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  1. I have had dealings with BBX in Perth Western Australia.I sold my boat to the state franchisee, Mark Milland.
    I accepted 175,000 bbx trade dollars. I was told that I would be able to use these trade dollars to buy whatever I wished. Like a mug I believed it. Nearly two years later after being rejected at almost every point I st have aprox. 167,000 trade dollars in my account.

    • Marcus, Mark will likely have cash converted it and probably very quickly too – that’s what they do in BBX. That’s also why there are no credits in the system and nothing to buy – it’s called debasing the currency, building a trade deficit, causing inflation and worse – things like theft, fraud and so on. Sadly you are one of many others in the exact same position, some worse than you. The reason I write here Marcus is because of people like you. There comes a time when there is enough pain, hurt and evil in one quarter that you MUST act. When I found out the extent of this criminal operation I determined that they will be closed down once and for all – globally. I am lucky that I can act and have the b*lls to act like this. I believe that your asset has essentially gone to the Touma family via the BBX trading system. You have some options but unless you are fast, committed and prepared to invest more of your wealth into dealing with these crims, you will likely have a total loss. Rest assured that I am committed and that I will do EVERYTHING in my power to stop others getting caught the same was as you have. In upcoming posts I will be explaining to people like you what you can do. In the meantime though spread the word. Thank you kindly for bothering to put pen to paper here. The more who do this the easier my job is.

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