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Publication of my book Corruption in Samoa commences 1st June 2017, by daily installments running through the next 15 days. The Prime Minister of Samoa is and has been the only person who has read it up until very recently. I have held it back from publication deliberately. I did this for several reasons, but now is the time to get it ‘out there’. This post speaks directly to the Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuila’epa by way of an Open Letter; preparing him for publication and explaining to others interested, the context in which it was written and is now being published.

Open Letter

Mr Palemia [Prime Minister] Tuila’epa,

In 2009, I introduced myself to you and I did so in person, as a ‘Palagi’ businessman, believing that he was called to your country by a higher Authority, but ready and willing to honour you as political leader of a country, which is as you frequently say, “Founded upon God”.

I’ve learned a lot in my time in Samoa. I now know the foolishness of such a claim, a technical impossibility let alone nothing more than a marketing meme for corruption . . . but, I digress.

In the first two years of my residency in Samoa we developed and maintained a friendship in which we both found beneficial – me to have free access to a [indeed ‘the’] political leader of my adopted country and you to have the ideas and interest firsthand from a creative and active entrepreneur. I know and acknowledge that both of us accept this as reality and that neither of us begrudge this friendship.

In the second year though, you allowed your inappropriate personal relationship with the CEO of Tourism, Papalii Sonja Hunter to interfere with your professionalism in dealing with me and to put it bluntly, you ripped the SWAP Foundation off. I was shocked that you would brush this under the carpet but I said nothing much about it at the time. I then later invited you to resign as Patron of the SWAP Foundation which you did and I withdrew from contact with you for pretty much the next three years, rarely speaking to you and keeping a low profile.

In 2015, I wrote the book Corruption in Samoa and slipped you a copy of it as I promised I would. You reacted poorly, speaking words that were unbecoming of a Prime Minister and warned me that publication of this book could have consequences. I replied informing you that you had your chance to correct any errors of fact but you didn’t and that I would be publishing. I also tried to explain, yet again that as it would have an online component that this could have serious long-term ramifications. You have never and till this day still do not understand the modern world’s communication systems, despite my constant encouragement for you to get with it. You are and appears will remain an old-school politician unable to engage with the real world where it is at, online.

In 2016, you, as Minister of Immigration in Samoa, issued an order that deemed me to be a “Prohibited Immigrant” and you did this (a) secretively, (b) cowardly, (c) illegally and (d) immorally.  For clarification of these four claims, I explain to you and all others interested that you did this (a) without my knowledge i.e. behind my back, (b) following my direct personal approach to you when I asked you specifically and directly to your face, “Do you want me to go, because if you do, it’s not a problem?” (c) contrary to Samoan laws which require you as Minister to both inform a victim of your decision-making and to give them legal opportunity to respond and (d) against all moral and ethical principles as taught in all civilised societies.

Aside from many other things I and others could complain of in regards to your conduct, Tui, this makes you dishonest, a coward, a criminal and a hypocrite. I, and all who read these words now know (if they never did before) the true nature of the Samoan Palemia, the “top dog” politician of “Paradise”.

I publish Corruption in Samoa now, because the time is right. I didn’t do this as a knee-jerk reaction out of spite when you evicted me even though I lost everything I owned in Samoa. I waited until now. I lost my Samoan wife, my three step-children, my entire assets, all the labours of my hands for seven years in the prime of my working life. Every asset I owned right down to my original birth certificate (which I had kept safe for 58 years!), videos of my children growing up and whatever family heirlooms I had managed to protect for my offspring over the years – all gone, thanks to you and your people. My friends in Samoa know not where I am nor why I have departed. The little girl Mahina who I wanted to adopt has missed out on a Palagi father, due to your actions. To be quite frank Tui, I don’t have a lot of time for you . . . you don’t really mean a lot to me anymore. You’re just a politician as corrupt as all the other ones you are constantly covering for up there, and with a big ego.

But I don’t publish here to hurt you, or to hurt Samoa. I publish here because this is the truth. It is my story and the people that I care about, really want to hear the truth. Mainly they are the little people, and they want me to tell it like it really is.

Over the years ahead, Tui, my story will come out more and people across the globe will be learning more about the truth of Samoa, and you, and the evil of the corruption that pervades your people, your culture and your country. I warned you on the 10 June 2015, when I responded to your condescending and offensive response to this book where you said:

You have a lot to learn [about Samoa]

I will remind you, and also so that the world can see what I said to you in reply:

You have a lot to learn about me

I am fearless to speak the truth, especially before crooks and fools like you. You have cast me aside, Tui, and you achieved your goal – Samoa is now rid of the prophet who dared to speak the truth but the world will know shortly why it is that you are so scared of me and what I say, that you had to be rid of me . . . your immoral personal conduct.

On the 10th June 2015, I said to you:

Your hint/threat of litigation is totally meaningless – you had prior warning and opportunity to make comments and correct it but chose not to, and even with your formal response yesterday you STILL didn’t detail WHAT you have a problem with. I invite you to respond in detail and/or sue me – it will also help my book sales enormously. Better still, you could put my whistle-blower credibility through the roof if you had my immigration status ‘reviewed’. Be careful for I am an intelligent man and the contents of the book and the website are way more than just me mouthing off.

I baited you Tui – an open bait in writing with a warning attached to it.  A year later and you did exactly that, you ‘reviewed’ my Immigration status.

You are a fool to try and cover for your immorality. You are stupid for evicting a blogger, fearless to speak it as it is. You failed to listen or understand to my countless words of advice over engaging with the people where they are (online) and you are man past his prime on a slippery slide into a horrible shameful demise.

If this was all on your shoulders, it would mean nothing to most of us outside of your family. I believe it has though , because you you are a Samoan and represent Samoa, brought shame upon the entire country and people of Samoa. Sadly, I predict that you will attempt to deceive, minimise or ignore my words and that your people will again suffer their embarrassment and shame at your conduct simply because they have to.

I told you that I would be publishing. I am, unlike you, a man of my word. Unlike you, too, I have no axe to grind; no political barrow to push and am not ‘in it’ for anything. I simply observe, ask questions, engage brain and speak the truth, fearlessly.

It’s two years now since I wrote the book and gave you a copy. It’s been a year since you signed the order to ‘ban the blogger’.

I now publish.

Posterity will record you as the face of Corruption in Samoa and I trust me as the one who paid the price.

New Zealand
1 June 2017

As all know in Samoa, despite his protestations to the contrary the Palemia is King Kong in Samoa; if he wanted to address corruption he would have. The truth, as we will see in the next posts, is that corruption has not reduced on his watch because it emanates from the top.

I also continue these Open Letters on my Palemia website, with personal letters to the Big Man on a range of topics.

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