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  1. One of the things that got me ensnared in them was how they debunked NDEs (Near Death Experiences) and false visions, yet it seemed that while with them, I had a good portion of ‘false visions’ myself in dreams, one of which was to stop taking my medication, of which nearly drove me crazy.

    • This comment from Carlee follows another made on http://www.dennis.co.nz/2017/05/paul-cohen-after-the-path-of-truth/.

      Carlee, the longer you live, the more you will recognise that we as mere mortals know a lot less than we think. Visions, dreams, theology, indeed all spiritual matters are not always simple matters black and white. Victor is a complex man with serious personal issues and his unique style mixed with revelation and truth can create magical learning experiences but also horrendous pain & confusion for those who engage. I have found the secret in all these areas is to accept that logically there is such a thing as an absolute (truth for example) but to consciously humble myself and accept that I might not know what it is in any given situation. I define wisdom as knowing the ‘mind of God’ in any situation. The environment that Victor creates heightens our sensitivity to spiritual matters, good and bad, right and wrong. I think your parents were right to extract you from that environment when they did, but the world will be a better place if all involved humbled themselves. Perhaps these matters (including your dreams/visions) are not a binary issue right/wrong, true/false and we can just accept them for what they were. I’ve noticed that there can often be a brutality and hardness associated with religious interpretation of dreams. I do not think this is always godly. Thank you for commenting again.

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