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Maturity in overcoming Path of Truth

I’ve written quite a lot about Victor Hafichuk’s Path of Truth Ministries, either a cult or the only genuine Christian Ministry out there, depending on your degree of commitment to his teaching. My take is that PoT is indeed a Christian Ministry and NOT a cult in the typical use of the word, but I believe I have shown very well the deep flaws in the leadership’s excessive judgmentalism and that I have confirmed the premier complaint from those who have left (or ‘escaped’ if you are in that frame of mind) – hypocrisy. While many have shared their experiences with me over the time I have been researching these guys, one thing that has been missing to date is a mature take from an ex-insider. Here it is. I believe that it shows the most accurate picture of the dynamics at work for those who have engaged and then left. Fortunately, in keeping with the writer’s maturity, he has allowed me to republish his words. I think the world should be grateful for this generosity. It’s long and quite thorough. Enjoy. [Read more…]