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Gaze Burt Going Bad, Again

Miles Edwards – Gaze Burt’s Head of Litigation & Dispute Resolution wipes out in conduct over his own companies mistakes. Epic fail.

Well-established Auckland law firm, Gaze Burt, impressed me a long time ago when in an incredible act of integrity and self-sacrifice, the Principals at the time (personally) covered for one of their own when he turned bad and took off with their clients’┬átrust funds. I now how hard that was for several families that basically lost all to a partner turned crook, and pretty much an unrepentant one at that. A recent engagement with the same company raises serious red flags for me, prompting a warning that with their current leadership, Gaze Burt may be going bad again. Be careful out there people; they’ve got some great marketing, but not all is what it seems! [Read more…]