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    • I am sorry to hear of your bad experience with the Samoan Police Dennis. My sister and I returned to Samoa after having lived in Australia for 40 years. My sister and I went to the Police station to ascertain my European father service records from the 1940’s which took the Samoan police 3 days to search for it and could not locate any at all due to lack therefore or perhaps poor HR record keeping or simply laziness. There excuse was, we cannot locate any file as there was a fire in 2012. I said to the policeman,’have you heard of a thing called “Archiving” his response was, I don’t know what you are saying.
      Their idea of file was an exercise book, and my sister and I, were told they only have records from 2002 and nothing earlier than this time. We were both frustrated and dissatisfied at how little or nothing these police did to try and assist us. Though one of their officer who took both our mobile numbers down, rang and said if he can help for a small fee.
      My sister and I learned after 3 days the Samoan police are laws upon themselves, and are as useless as the tit on a bull. Indeed the police will deny any responsibility and will only help their own kind, and I, as a half cast is probably considered a tourist and a waste of their time. I honestly believe the Samoan police force needs restructuring and a lesson on honesty and integrity which most of them lack in.
      Thank you Dennis for bringing this matter to light, and making people aware of such injustice and miscarriage of justice carried by those in the justice system.

      • Hello Maria and thank you for sharing your story and opinions.
        There are a couple of things from your response here that I wish to address.
        i) You have Western expectations of the Samoan Police. Your attitude as an ex-pat Samoan rubs the locals up the wrong way, thus (if we are honest about this) you brought this on yourself. Samoans and Samoa operates in a different way. We call it bribery, corruption, extreme nepotism in the West. Your expectation of fairness and justice from the authorities is unrealistic. It simply doesn’t work the way you want . . . yet, anyway
        ii) Restructuring and lessons will not solve the underlying problem which is that the people get the leadership that they deserve. When they seek to pay less import duties by getting their friends, relatives or family in Customs to ‘help them out’ this willing participation of greed and self-interest at the lowest levels of society creates the very environment that people in the Police feed on to be the arrogant, powerful and uncaring ones that grates with you. When sin is identified for what it is, and when the people choose not to partake in it (no matter where or how it manifests) thn there is hope.
        Thank you for your thank you!

  1. wow. the truth speaks out. so thankful to the author for bringing this up. Samoans abroad must know the corruption in our homeland.

    • Corruption exists in all countries and human nature is the same across the globe. The difference with Samoa is that [as a general rule] Samoan’s deny reality, pretending that “Oh not every Samoan is like that!” and covering it all up. The reason that Samoans are shocked is because they believe and trust in their leaders . . . politicians, Police, bureaucrats, religious leaders and more. The truth ALWAYS comes out Rachel. ALWAYS. Sometimes though, those of us who speak it pay a high price for doing so! There is only One whom can be trusted. Thank you for commenting here.

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