Archives for 16 April, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: Import. of Jesus’ Teachings

Graham Paul’s book The Importance of Jesus’ Teachings, is a New Zealand manifestation of a rising tide of anti-Pauline sentiment. The “Jesus Only” crowd identify conflict between Jesus’ words, life & teaching (Kingdom teaching) and that of Paul (justification by faith). The book is well laid out and easy to understand – perhaps a littleĀ less easy to digest if taken in “full-stride”! It’s a book of theology with a powerful message and deep personal challenge. The author takes one side of the divide, strongly, thus lacks the wisdom that balance brings but his message is important to all, nonetheless. [Read more…]

Gaze Burt’s Terms of Engagement

In a previous post I shared my horrendous experiences with the new people at Gaze Burt, long-term Auckland lawyers. The founders would be turning in their grave if they knew how the newbies up there treated their customers now, but leaving their amateurism and egos aside for a moment, in this post I work through their Terms of Engagement in greater detail, revealing the hidden side to these lawyers’ own sloppy documents. [Read more…]