BOOK REVIEW: Dr Judy Wood’s 9/11

It’s rare that I can rave about something. Judy Wood’s book “Where Did The Towers Go?” though ticks all the boxes for me. It’s a masterpiece in showing us how following the evidence brings simplicity in a sea of obfuscation, guesswork, disinformation and outright lies. Many ask the question “WHOdunnit?” before they work out what WHAT really happened. This book totally ignores the former question and ONLY addresses the latter. It is rare that people start with the basics. “The TV told us it was aeroplanes,” is the usual starting point. Throw in a few dancing Israelis, Bin Laden & terrorism as well as a couple of dodgy “official reports” and you’ve got conspiracy. Some dig deeper and get confused with planes/no-planes; controlled demolition; mini-nukes and more. Establishing the truth though requires mental energy and a flexible mind – I have both. I give this book a 10/10 with only a few very minor quibbles. I summarise the message contained in the book, but first start with my own 9-11 experiences by way of background.

I love the way that 9-11 has opened the eyes of the population to the possibility of rogue elements in the system. It didn’t happen over night but it really has happened as the vast majority of the world have gradually come to see that “all is not as it seems” in the world. Yay!

My 9-11 Story

I was heading off to bad one night when a mate of mine who was staying with me at the time, called out, “Dennis, come and have a look at this! There is a terrorism attack in the US. They’re flying planes into buildings!”

I replied, “Whatever! I’ll see you in the morning. You can tell me all about it then.”

He stayed up all night watching the goggle-box and I slept, like a log. My, “Whatever!” was probably derived more from physical exhaustion from a long energetic day than tangible wisdom, but in retrospect it does seem that I got it right to ignore the media mantras – terrorists, box-cutters, hijackings and impossible super-duper flying stunts by aeronautical amateurs.

I pretty much left the 9-11 matters for a few years but really started digging on my own after I read the first official report. BS, clear as daylight. What they said certainly didn’t make any sense, but what they left out was extremely telling . . . WHITEWASH.

Like many within the 9-11 Truth movement, I followed the primary sources of conspiracy theorists; the pilots, the engineers and alternative sources and commentary. Some were clearly whackos. Some brought incredible detail, knowledge and research into the picture but there were always questions that could not be answered. There was (from 2005 anyway) that “crazy” Judy Wood scientist who claimed something weird about the towers, “poofing” up from star wars kind of energy, and a hurricane or something, but she was too “nutty” they said to seriously consider, so I didn’t at first. Then later, stumbling onto a few individual researchers who ranted and raved about her theories, I did start digging. I delved into her website a bit deeper, then bought the book. It cost me 40% of a weeks income but it has been worth every penny.

WTC6, one of the more than half dozen buildings zapped during 9-11. Note the total absence of building debris inside the hole – it’s been totally vapourised as have been the two towers to the right where the misty fumes are. My favourite photo. Source.

The Guts of It

There are some important prerequisites of digesting Judy’s book – we must have a flexible mind and be willing to engage brain. If we cannot accept that the authorities would lie; if we are unwilling to accept that the only technology and science that exists is what we know from schoolbooks or the TV; if we must retain 30,40,50, 100 year old scientific dogmas that preclude weather modification and large energy manipulation then we’re simply not going to be able to handle the book.

Judy Wood calls it as “directed energy” on the destruction of three large buildings at 9-11 and partial destruction of half a dozen more. She spends a large amount of analysis on the unprecedented crumbling of the massive steel and concrete into dust in mid-air and the myriad of microwave/radioactive-type signs of burning without heat, essentially a molecular breakdown of the structures. Much of it went UP and kept on breaking down into smaller and smaller nano-particles over the months that followed, all signs indicative of ‘alternative’ energy technology.

The Strength of It

Parking her conclusions for just a moment, the strength of her work is the way that she starts from the outset and builds evidence piece by piece into a coherent whole. Her repeating mantra is that of Sherlock Holmes, “Follow the evidence, Dr Watson.”

Judy herself appreciates that:

“Empirical evidence is the truth that theory must mimic”

and her favourite concept as she wrote, studied and did her research was:

“Listen to the evidence”

Ahhhh! Here we have a genuine scientist!

When you start with a higher level, such as hijackings, or box cutters, or Bin Laden, you can go off on tangents and dead ends. Stripping things right back to the evidence – what can we see, actually – gives us the power to know truth. Judy has perused thousands of photographs and highlighted many in the book showing us what she has found. In the book, we can see exactly what she can see and readers will be nodding, like I did, “Yes! I can see that too!”

The strength of “Where Did The Towers Go?” is not that the author has found the answer, it is that she has analysed the evidence, and nothing more. Her conclusions are natural; make sense and to me, are truth indeed.

