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Corruption in Samoa – Tuila’epa

Publication of my book Corruption in Samoa commences 1st June 2017, by daily installments running through the next 15 days. The Prime Minister of Samoa is and has been the only person who has read it up until very recently. I have held it back from publication deliberately. I did this for several reasons, but now is the time to get it ‘out there’. This post speaks directly to the Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuila’epa by way of an Open Letter; preparing him for publication and explaining to others interested, the context in which it was written and is now being published.
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The Human Cost of Samoan Pride

The Smith family, ripped apart with the Banning of a Blogger. I attribute this injustice to the Samoan pride exemplified by a cowardly Prime Minister afraid of the revelations in the book Corruption in Samoa

The Smith family in happier times, now ripped apart with the Banning of a Blogger. I attribute this injustice to the ‘Samoan pride’ exemplified by a cowardly Prime Minister afraid of the revelations in the book Corruption in Samoa.

I share here the human cost of Samoan pride, specifically that of the Samoan Prime Minister, Tuila’epa, also the Minister of Immigration, who in 2016 Banned a Blogger from Samoa, me! The Smith family, a newly married cross-cultural unit has been decimated as a result of one proud man, the leader of a country hell-bent on looking good, and avoiding shame, who seemingly fears revelations of his true immoral conduct. The reason for my expulsion I’ve recently shared . . . the book Corruption in Samoa, one section relating to his ‘inappropriate’ relationship with his CEO of Tourism. This scandal should rock the proud country of Samoa, one that claims to be founded upon the Christian God. Be strong as you read of the pain and devastation that has occurred at the hands of Samoan arrogance. [Read more…]

Blogger Banned from Samoa – Analysis

What's left of Camp Samoa having been banned from Samoa - a total loss!

What’s left of Camp Samoa having been banned from Samoa – a total loss!

In this post I give details relating to Samoa’s banning of an unwanted blogger, me. The official version is that I breached the terms of my work permit and was an overstayer – kind of hilarious that a Kiwi gets exported from Samoa for overstaying eh?! It’s probably more than 1,000:1 the other way round for Samoans have been booted out in their hundreds from New Zealand for overstaying going back more than forty years! I show the document and event trail indicates quite clearly that the decision came ‘from the top’, i.e. the Prime Minister Tuila’epa. I detail how deception is used by Samoans against the Palagi by analysing a long sequence of events and explain how the apparently callous actions of a leader of a supposedly benevolent democratic country make perfect sense, when you understand that I am a very serious personal threat to the reputation Prime Minister of Samoa. I explain why. Enjoy! [Read more…]

Samoan Defamation & Corruption

Opapu Oeti with his ‘stigmata’ daughter, Toa. Image Source<

A brouhaha has followed a stigmata claim from 2016 in Samoa. In this post I share my thoughts on defamation – a whistleblower has clearly called the Samoan family [father & daughter] liars in public and the police/politicians/pedo are apparently moving to clamp down on him – and on corruption in Samoa, something I think I know a little bit about, having written the book, “Corruption in Samoa”! [Read more…]

Have a Heart, Dennis

Black Beauty montage with mockups. LHS: Rear concept – RHS: Original horse truck now extended up, down and back – Bottom: An early marketing concept on sides. Click to view fullsize.

This post updates my personal situation with latest news from New Zealand – Mr Palemia banned me from Samoa in September 2016, I have been building a housetruck and mobile recording/blogging studio, my [physical] heart has failed and I’m helping others in various ways with my new business, Writing the Wrong. [Read more…]

Paul Cohen – After the Path of Truth

In May 2017, Victor Hafichuk (who established and runs the Path of Truth online Ministries website and community) gave his long-term 2IC, Paul Cohen the boot/chop. In this post I analyse the position that Paul will be in having serious egg on face and essentially needing to rebuild his reputation. It’s a common position that fallen spiritual leaders find themselves in and while I have to guess at some of the specifics in Paul’s case, the principles are clear and important. [Read more…]

Path of Truth – Ripped Asunder

Path of Truth Ministries, the so-called cult of Victor Hafichuk has been ripped asunder with Victor’s recent disciplining of his [supposedly] loyal henchman/partner Paul Cohen. In clearly an agonising announcement Victor has sorted his recalcitrant off-sider out publicly. It will take time to shake down I am sure, but the incredible tag-team duo of Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk is no more. “Glory be!” I hear many say. Perhaps so. In this post I quote the announcement from Victor in full and give my analysis.  [Read more…]

Handling the Path of Truth

In this post I deal with the [for most people ‘usually’] intensely painful process of dealing with departure from Victor Hafichuk’s Path of Truth. It follows from a call for help from someone clearly hurting as a result of engaging with this Christian Ministry/Cult. I discuss the different challenges that those who have been involved in some way face. Engaging can be as simple as a few emails that turn nasty to full-on commitment, through to a marriage bust-up and then live in – then a rude wakeup when hypocrisy is revealed and the sun stops shining out certain peoples’ behinds! The affects can be devastating and my aim here is to help people in pain get a good grip of reality – basically understanding what is happening to them when they pull out of adhering to the Path of Truth Ministries. [Read more…]

Human Aspects of Craig/Slater Trial

Having followed the Colin Craig vs Cameron Slater High Court trial in Auckland, I’ve come to the conclusion that it should have never been allowed. There are too many weird things that don’t make sense about it and I try to stitch it all together in this post coming out with a real elephant in the [court] room. Human uniquenesses have merged to flashpoint and injustice is probably inevitable no matter the result. It’s a live trial that requires caution from me in saying what I do here, but say it I do . . . it should be stopped, taken from the legal arena; moved back into the human arena; and ultimately that’s in the hands of the Judge. [Read more…]

Betrayal Hurts, But Not Court Hearing

I’ve been following a current hearing in Auckland’s High Court (Colin Craig vs Cameron Slater) quite closely and share here the takehomes from attending the hearing this morning. I just happened to strike the day when Orewa-based lawyer Madeleine Flannagan took the stand and heard her story of how she was the primary source of the events that led to WhaleOil’s posts and subsequent legal challenges. I found the whole experience interesting to say the least. Enjoy another side of the courtroom stories that journalists have been feeding to the world. [Read more…]