Corruption In Samoa – Preface

I first visited Samoa in early October 2009, immediately following the 29th September 2009 Tsunami.

My country of birth is New Zealand and my cultural norms are middle-class Caucasian with half-Maori children. I had a solid experience in business being self-employed most of my working life, moving through technical sales roles in the office equipment, computer hardware, software, and Internet. I was essentially a self-made and successful businessman.

Third-world living conditions such as I have experienced in Samoa were not totally foreign to me having spent much time living outdoors, however the cultural shock engaging with the [to the Western mind anyway] ‘corrupt’ ways of Samoa was very serious.

This book is the result of five years experience living in the heartland of rural Samoa and details the nature and extent of many aspects of Corruption in Samoa.

It is written in from a Christian worldview for two reasons:

1. Because in over 50 years of active truth-seeking, I have found the Christian worldview to contain the truth with the most sound and logical viewpoint, and

2. I hold Samoa to the same standards that its leaders claim, i.e. to be a Christian nation.

The analysis and conclusions in this book are the result of direct personal experiences over more than five years on-island. I do not claim to know all corruption, but I can report that which I have seen and heard, thus Corruption in Samoa has credibility to the extent of my personal experiences in this time.

It should be noted that I name names here at personal risk, however have sought reconciliation with all parties mentioned, sometimes to a ridiculous extent and sometimes over many years. It is a damning indictment upon the people and cultural practices that in this time, despite my best efforts, not one Samoan has ever fully reconciled nor fully resolved their matters of dispute with me – ever.

It’s not an exaggeration to state that in many quarters I am hated, not trusted and not welcome.

There are however pockets in which the truth has been tolerated and allowed to shine. I write primarily with these people in mind.

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