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  1. From the Tipline:

    > > then that’s the sign of integrity not vindictiveness.

    > . . . you are making this lunatic look like a Saint

    Good point! I think that I need to clarify this aspect of my blogging. In the above analysis I considered the Whistleblower in the context of the fourteen points and the evidence that he and others gave me. My investigation into BBX came from the Tipline and my investigations started with him as writer of course but they did not end there at all at all at all! In terms of the information provided to me and comparing it with the BBX issued materials the matter was crystal clear; simply black and white, Cameron showed huge integrity in his conduct, openness and factual reporting which he backed up with evidence as or when I asked for it. As I said I found him the total opposite of my experiences with BBX people.

    Now that does NOT mean that I unreservedly endorse his lifestyle, business conduct in the marketplace or any other matter. Indeed one of the hard parts to my job was that there were indeed complaints and from credible sources as well as negative predictions too. I myself at one point gave Cameron negative feedback on the clubbarter thing and its structure when we were discussing it.

    These are all separate things in my book – his integrity while engaging with me was second to none; his business conduct past and future I have not investigated and have not commented on – deliberately – because there is only one thing that mattered to me . . . getting to the bottom of the two conflicting stories. In the end, despite any indiscretions from the whistleblower or any concerns for the future, if it was a boxing match, he clearly would have won it and with a unanimous decision.

    To those that write off an individual in all areas because of a failing in one, I suggest that they err with logical fallacy. It is possible to be ethical but misguided, or have integrity but lack experience. I am getting a clearer picture every day as the Tipline runs hot. Not one word in my blogging has been proven wrong to date. In fact in many cases I appear to have understated the size of the problems.

    Finally I apologise to those who have taken my writing to mean that I fully endorse (as this person says) a “lunatic as an angel”. I don’t across the board, but do in the context of my investigation. The other things is that since writing this I have learned a lot more, good and bad. We all live and learn. Be careful out there folks; it’s a big, brutal world!

    Thank you for responding as you did to the confidant. I appreciate this


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