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  1. This is very interesting the country has been brain wash for a long time da days of Rimoni Ah chong Chief Audit got done for being honest ,shame on you HRPP and the ass lickers your judgement day is coming good job

    • Thank you for commenting Fred. The bible says that the people get the leadership they deserve. When your people (I assume) turn to the Truth and fear Him more than they do missing out on political power and money, then and only then will He heal their land. When you see endemic corruption at the top, rest assured that there is a populace that have voted them into power. That’s the nature of democracy in full view for all to see – one sector of mankind ruling over another sector of mankind – all equal except some a little more equal than others. Samoa’s worship of democracy and participation in corruption and greed & self-interest from the bottom of society to the top is disgusting, and from a Christian country too . . . despicable! HRPP is not your problem. Lack of faith is, specifically unwillingness to pay the price to do it God’s way. It is not a political solution and will take a generation of more to work out and there will be a lot more pain before judgment day, of that I am sure.

    • A big shout out to u Dennis..It only takes someone with guts to say the things you have said in your book..I 100% agree with you . How disgusting and shameful the behavior of the so called.”Leader of Samoa” has been/may be still is. If he’s got any pride in himself and integrity at all..HE SHOULD STEP DOWN. he has done more than enough damage to our country….I have never heard or seen anything like this from our past governments & PMs (b4 him)…May be they weren’t smart enough as how Kuilaepa makes out himself to be, but Samoa has never suffered so much and lived in what I now call “poverty”, from the previous governments.. I hope our people can see what Kuilaepa truly is. He really disgusts me.

      • Malo my new online friend. Thank you for the good wishes. Disgust . . . shame . . . indeed. Tuila’epa can never step down for his die has been cast. He chose his lot a very long time ago. He’s a politician through and through. He took the ‘gold’ on offer just as Jesus chose not to take it in the wilderness of temptation 2,000 years ago. You talk of times from previously as if they were different. I think that the level of corruption has increased and that the spread of it throughout the populace has occurred, but that its core Samoa has always had leaders that have feathered their own nest. Yes, you have had some good, kind and godly leaders at times and places but you can see conflict, corruption, greed and self-interest all through Samoa’s history. What is new is that this has been coming out more now with Tuila’epa’s arrogant style and rising resentment much more public than it used to be. The Internet and vastly facilitated communications with/from/between the Samoan Diaspora too have fanned these flames, getting the facts out. Note also my other comments and posts – ‘getting rid’ of one bad egg, no matter how big or bad he is, will not change a thing if the Samoan people as a whole do not change their worship of Democracy – the system is the one that empowers Tuila’epa. He’s just an opportunist politician who has taken advantage of the system for self. Thank you for contributing here. I trust that you understand what I am saying. Blessings


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