Path of Truth – Ripped Asunder

Path of Truth Ministries, the so-called cult of Victor Hafichuk has been ripped asunder with Victor’s recent disciplining of his [supposedly] loyal henchman/partner Paul Cohen. In clearly an agonising announcement Victor has sorted his recalcitrant off-sider out publicly. It will take time to shake down I am sure, but the incredible tag-team duo of Paul Cohen and Victor Hafichuk is no more. “Glory be!” I hear many say. Perhaps so. In this post I quote the announcement from Victor in full and give my analysis. 

Paul Benjamin Cohen of Helena, Montana, USA has been disciplined severely for insubordination by leader of the Christian Ministry The Path of Truth, Victor Hafichuk. In May 2017, Victor has updated Paul’s Testimony with the following emotional message that essentially fires him and pretty much baits him to step aside, leaving Paul to fall on his sword.

Update to Paul’s Testimony as of 05/2017:

I have some sad news to report. Because of Ronnie Tanner and Dennison Rivera coming to join the work of ThePathofTruth with Paul in Helena, Montana, much has come to light that I’ve not been aware of with Paul. Here are the brutal facts, with several witnesses:

Paul Cohen has operated his side of the Path of Truth from Montana while Victor is in Canada. Things were not going according to plan and Ronnie & Co found out what was really happening. Victor is finally informed.

Paul has been guilty of rebellion, of sedition, of betrayal.

Victor runs the show. Paul overstepped his authority and went against the boss.

He has operated against me, teaching the Lord’s young servants, as did Jezebel, to commit fornication.

Sexual sins are always at the forefront of cults and control-freaks. It’s the heart of temptation and Paul went too far.

He instructed Ronnie and Dennison to not openly confess their sins and make amends with those they’ve wronged or had terrible attitudes toward.

Unless someone tells me the details I can only assume what this means from Victor’s words, but it doesn’t look good. One of the dangers of openly confessing sins under duress is the control that we extend to another when we do confess. While often helpful (and endorsed in scripture) to confess to men, it is Jesus through the Holy Spirit whom we are best to turn to for confession. Sure there are times that it helps to share with another but Path of Truth adherents will not find Victor or Paul beside them interceding for them in the roll call up yonder.

My doctrine has been to bring everything into the open, to deal with sin, ruthlessly, knowing that if we don’t do so before the Lord, sin will deal ruthlessly with us. It is the Law of God in all His universe. Satan takes no prisoners.

Amen. One of the things that is VERY difficult to deal with for those struggling to deal with PoT is the purity of words that come from the lips of PoT like this truth for example when it is mixed with compromise and hypocrisy.

Paul hasn’t been responsible with mundane matters, failing outrageously.

Oops! That doesn’t sound so good. It could be money not being accounted for properly, perhaps?

He has not followed my wishes or orders. He has instructed Dennison and Ronnie to not report matters to me, saying, “Victor doesn’t need to hear those things; they’ll upset him” (words to that effect). He has also counseled others in wicked fashion like Lynn Farris.

Victor’s openness is mesmerising but it is not natural. Jesus conducted Himself far more circumspectly than Victor ever has. I view this as an indicator of Victor’s uniqueness – an unusual bent on openness beyond that which is sensitive; lacking wisdom and going hard-out for the truth so much that love is destroyed in the process.

Paul has not conducted himself in holiness with Sara Schmidt as I firmly and urgently directed.

Ummm well this is a two-faced comment if ever there was one! Victor prohibited Paul and Sarah from hooking up – period. But they did and under his watch too, so Victor has a real cheek bringing this to the fore at this late stage.

Some of these things have been going on for years without my knowledge. Only recently, Paul has been forced out of the cover of darkness to confess.

Leadership from a godly man requires knowledge and wisdom. Victor struggles with this and hence there is a big blow-up after years of trouble under the surface. People who have been cursed and cast off in the name of Jesus need to realise that the Path of Truth is no different to any other human institution – it is run by fallible human beings just the same as all of us. Sure, they may not think this or see it this way but it is!