There is another aspect though to identifying truth, and that is the naysayers, the detractors and [in the case of NWO Psy-ops particularly] the disinformation crowd. You can get a huge gauge on reality from observing and watching those who are threatened by truth. Generally speaking the extent of the noise around an issue is in indirect proportion to the truth. Judt Wood is attacked personally, not her thesis, which is illogical. I find that researching and watching her detractors enlightening. Those with agendas write off people (like this author) as nut-cases, and prove their intellectual dishonesty.

Reading The Book

I generally read books backwards. I find this more helpful as a big-picture person than following the train of thought of another person who builds a story and then comes in at the end with a conclusion. I will read the last chapter, which generally tells the whole story in a nutshell, then read the contents so I can get an overview of the book, how it is laid out then I dive into the parts I am particularly interested in. Sometimes this is an area of my expertise (such as evolution/creation, Internet technologies or alternative currencies) where I am able to compare my knowledge with the author’s and sometimes it is an area that is relatively new to me or where I want to learn something more (such as in this case Tesla’s work or Weather modification as it related to 9-11).

So, I read Chapter 22, her Conclusion & Summary; then the Contents Pages; then I read Chapters 17-21 (which related to Tesla & weather modification) then I started from the front and read from Chapter 1 onwards. I also had a very good understanding of her research, approach and core message from having spent many hours researching from her website. Much, probably all of the book is on her website BTW.

Ah-Hah! Moments

There were, for me a few moments of special learning while reading the book. The first occurred when I was working through the weather modification aspects in Chapter 18. I have known for many years that the elite within mankind have had the capacity to alter weather – chemtrails are one increasingly obvious aspect of this and I knew from tracking Cyclone Evan in December 2012 when I was living in Samoa, that there was a good probability that this one was steered straight to and around Samoa, then directly down to Fiji’s West Coast. It was too coincidental to be chance – the course could not have been more blatantly obvious to cause maximum damage! But the shocker came for me when I saw the increase of Hurricane Erin’s strength as it [unusually] took a straight beeline for New York, then an immediate and sudden turn away and depowering at exactly the same time as 9-11 events. I found that compelling circumstantial evidence, way more than just a possibility. It made sense that somehow energy from a weather system had something to do with increased energy very close by at Ground Zero.

The second eye-opener for me was to view the aerial photographs looking down on the holes of neighbouring buildings and the holes within glass. The huge vertical holes showed some form of vapourising technique from above, and the round holes in the glazing of nearby buildings [particularly the holes of only the outer sheet of double-glazing!] also showed smoking gun proof that destruction was energy-based.

Thirdly, the graphics Judy showed of the mass of buildings pre and post-event were compelling. I could see, probably for the first time how insane it was to believe that the buildings collapsed. They didn’t. There was no pile of rubble – not even near a tiny fraction of what was standing above only seconds before! They did exactly what Judy said – they literally disappeared. The name of the book is indeed the real question to ask!

The fourth thing that struck me, and this was actually from a couple of videos on her website as well as presented in sequence in the book, was how a segment of building was standing, then falling as it evaporated, literally turning to dust in mid air. Another one showed a section of the tower falling from up high and dissolving into dust as it fell.

I’d also always viewed Judy’s conclusion that the many “jumpers” were jumping to escape something hot [such as microwave or other energy field] with a bit of suspicion. Gradually though, as I read through the myriad quotes from those who did experience weird heat, the people standing outside and hanging out of windows did have an impact on me. It made sense. People don’t normally jump or hang out windows just because there is a fire elsewhere in the building. I too came to recognise that there was indeed something that needed explaining that they were trying to get away from. Indeed it is not inconceivable that many of the jumpers may not have elected to jump but rather were forced into it.

The Evidence

The Contents pages give a good layout of the primary evidence as Judy works through it all in great detail:

2. The Billiard Ball 
Freefall gravity calculations of a billiard ball in a vacuum belies all explanations for the evidence of collapse – especially the official story. A detailed analysis of logic starts this book well.

3. The Jumpers
People hanging out of the building and jumping (or being expelled against their wishes) are indicative of heating similar to microwave or other energy. This chapter is a challenge as it makes sense to me but isn’t as strong (evidence-wise) as the rest.

4. The Power of Suggestion
The mainstream news media had knowledge of Bin Laden, box-cutters and all the answers from the get-go. When told that buildings collapsed due to hi-jacked aeroplanes we look at and consider all subsequent events and evidence in that light. It becomes the default paradigm. Truthseekers are forever having to break through these pre-conceptions. 

5. The Bathtub
The WTC was built in a large concrete “bathtub” designed to prevent flooding of the adjacent Hudson river. It was totally undamaged thus proving 

6. Seismic Impact
Totally minimal and not in accordance with a natural collapse of 1,000,000 tones of steel and concrete. 

7. Controlled Demolition
Bangs like explosives were heard. Squibs can be seen. Both can also be explained by the effects of directed energy. No actual evidence exists of explosives. While not precluding he evidence points more to another unique cause of event.

8. Dustification
The buildings simply evaporated into dust in thin air. Dust continued to RISE [WTF!?], and to fall. Dust continued to breakdown into smaller and smaller particles over months. This shows total molecular breakdown of steel and concrete.

