31. BBX Members React – It’s War

BBX Members across the globe have and are continuing to rise up against Aussie Barter company BBX International. Reeling from The BBX Investigation, BBX staff and franchises are desperate to stem the leaks. The raw data is out and getting seen; court actions are commencing and the PR spin is that all is good and golden at BBX. It’s not! I share some of the things that have happened and that are being planned by BBX members across the globe.

In The BBX Investigation I have shown how the principals of BBX International have bled the BBX barter currency dry over many years. In the UK, BBX is short £1.2m in the space of only a few years trading! India is a total loss; Thailand is virtually a total loss with virtually all debts unenforceable; New Zealand is missing $6.9m and only 184 members. Australia a much greater loss! Currency debasement across the globe ranges from valuations at 65c in the dollar down to only 1.7c (or less) in the dollar (New Zealand). Criminal action is underway in NZ as well as civil action in more than one country.

What part of “stuffed” do these guys not understand? BBX International is clearly doomed. What to do?

I address that question from a New Zealand perspective then stretch out across the globe giving general advice. First though to the big picture.

The Big Picture

BBX by way of its international website promotes a trading network that uses a private currency (called the BBX Trade Dollar or Pound or whatever). Representatives of BBX International, by way of agents, staff, franchisees, or in turn their representatives sell this system based on the Trade Dollar equating to the local Legal Tender currency “on par”. They claim (which on the surface looks perfectly reasonable) that this is fact, and they secure your goods and services (and cash) on this basis.

As I have shown with my analysis, the reality however is that there are more members in credit to the system than there are in debt to the system. This means that something has been taken out of the system behind the scenes. Somebody has had their fingers in the cookie-jar! Only the people who manage the BBX system know who has the goods, services and cash that has gone missing . . . and me! This is theft . . . plain and simple. Theft is a crime. Take the matter to the Police with the evidence and they should prosecute the criminals. In NZ I will be doing this under a Private Prosecution which by-passes the Police system. I am the Prosecutor. It’s a well recognised and vitally important part of the NZ judicial process.

Most BBX Members will not have direct evidence of theft from the system, thus it is only really me, and any motivated enforcement authority who is likely to press charges.

Not so however for fraud, or misrepresentation. Now that I have published The BBX Investigation and now that the raw BBX data is out there for anyone to do the same as I did, any representation that the BBX Trade Dollar is on par with a local currency is misrepresentation; lies or fraud. Legally, the New Zealand statutes call it “deception”.

Each jurisdiction has its own laws but in New Zealand it is a crime to deceive others for financial benefit. Section 240 of the Crimes Act 1961 details the crime:

240 Obtaining by deception or causing loss by deception
(1) Every one is guilty of obtaining by deception or causing loss by deception who, by any deception and without claim of right,—
(a) obtains ownership or possession of, or control over, any property, or any privilege, service, pecuniary advantage, benefit, or valuable consideration, directly or indirectly; or
(b) in incurring any debt or liability, obtains credit; or
(c) induces or causes any other person to deliver over, execute, make, accept, endorse, destroy, or alter any document or thing capable of being used to derive a pecuniary advantage; or
(d) causes loss to any other person.

(2)In this section, deception means—
(a) a false representation, whether oral, documentary, or by conduct, where the person making the representation intends to deceive any other person and—
(i) knows that it is false in a material particular; or
(ii) is reckless as to whether it is false in a material particular; or
(b) an omission to disclose a material particular, with intent to deceive any person, in circumstances where there is a duty to disclose it; or
(c) a fraudulent device, trick, or stratagem used with intent to deceive any person.

Section 241 also details the consequences of being found guilty.

241 Punishment of obtaining by deception or causing loss by deception
Every one who is guilty of obtaining by deception or causing loss by deception is liable as follows:
(a) if the loss caused or the value of what is obtained or sought to be obtained exceeds $1,000, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years:
(b) if the loss caused or the value of what is obtained or sought to be obtained exceeds $500 but does not exceed $1,000, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 1 year:
(c) if the loss caused or the value of what is obtained or sought to be obtained does not exceed $500, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months.


