38. The BBX Investigation Final Comments

The BBX Investigation has closed. The book is being collated and the last words are written here for the puppetmeister (mistress really) Carolin McDonald, CEO (by hook or by crook) of BBX International, a conglomerate of companies that I’ve shown to have stolen from their members for decades and who lie through their teeth at every conceivable possibility. I have nothing but contempt for the conduct of Madam McDonald, as can be seen through my final words . . . to her.

Dear Carolin,

When some of your upset customers spat tacks at me in the early stages of The BBX Investigation I considered phrases I heard being oft repeated to be stuff of disgruntled people just mouthing off with a little excess.

During my investigation of BBX though, and seeing how you personally operate, I understand that these were actually people speaking kindly of you . . . “vindictive”, “just evil”, “liar” and “greedy” are now matters of fact and even understatements the way I see you.

Let me give you just a few examples. When the whistleblower resigned and informed the BBX community (“The BBX family” you call it) you attacked him, personally. You accused him of malpractice and of getting booted out of the BBX franchise because of getting found out for setting up another exchange; non-performance and other nonsense. The truth you knew all along . . . that he was a man of utmost integrity; that your father sold him a pup; that Michael lied through his teeth to Cameron and gave him an exchange with huge debts and no way of collecting on them AND reneged on his deal in many ways. You knew full well of his multiple concerns with BBX going back for years and you lied, deceived, tricked and then turned on him. Not only that but you knew full well what he had done over the years to help you, BBX and your father. You knew of his total innocence and yes, a little gullibility as well, but you attacked him personally to try and save your sorry a*se. You know that ‘mud sticks’ and you threw it all over the place in a furious panic because your game was about to get busted wide open with his revelations.

But it gets worse than that because you invented total BS to try to frame him for stealing data from Thailand by way of hacking the BBX servers! How foolish you are to try to invent meaningless technical mumbo jumbo when the facts prove to all who want to think that you are just full of it! The data came from India you goose – not Thailand!

Then knowing that you couldn’t get anywhere with me, you had the audacity to attempt to muscle him with a letter demanding that he take down MY blogging! WTF? Are you nuts? What did he have to do with MY investigation? My detective work? My blogging? My revelations? My evidence? My commentary? My Analysis? My creative work? So you ignore me because I roast your stupidity and you go after an innocent party, a whistleblower . . . oh, gutless, shallow, crooked people like you make my blood boil!

In my world Carolin, that makes you a b*tch, a nasty, vindictive, selfish person who has no compunction to lie and trash others in a flash for your own selfish ends. Thank God that Cameron kept all the evidence and I’ve either got it or seen it so that at least someone can stand up against you on his behalf. You see Carolin, I can take the mud . . . I revel in it . . . I love showing crooks and liars and thieves like you up for who you really are. You can call me whatever you like and it’s just water off a duck’s back to me. I just have a shower and am clean but you, you’re made of it.

What you did to Cameron McKean is utterly despicable. He has a life and a career and a future away from BBX and the BS you dished up for him was inexcusable. Me? Fighting to expose crims, crooks & crazies and hunting people like you down like the animals you are? Well, this is my life. I live for it!

I’ll never forget a chat with one of the many people you have crossed swords with – an Australian guy who suffered grossly for five years as a result of your vindictive, spite-filled act of listing him on the bad credit agency when he had a legitimate dispute with your company. There are others too that have reported to me this sort of conduct from you but you f*cked up this guy’s life for five years because you didn’t get your way. Like a spoiled rotten little four-year-old ‘daddy’s girl’, you stomped your foot and lashed out at him, and he paid a very high price as a result of your actions. He wasn’t angry or vindictive and full of spite like you. No, he was just hurting. He simply said it wasn’t fair what you did and then bit by bit as I kept asking him questions and chatting with him I could see the impact on his health; his marriage; his career and his children. My take on what you did to him and the others like him Carolin? Unforgivable. Pure evil!

Then I look through the ledger, call a few people and just chat, and time after time, from BBX member after BBX member I hear the same thing, real goods and services lost into the BBX sink hole all to go out to you, your father and your various companies and trusts. You and Saviz; your father and Saviz; you, your father and Saviz all together, property deals all over the place, a dodgy Franchise, property scams and outright criminal conduct . . . oh yes my dear, they all talk you know! You’ve got a lot of people p*ssed off with you, I can tell you! Just because I don’t blog all about it doesn’t mean that I don’t know or that the word isn’t already out.

You and your family have preyed ruthlessly on the little people and you did it deliberately, knowingly and for years. There isn’t a prison sentence long enough for people like you Carolin. I could go on and on and on about how you push and pull people around you for your own ends – your sisters, your staff, your members, your franchisees, IRTA . . . but there is one person that I know that you fear – me – and rightly so too simply because I’ve held you to account, and in public.

You will be held to account by others too . . . you personally are liable as a Director of an Australian company that has not reported a data security breach within your required 30 days. You personally are liable for deception in New Zealand as the director of a New Zealand company. You personally are liable for theft, tax evasion, a myriad of white collar crimes and much more . . . you are a fool to think that you are above the law. You are not.

I’ve finished The BBX Investigation Carolin, but I can assure you that one day, your little world of deceptions and manipulation will end . . . one day there will be a knock at your door and you will be leaving, never to return again for a very long time. When you sit there staring at concrete walls and pondering how it all came about, I encourage you to get over your father – he was a crook and taught you all the wrong things but he’s long gone now. Get over me too – I simply asked the questions, worked it all out and wrote it up. Once you’ve got over all the others too, who when they saw that the writing was on the wall all turned on you and ratted on you to save their sorry a*rses from the cesspit of BBX corruption, you will be left with only yourself and your Creator and believe-you-me, you can’t mess with Him.

We are the same Carolin, EwenMe. We are proud people who know how to manipulate others. We know how to make a stand and create something from life. We can and do p*ss people off all around the place because we won’t be moved and that kinda guy (or gal) always creates a wake. We want to be seen as leaders, because that is who we are and we both have every right to that claim . . . but there’s one thing we differ in Ma’am. I know, love, live by, respect and speak the Truth.

You don’t.


While in some ways it’s a little masochistic to say this, I’ve actually enjoyed asking questions and writing The BBX Investigation. You can download the entire series in eBook form from my Books page. It’s all of 100,000+ words and is absolutely, totally, unequivocally free.

Please drop me a note if you appreciate my labours.


The BBX Investigation Series

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