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  1. Hi Dennis,

    Peter here. I stayed at the camp in Samoa for 10 days or so back in 2014.

    I’m so sorry to see that picture of what was!! It made me recall some of the work I did there. I also enjoyed reading your blog about your hassles there.

    Still, life goes on. I hope you’re enjoying it and things are happy for you.

    I’m living and working in London. I’ll be back on the road soon enough. I just need to earn a few more bob.

    Take care (and there’s no need to mention the cricket result!!),


    • Hey Peter. Nice to hear from you and yes it is sad to see all that work gone down the drain. You have to understand the Samoan people though – their ego is great. They care only about things that look good. The PM chose to destroy to protect the facade of godliness. He’s a coward and a fraud in that sense but on the otherhand, I did bait him! Just as sad is that my wife (who I married after you had been and gone) chose her family in Samoa not her husband in NZ when it all happened. But as you say, life goes on, and one day you fellas will hopefully learn how to play the game! Blessings!

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