The BBX NZ currency is currently valued at between 1.31 – 4.01c in the dollar (the variance is based on ones analysis of bad debts in the BBX system) and my best estimate is currently 1.71c in the dollar. This means that when I (or any other member) sells goods into the BBX system at 1:1 (on the basis that $T1.00 = $1.00) I am being defrauded, as the BBX currency has no real backing. The crime as listed in the Crimes Act (above) is committed by BBX International. The Directors are ultimately responsible for the deception and the fraudulent claims. All in the chain of operations are aiding and abetting the crime. If they didn’t know is irrelevant because ignorance of the law is no defence. If they can claim ignorance they may be found guilty but then receive a smaller sentence (even let off with a warning) but if they knew (or should reasonable have known) then they must be found guilty and pay for their crime somehow.

In New Zealand (as with most Western jurisdictions) there are two paths to take when attempting redress – criminal and civil. Unless they have real evidence and are committed, most BBX Members will leave the criminal to the police and will consider civil action if they wish to get themselves out of their pickle.

Civil Action

Class Action is where more than one person or entity joins force to sue (in this case) BBX International. I do not consider that Class Action against BBX will achieve much. They are broke, going down and are not likely to be around to defend, let alone cough up anything at the end of the day. They couldn’t even afford to pay a lawyer to serve me, and posted their cease and desist letter to my P O Box which sat there for a week until I cleared it! They are desperate for cash and any win in court will end up being moot.

Individual civil action is where one person or entity sues BBX International and this can be (in NZ’s case) in the District Court, High Court, or much easier, in the Disputes Tribunal (NZ’s Small Claims Court). The NZ Disputes Tribunal process is simple, fast and can handle cases up to $15,000.00. I would recommend anyone thinking of suing BBX International in New Zealand to consider the DT.

Small Claims

I’ve explained the key issue within BBX which is currency debasement – the evidence of this is critical for your case. Prove beyond reasonable doubt that the currency has been debased; prove beyond reasonable doubt that BBX representatives knew or should have known this; prove beyond reasonable doubt that they misrepresented this to you; prove beyond reasonable doubt that you have suffered in some way as a result and you will have a strong case before an adjudicator. BBXI may defend claiming that their dollar is “worth” a cash dollar but you have the proof of debasement in The BBX Investigation. They may claim that they “didn’t know” – too bad. They may claim that you are doing it all out of spite (or if you have the IRTA mindset) because you conspired with me and I paid you to do it. Whatever!

In due course I will publish the first legal case and its results here, win or lose and will update this website as appropriate. Remember that while I am taking criminal action it does not stop me from assisting in others taking civil action.

The Claim

If I was to lodge a claim in the New Zealand’s Dispute Tribunal against BBXI I would say something like this:

Defendants: Barter Systems NZ Ltd & Global Barter International Ltd

The Defendants told me on signing up to their BBX New Zealand scheme that their BBX Trade Dollar was worth the same as a NZ Dollar in the cash economy. Since joining and trading I have found this to be factually incorrect however and the BBX Trade Dollar is currently valued at 1.7c in the Dollar. I claim $xxx for [direct losses] plus $xxx for [indirect losses] totalling $xxx.

Direct losses can be things like a credit balance that you cannot spend; inflated purchase prices above the regular cost of goods or services; membership fees or commissions paid under false pretences and so on.

Indirect losses can be loss of opportunity; waste of time; emotional trauma; reputational damage and so on.

Your claim may include genuine amounts owing to the Defendants, calculated of course at true value of 1.7c in the dollar, so that members in credit can offer to settle their credit balances at true value, and those in debit can include true value as well in their calculations.

Some Examples

You joined BBX and sold $1,000.00 goods or services into the system. You now have a $T1,000.00 credit. You find that you cannot find anything that represents true value equal to the $1,000.00 value. Maybe you can get a foot massage in another region a couple of hours away or perhaps you see an iPad worth a few hundred dollars selling at a BBX auction for thousands of Trade Dollars; or you try to buy something using your Trade credit and everybody wants to charge you a premium or more likely simply won’t accept BBX Trade dollars at all . . . You sue BBXI and their representatives for deception and seek your $1,000.00 back in cash.

You joined BBX and they gave you an overdraft. You purchased something but it was at an inflated price. You figured that sooner or later somebody would want what you have to offer but it never happened. You see BBX going down and want to extricate yourself from BBX to avoid paying a receiver what you owe the system, but in cash. You are so p*ssed off that you got conned into the scheme that you’ve had sleepless nights. your mother’s uncle had a heart attack as a result of all the worry that you sue them for the excess of what you paid to get your goods plus indirect costs that total $15,000.00 and less of course, what you owe them calculated at 1.7c in the dollar.

