely bring.

    Keep digging

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