9. Where Did They Go?
The residue of the 9-11 eventlooks like a few matchsticks from the air and represents a tiny fraction of the original structures. This is the heart of the book – gone; zapped; vanished . . . into dust in an instant, well 8-10 seconds actually!

10. Holes
Circular holes appeared in adjacent buildings and can only be explained with a form of directed energy. A compelling. 

11. Toasted Cars
Untold vehicles in the greater surrounding area were impacted by some energy source that toasted them unusually. Again, multiple unusual effects on metals are highly indicative of some form of directed energy.

12. Distortions
A few remaining steel beams and columns are twisted and contorted in ways that cannot be explained by traditional means. They also mimic the known effects of alternative energy events.

13. Weird Fires
Cold fires DO exist – just speak to Moses about that bush! My ears prick up when I hear a firefighter say that putting water onto a burning car has no effect. The same thing with smoke – not always does the existence of smoke mean heat – suggestion makes us assume that the picture she uses on the front cover is smoke rising, and therefore that fire and heat exist. Not always so, and she gives many photos of vehicles with very weird [cold] fires. Again common in and indicative of alternative energy based events.

14. The Dust Cloud
The massive dust is a study in itself. This is all NOT normal behaviour for dust, thus there is good logic in this chapter that validates her thesis.

15. Fuzzballs
Unusual dust and fumes remained onsite for years. 

16. Lather
The evidence of some form of molecular preparation as pre-event build-up occurs is clear. Multiple examples are shown and while these concepts are new to most of us, the evidence speaks along the lines of her thesis.

18. Hurricane Erin
I never knew that there was a huge hurricane headed directly toward New York and that it turned sharply away and reduced in intensity at the exact time of the 9-11 events. The questions are, “Why did/do we not hear of this?” and “Did this have something to do with the 9-11 things?” Again, anecdotal but compelling evidence of directed [alternative] energy as the explanation.

19. Global Magnetic Fields
Anomalies again, maybe a little less convincing as proof, but certainly a strong part of the entire picture.

21. Rolled Steel
Steel that is rolled like carpets, as with rusted and contorted beams previously mentioned cannot be explained by most theories. They can with directed energy however.

Omitted from this list are Tesla-Hutchison Effects and a minor chapter on psychology.

All in all, a compelling and overwhelmingly clear case as the author presents it.

Some Minor Negatives

Nothing in this world is perfect, but the quibbles I have are peripheral to the key matters – she simply observes evidence, speaks about it, connects the dots and the conclusion is obvious. Kudos is due to this scientist. There is only one small section of a few paragraphs where I noted her stepping into politics and quoting others and their theories, pros and cons. I wish she hadn’t included that for it detracted a little. She repeats photographs and quotes from first-attenders. You’d be reading a quote and think to yourself, “Hang on! I’ve heard this story before, haven’t I?” and you have. I can understand that with a huge book and her scientific background (rather than as an author) that much has been written, published online and the republished and then all collated into book form, her editing skills are less than perfect but really, these are minor quibbles – the book is huge, full-colour and a very serious work on a major event in our time.

The Significance

The 9-11 events are a huge breakthrough in terms of waking people up to reality in several ways. People who still believe the mainstream media and the official accounts in this day and age over 9-11 are simply fools; away with the fairies. If they haven’t at least heard of the 9-11 truth movement, let alone given it any thought then they are deluded beyond redemption – their fate is clear. Most however are on a spectrum from “aware of the questioning” to “hard-core conspiracy believers”. To them, this book should be a breath of fresh air.

But it goes deeper too . . . what about weather modification? Can mankind alter, tap into or generate major weather events, and if so how. More importantly; who, why and what for?

And this thing about directed energy [Judy calls it “directed free-energy technology”]. Is this 9-11 thing evidence of Star Wars technology here and now?

The significance of this book is that those who read it can no longer claim ignorance – and that is all long before we even think of asking the question “WHOdunnit?” or even “WHAT for?”

I conclude with the observation that ad hominem attacks on the author, ridicule or silence in the halls of ‘mainstream alternative’ conspiracy circles are comparable with that of Jesus opponents of His Ministry of Truth, thus indicating intellectual bankruptcy.

I give you a 10/10 from this quarter Judy. You are an angel a true scientist.

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  1. Seeker of Truth says:

    Hi Dennis
    Searching the “truth” leads us to interesting places.
    I read the book a couple of years ago and it was an eye opener.
    i also suggest watching Judy Wood’s full presentation on youtube:

    Keep searching the truth and revealing the truth.

    • Thanks Keith

      One of the things that I appreciate from her presentations (which were the reason I spent so much ‘moola’ to buy her book) is that she doesn’t go into the WHO or HOW until she has the “WHAT” sussed. A very good lesson in truth-seeking and logic, as I know you will appreciate with your interest in Samoan things.

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