You get the picture . . . when someone deceives you, and it costs you, and you can prove it in court, you win. Now they are finding it hard to pay the bills and you’ll be at the bottom of the list after staff wages, communications and so on but at least with judgement you can try to get what a court has adjudicated to be yours.


Most courts rely on evidence. You may speak the truth however it is the evidence that speaks loudest. To show deception within BBX is easy. Simply present The BBX Investigation – print it all (or the relevant pages) I am an expert witness. Ask me for an affidavit confirming the validity of the words/claims and I will surely co-operate.

Take the raw data that initially I and now Cameron McKean supplied to you and total it in the same way that I did. Be prepared to explain to the judge how you (and I) came to the true valuation of the currency. Phone a subset of the data and record the time/date/and response confirming the accuracy of the data you are using and provide that to the court as evidence. Bring along witnesses to any misrepresentations by the Defendants and present them in court. “Yes, I too was told [whatever]” from more people than you will assist you when you are in court.


Expect the deceivers to continue to deceive. This in from the UK [details redacted by request].

Hi fellas

I am a BBX UK member and I have read all of your mails and blogs with interest, I did ask [redacted] and [redacted] my account managers what was going on but they fobbed me off with everything in the garden is rosy in fact we have had record weeks since the story broke.

What else can deceivers do but to continue the deception? The membership in BBX UK is 77% false. There is a shortfall of £1.2m in their own figures and the global presence contains countries with ZERO trading and only ONE member!

As it stands we have a credit of £[redacted]+ and yes like most we cant spend it, unless we want to stay in a hotel [in another area redacted], we are based close to [redacted] so not too practical.

We are a [redacted] company and have taken BBX for payment for [redacted], BBX have been very keen to help us do that. For every sale they make they charge us 15% of the sale, thats what we pay them.

We don’t use a credit card to pay and we don’t pay via direct debit, instead we opt to pay via [redacted] that way we control how and when we pay them, much to their disappointment.

We currently owe them £[redacted], £[redacted] of that is our annual fee for trading on BBX, that was added back in November, without our consent I may add.

We have tried to use our credits since your emails landed but I get the feeling lots of people are very hesitant about taking BBX as payment – we tried to purchase [redacted] and [redacted] but were declined by 3 other BBX customers.

This is situation normal when a currency is debased. BBX Members in debit to the system would normally be happy to receive BBX Trade Dollars EXCEPT when the foxes have pulled a few hens out of the henhouse! Then everyone one is in credit and nobody wants to sell! Simple to work out. Sure, since I have investigated and blogged about it, it will have gotten a little harder to spend as people wisen up, but it’s not the exposure that killed BBX – it is the rampant pillaging and theft from the BBX currency across the globe that killed it!

Our dilemma is do we pay them what we owe them, if the ship is all but sunk paying them seems futile although I accept we do owe them, well certainly £[redacted] of it.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated

Ask questions. Is the data you are viewing accurate? Phone a subset of the members and talk to them. That’s all I do . . . talk to people and summarise what I find. Then if it all stacks up and the figures do indeed report a huge imbalance between members in debit and members in credit, sue the foxes. Simple!

I know you are posting a number of emails to your blog, not sure this one is appropriate to do so

Very valuable as it shows the world what the crooks are doing to respond to factual exposure! I’ve redacted your identifying details and published your letter along with my advice.

This dilemma repeats around the globe. All BBX Members make up their own minds on what and how to react. I will support anyone who needs it or wants it with Expert Testimony sufficient to be used in a court of law.

I mentioned that BBX will kick-back. More spin from BBXI with my commentary intertwined:

From: BBX International [mailto:carolin=bbxworld.com@mail79.atl161.mcsv.net] On Behalf Of BBX International
Sent: 05 March 2017…
To: …
Subject: BBX International – Update on Legal Action against fraudulent claims (Security Breach)

BBX has a global presence now in 13 countries.

Nope! PURE SPIN! India has gone, Philippines has one member, Thailand pulled out, NZ is dead, Singapore and Malaysia are on their way out, Hong Kong has only your head office . . . Common Carolin!