There are many such things he has confessed and others have reported. He has argued with me, even publicly, and presumed to be of equal authority with and before the Lord.

Now we are getting to the real nitty gritty – authority. Victor claims to have a leadership role over Paul, and of course with all else. He uses the phrase “before the Lord” to spiritualise this. Now this superiority is subtle but real – Paul has exposed it by rebelling against it. It is a theological belief that Victor assumes authority over others and there is IMHO good grounds for taking a leadership role at certain times and certain places BUT to claim this carte blanche is a very dangerous call and often leans into arrogance and pride. Oh how so very hard it is to stop lording it over others when we start!

I will no longer tolerate his rebellion, whether it is open or in secret. This goes for all persons. I’m done. This is a new day.

There! Now, that’s all out! Now let’s get real . . .

I’m sad, I’m angry, I feel deeply betrayed, had, used, abused, violated. But there it is.

To the many PoT detractors who have hurled insult and barbs of condemnation at Victor Hafichuk over the years, I encourage you to read these words over and over and over. Victor has written them himself, typing one letter after another, formulating each concept in his mind and getting them out for the world to see. Seven ways of describing his pain.

While he and his offsider Paul have caused others pain just the same as this over the years to many, here is a real hurting guy speaking it like it is. Jesus would stop and encourage him at this point, I know.

I’ve said, “If nobody else comes with me, if all abandon me, by God’s grace I go on.”

Victor has indeed lost many more than he has retained. It may be that he is abandoned and carries on with less than he’s had in the past. So be it. He’s able to take it according to his words here.

My intense will is to bring the Lord Jesus Christ great joy (no thanks to me, be assured – I can be as corrupt as the next guy). I want the Lord to be ecstatically delighted with what I am, speak, and do for Him and in His Name. That is my sole goal and desire – these burn in me. I would want that for every being alive, especially for those who believe here with us. I know that I am perfectly incapable of accomplishing this. It is ONLY by His grace that any of us can do anything of true value in His sight. I trust in His grace for His Perfect Will.

Victor oscillates in his writings between a vicious hardness that condemns others in a twinkling of an eye, to an apparently humble man fully cognisant of his humanness. Like living with a bi-polar or schizophrenic one has to learn how and when to accept his words for what they are. My advice is for people with strength of character and sound mind to attempt to walk beside of him and not under him.

Given these things concerning Paul, I declare that Paul is stripped of any authority and identification with me and the Lord at this point.

Great. Now we know. A man of decision has decided.

However, I have still to decide what the Lord would have me to do concerning his involvement with ThePathofTruth.

Oh! Well maybe not so? Victor has a reality check . . . PoT is not very much without Paul Cohen!

The Lord will show the way and do as it pleases Him.

Yeah right! This is the typical Christian cop-out . . . throw it all back into God’s lap. Let me help Victor with this one . . . he’s gone Victor. He’s a hypocrite and a crook, insolent and rebellious. Bye Bye Paul!

Until then, I would say that Paul’s best option at this point is to humbly and steadfastly obey in all that’s required of him by us from here on.

And pigs will fly!

Victor, Paul Cohen gave you the best years of his life. He’s lost confidence and respect in you and gone his own ways. There is NO WAY that he will “humbly and steadfastly obey” you in all that you require of him. Wake up and smell the roses.

Of course, he may choose to leave. That’s up to the Lord and him.

Only if you are a weak and indecisive leader it is! Victor – my advice, for what it’s worth, is to act firmly and fairly in faith according to what YOU as the self-proclaimed man of spiritual authority see as the godly way forward for the PoT. Anything less than that and you come across as weak and hypocritical – the very things that your detractors call you after they have left.

