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Secret Diary About Steve Braunias

CRIME & FICTION – An apt natural photography heading – yours truly, a man fearless to tackle the crims, crooks & crazies of this world alongside the writer of satire . . . the comedian and “damned good [guy]” Steve Braunias, NZ Herald’s Senior Writer at his Wellington book launch – Lincoln Rd something orather.

Tucked deep in the archives of private/political investigative journalism is a wicked sense of humour – a bit of wit awaiting exposure, some say about 50%, dry, like a magnum of Aussie plonk. Like wetas at lunchtime, eventide and when a waterblaster awaits, it hides awaiting revelation at a time and place of its choosing then, bang, it reveals itself in all its splendiferous glory. Well that would be the Braunias way of summarising this post anyway. My way is to say that “Steve Braunias looks like a scruff but is actually turning out to be a good guy in my books, and this is my way of saying thank you to the Senior Reporter of the New Zealand Herald.” He scribbled a personal note of best wishes on this book of his – a gift for my 88 year old father’s birthday (if he makes it through the night), tomorrow. [Read more…]