Press Release – In Response to Fraudulent Claims and Security Breach

Dear Valued Members,

BBX International (BBXI) has recently been a target of a misinformation campaign by Mr. Dennis Smith, who is known in the industry for creating false smear campaigns for extortion purposes.

Naughty, naughty Carolin. This is defamation. Did you run this through your lawyers before you scribbled it off? Oh sorry, yes that’s right the lawyers in BBX won’t accept Trade Dollars any more. Hmmmm! And cash is a bit too tight to buy real lawyers?

This memo sets out to clearly and unequivocally refute the statements that have been put out by Smith.

Oh no it doesn’t. It doesn’t address let alone even mention the millions of missing value across the globe; it doesn’t even give a hint of the grossly exaggerated membership claims and it certainly doesn’t even mention nor address the currency debasement issue! I wonder why?

Security Breach of Data

BBXI commenced an investigation after noticing unusual cyber activity in Thailand before and after Cameron McKean had sent an email in contractual breach.

Oh no, no, no Madam MacDonald. You see I know this claim is BS . . . you know why I know? Because I know where the data came from and it wasn’t Thailand! You are a fool! You lie – again! There was no “unusual cyber activity in Thailand”. None at all. There was also no BBX investigation, other than your mad-panic wild hope that I was bluffing! Shame . . . I wasn’t. I warned you and I delivered on my promise . . .

Please let me tell you, what really happened . . . you had longstanding disagreements with your Thailand Franchisee and he called you to account MANY times over a long time. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when he found out that you lied to him over your father’s incapacitation and death. You see Madam, you are a liar and he’s not. When he worked out that you were conning him and all the other franchisees, he packed up shop, gave you notice and b*ggered off. In my books that is a man of integrity; not like you who then lied to everyone about him getting caught setting up his own exchange and being evicted. No, no, no honey, you see the cat’s now out of the bag and it’s you, not him who is being proven day after day to have your pants on fire, and down, too.

Upon the investigation, BBXI discovered a cyber security incident involving unauthorized access to our server containing certain members’ information.

No Carolin. This is factually incorrect. Up until the time that the whistleblower got this communication from you nobody knew where he got this information from. You had no idea where it came from and you have assumed that the man you falsely accuse of getting booted out of BBX; that you defame every time you open your mouth saying or implying that he hacked into your systems to get something that wasn’t his. This is downright evil.

Now you also allude to something else which I find interesting when you say “certain members’ information”. You see he has shown the world as have I that there is missing information in the BBX accounting system, yet both his data and mine show ALL the members and huge missing transactions. What I think you are alluding to here Carolin are the hidden accounts that you and your team have set up in your own names, and entities that you control as proxies to slip real value into which are then removed from the BBX accounting systems, and when it suits slipped into bad debts or Bad Debt Reserves as it suits you. Am I right? You know, the property deals where you syphon off real value fraudulently from the members, like your late father used to do? You know, the likes of which puts huge number of members into credit and hardly any into debit so that nobody can buy anything of value? Yes? You, Carolin are in DEEP DOO-DOO, and believe me, the fun is only just starting . . .

Now there WAS no “cyber security incident involving unauthorized access to [y]our server”. You know it. I know it. Now the world knows it.

The data which was subject to unauthorized access by manual download, varies but includes some combination of: the member’s name, account number, contact information, and limited trade credit information. The manual downloaded information did not contain banking or credit card information, or any live financial information.

You don’t manually download nigh on 10,000 members data Carolin my dear! Study the Raw Data Carolin, like the rest of the world is. You really should take a look at what the entire world can see now, most certainly contains critical information such as members, full contact details, card numbers, credit limits, available spend, historical details and . . . wait for it . . . PINs. Oops!

Once BBXI discovered that a server containing member information was accessed without authorization. BBXI shut down access the server, started an investigation into the incident and determined the extent of the unauthorized access and whether the personal information of its members may have been accessed.

Yes, because you had to because the banks were on your tail. Am I right? Oops!

BBXI also notified our legal counsel and appropriate law enforcement.

Oh so it was a VERY serious breach was it? All from an “unauthorized access to our server containing certain members’ information”? Nah! You are just all full of it my dear!

Access to the server is now strictly monitored.

