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  1. Carolin has recently denied that BBX is going into liquidation. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Perhaps they are trying to finalise their financial affairs and make good what they can before handing the business over to the liquidators?

    The business practices that BBX ran were shambolic and negligent at best. Even a simple matter of transaction settlement has no formal procedure!!! It seemed that fees were the primary focus of any deal. The allegations you have made in your research Dennis are additional to these poor practices and very revealing.

    Thanks to Dennis for providing a forum for all the aggrieved members to air our concerns.

    • Thank you John, revealing is the word eh? Yes. Broke. Desperate and still an IRTA member! What a disgrace. It’s going to be pretty hard to run a company from within a NZ jail though The only thing MT and Co were good at was concealing the debt . . . just like the other Aussie barter company! It’s all BS. Watch the cockroaches flee though when the light comes on. First to go was Brain Hall with his golden parachute. Next to go will be Trevor Dietz. It’s all very predictable.

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