CIS – The Solution

Chapter 13.

Corruption is a complex subject that as I have shown covers conduct right across the board. It is widely viewed primarily as a political phenomenon and is presented as an external problem.

It’s neither. It’s a widespread matter and is an internal problem – it resides within us all.

At the root, all forms of corruption are founded firmly in pride. In Samoa’s case this pride is manifested in an extremely strong claim of divine right. Faa Samoa; Samoa Mo Samoa; customary land laws; political and religious leadership by Divine Decree; and constantly claiming that Samoa is “Founded Upon God” are all threads of the same cord.

This arrogance is ultimately the cause of the ills that befall Samoan society.

From the Prime Minister down through the political and bureaucratic systems; from the High Chiefs down through the local government systems into the family structure, from the religious leaders through all the church systems, the solution is so incredibly simple.

We must humble ourselves, recognise that before God no power entrusted to us is ours of right – it is a privilege. According to the Good Book we are stewards, not owners of that which we control.

The solution, while simple, may not be easy . . . but should we choose to humble ourselves we will reap the blessing inherent. Continued arrogance will continue to bring curse in the form of the corruption I have identified and discussed in this book.

According to scripture, the process for rectifying something that is wrong in society is so incredibly simple –

a) HEAR the Word of God and
b) DO it.

In this regard Samoa lacks wisdom, fearing man rather than God. The bible says though, that the people will get the leadership that they deserve.

Despite its widespread beliefs to the contrary, Samoa is no exception, and corruption exists.

I trust that I have helped you to connect the dots!

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