They can all still see it Carolin! All staff members from all around the world can still see the data Ma’am? Savvy? YOu didn’t have a security breach Carolin, you have insecure systems BY DESIGN, which is why your father before you and now you cannot fix the problem! It’s a systemic design my dear. Monitoring it does nothing if all BBX people around the world can still see it open!

To ensure a multi-layered security approach, we have ensured all pins have been updated.


So there WAS a security breach after all! Carolin this is all total BS. WTF is a multi-layered security approach? Do you think that we are fools? Your server is not PCI compliant. You and your father were told about this many times over years. You store critical personal and financial data in un-encrypted format, and off-shore without their permission. This is downright ILLEGAL. Tell the people the truth why don’t you? Look, you can put a hundred gorillas with guns around a leaking bucket and it will still leak – duh!

How did you update all the PINs Carolin? Did you email all members their new PINs? What was the process for validating the new PINs? Did you do China as well? You speekee de chineesee now then? How did you do that? thousands of Chinese all with new PIN numbers? Does this mean that the new PINs people have to memorise again? Oh my giddy Aunt! What a balls-up. My best guess . . . knowing the way that you and BBX lies . . . the PINs are all the same – no change so far! Most probably all lies.

Although the information contained on the server has been accessed without authorization,

This is the really funny part . . . that data was accessed WITHOUT breaking the law! Yup! Nobody broke the law in getting the data! You see, I know the facts. The actual problem is exactly that – anyone can legally get this data! Do you think I didn’t find this out before I blogged about it? You are such a fool!

BBXI has no evidence to date that such data has been used inappropriately.

Don’t worry folks! Contrary to what I [Carolin] tried to say before we have actually lost your data but the crooks haven’t used it inappropriately, so you are all OK! Oh no, wait a minute, the whole world can now see it? Ummm. Oops!

We have taken swift and firm legal action against all the parties involved.

And when and to whom and how was that Carolin? There is no such thing as “swift” legal action dear! Data theft is a crime Carolin. You go to the Police Carolin. They do an investigation which takes time and you don’t send out one dumb email after another to all your members! All I have received so far from you is one letter posted to my mailbox that sat there for a week before I cleared it and to boot, I didn’t even need to sign for it! It was actually marked “NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED”. It wasn’t even from a lawyer.

Your management of a multinational business is exposed for what it really is . . . worse than a joke! BBX has taken a MASSIVE hit as a result of the exposure and you have no clues how to save the day. You are broke, a liar and a crook and your world will never be the same again.

Look please, Carolin . . . the pain is excruciating from this nonsense. When you are in a hole . . . STOP digging! You are simply a child playing in a grown-up world – way over your depth.

We again urge you to disregard any information from these parties and ask that you mark as spam any communication received from the above named parties and report any form of harassment to bbxlegalcounsel@bbxworld.com.

BBXI continues to greatly appreciate the unwavering support we get from members.

BS. Just utter BS!

We will be introducing exciting initiatives to charter the new way forward at BBX, and we look forward to sharing that with you in greater detail in the coming months.

Demise is the future Carolin. Get real! There will be no “coming months” for BBX International . . . promise. You are totally deluded!

Should you have any further questions or concerns at this time, please feel free to contact us.

Oh rest very assured that they are and have been and will continue to!

BBX businesses worldwide continue to operate as normal without interruption!

Oh no it doesn’t! Major consternation is afoot as all the facts are coming out daily! Missing value in the BBX currency totals MILLIONS and goes back YEARS in ALL countries BBX has ever been in! BS like this communication does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to give confidence to the members that the BBX currency and trading platform will be around for any length of time. Bye bye BBX!

Kind Regards

Carolin MacDonald | Chief Executive Officer | BBX INTERNATIONAL

Hong Kong: 36F Tower Two, Times Square 1 Matheson St Cause Way Bay

Australia: 3/110 Hampden Rd Artarmon NSW 2064

T: +61 2 9499 1100 | F: +61 2 9499 1199 | Skype: carolinbbx

E: carolin@bbxworld.com | www.bbxworld.com | www.joinbbx.com
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As I have said before, Carolin Macdonald and her team are going to be in court all right but it will not be the kind of hearing that she’ll be smiling over!