I and those with me go on. As of now, Ronnie is in charge in Helena with most of the duties of TPOT website, Dennison is helping him, and Martin Van Popta is in charge of business and other affairs in Helena with Ronnie and Dennison answering to him in all matters.

The Lord has also granted Martin to be with us in the labor of the Gospel and Kingdom and glory of God. Martin’s wife Jeannie stands faithfully by his side. James Sorochan stands to serve and rejoice with us, as well. We go on, stronger than ever, with those remaining being very thankful, including my wife Marilyn.

We all are one in mind and heart and enjoy fellowship as we have never had it. It is the Lord’s doing and we are all partakers of His grace and glory. Great things approach, we have not only nothing to fear but so much to look forward to. Bless the Lord of all! Jesus Christ is He!

And the sun comes up another day tomorrow . . .  rah rah rah. Victor may I please comment on what this appears like to me? A pep talk and nothing like reality in the slightest. You have found out that your supposedly clean and tidy operation has been a festering hornet’s nest of corruption and hypocrisy. Your ministry is and has been a disgrace and until you listen to those who criticise you constructively, you will repeat the same errors year upon year until you have none left.

I want every one of you who read these words to be free to ask whatever questions you will of me or anyone else among us.

That’s a bit hard Victor when you curse them and cut people off like you do! I have many questions but you dare not engage with me for you will be found out to have the same sins as the one you’ve just cast adrift!

We hide nothing and have no desire to keep anything from you that you need to know for your spiritual benefit.

Oh yes you do, Victor! Oh yes you do! As I have shown many times, you are a proud man who controls a ship with a lot of leaky holes and a hugely over judgmental ministry.

We’re here not for ourselves but for the Lord and for you. Know that. To God be all the power, thanksgiving, praise, glory, honor, and worship!

Despite the circumstances that have arisen and been unveiled, I am so thankful! God is in full control. Not saying these things to convince myself or you – I know these things to be perfectly true. Several of us see it with our eyes, hear it with our ears, and understand it with our hearts. We have much to be thankful for.

Victor Hafichuk



Make no mistake about this . . . the departure of Paul Cohen is a massive event in the life of Path of Truth.

Paul and Victor were soulmates and with the perceived or real betrayal that Victor feels from Paul’s rebellion things can never be the same again between the two.

Paul Cohen wrote the primary communications in the PoT ministry. Victor chipped in when appropriate but the powerhouse of PoT came from the energies and pure intellectual muscle of Paul. To be sure, many will now be saved from his caustic confrontationalism but the point is that things will now be very different.

I am hugely tempted to lash out and say, “Nah, nah nah nah nah. I told you so!” but there’s no need. I proved my point a couple of years ago in realtime when I showed Paul up for what he was – lacking in logic and integrity. Likewise with Victor – he’s no different to any other hypocritical preacher or leader, despite what he tries to plead here and from time to time.

My advice to others in similar situations is to watch out. When you take authority over others (like Victor does) you have to be ready for the hurt when those under you betray you. Get smarter and either tighten your control systems so that they cannot rip you off (Samoan leaders do this for example because nobody can be trusted) or open things up and take lesser of a control of your ministry and trust Him more. That way you lower your expectations but enjoy life more when they do go according to plan.

To those observing Path of Truth, I encourage you to be encouraged from these developments. I don’t know the shape and form of PoT moving forward but if the evil that emanated from these two fellas has been moderated somewhat, and if perchance people learn from it all then isn’t this great?

Maybe the world will be a better place.

My parting words are to Paul Cohen and are an encouragement to move on and get a life. “Paul, the earth doesn’t revolve around you, no matter how you think about it. You should be doing a bit of navel gazing and take care moving on in ministry using your intellect, gift of the gab and huge energy in a constructive manner, not destructive.”

In time it is possible that with a bit of TLC, Paul will realise that the sun doesn’t and never has shone out of Victor’s posterior and hopefully like others have learned, that there is Life after PoT.

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