I see that the whistleblower has sent a message out to some people too explaining and defending. Personally I think that people are over this thing by now and want to be left alone but let’s go through what he said anyway – it’s more grist for the mill!

On 5 March 2017 at 12:35, Cameron McKean <cameron@bbxthailand.asia> wrote:
Dear BBX Members,

I send this email in response to slanderous comments made by John Attridge and Carolin MacDonald in relation to myself. I only wish to expose the truth and give you the evidence to decide for yourself if BBX is cheating you or not?

Now I don’t think this guy should have sent this email, but he has every right to defend himself and it does draw a line in the sand. The foxes have made accusations. He’s defended himself – it’s his right to do so, and as he says . . . work from the evidence and decide for yourself. It’s all I did after all!

Many of you have said you think this is an internal issue however I urge you to read the comments from hundreds of fellow members just like yourself: [redacted]

I have had hundreds of responses all pretty much saying the same thing . . . “help!”

Also, another story is the analysis of the data I will provide you in this email. See: [redacted]

Should you wish to make a complaint (as many others have) to the UK Authorities here is a good guide:

I have been called a liar and many other things and that I don’t have the data and or that I was terminated. Allow me to make it clear the only defence the current BBX management has is to defame me.

Cameron is dead right here, and it is and was one of the first clues that I used to get to the bottom of things in The BBX Investigation. Truthseekers always deal with facts and issues. Others shoot the messenger. I know that Cameron McKean has been defamed, and quite badly BTW from the BBX people, because I have the evidence of what really happened. Personally I find it despicable how these people have turned on him, but as he says, what else can they do but to distract.

The truth is now very public and it’s clear that I resigned and then days later after my very public resignation I was sent a Termination letter. Note the termination letter sent was also sent to the wrong company that’s how professional this bunch of jokers are. (Attached to see for yourself)

They are not “jokers” they are just con[wo]men, liars and thieves.

Yes, I can confirm that Cameron McKean DID resign and that BBX reacted and lied about it, saying that he was terminated and so on. Malice and defamation – very clear!

My staff and many friends have had their BBX accounts closed without notice and BBX funds stolen by the BBX management in violation of the BBX Member rules. Your hard-earned funds can so easily be taken from you. Why should ex staff have their commissions taken off them? They have done nothing wrong.

Well I don’t really see this as a big issue seeing as the BBX Trade Dollar is now pretty much worthless – they’ve lost it either way, but sure, ethics and foxes don’t always co-habit comfortably.

So here it is: YOUR DATA . It belongs to YOU and I am handing it over to you. You have the right to know what’s the truth and what’s happening with the goods and services you supply to BBX. I acquired it from ex BBX staff in India and they felt it was important it became public and so do I.

Download it here: [redacted]

You can see from the data every trading member globally. Each tabl at the bottom of the spreadsheet is a different country.

Share your story in the Facebook Group: [redacted]

The BBX Investigation Series



Mr. Cameron McKean

No. 10/2, 1st Floor, Soi Convent,

Silom Rd., Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok Thailand 10500

SKYPE: Cameron_mckean

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/Mr-cameron-mckean

For those tempted to trust the foxes, just check the data and count the hens. Oops!

Courts don’t buy this shoot the messenger thing. Oh . . . it’s war alright, but I’ve never lost yet because I just deal with the facts. Speak to the other conmen who attempted to shoot it out with me!

I can’t wait for the next shot to be fired! I’ve got the nuke all primed and ready. They better get more than their pop-guns. Grab your pop-corn folks . . . this is going to get really interesting . . . last I heard IRTA was going to throw their lot in with their member under attack! More blood in the streets I guess.

I know that there are people hanging off my very words – laughing their heads off. This has been another cracker of a post to write . . . I’ve got a smile on my dial too . . . but this is very serious too. We are talking about crimes of multiple millions over the years where Ma & Pop businesses have got their fingers burned and they are hurting. To them I say, I’m sorry for you . . . I’m just the messenger, and I’ll do what I can to help. Get used to the fact that you’ve lost it all. There is no pot of gold and bringing more suckers into a scam like BBX is not the answer. What I am doing is. In a while, once you’ve got used to the fact that you’ve got done like a dog’s breakfast, perhaps you too can laugh about it all, like some people are right now!

There’s more to come out . . . lots more!


The BBX Investigation Series

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