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  1. I have lost over $8,000 about 4 years ago Barter Card Pocketed that Money in Brisbane. Cost more to litigate. I am not throwing good money after bad one. Accepted the losses, bloody Crook Dishonest Thieving Management.

  2. How about you read the response from BPS to Alceon’s outrageous claims on the ASX and summarise that in your next article to provide some balanced commentary.

    • There’s no need to wait until the next post. We can do it right here and now. How about you tell me what you want to say and what you think about it Cara? Are you a BPS shareholder watching and trusting your Directors as they misrepresent reality to you or are you employed by them or related to them. If you have an opinion or find something that I say biased or wrong, please tell me specifically what your beef is . . . until then, my post stands. The way I see it, Trev and the other “Smiles in Suits” got caught with his pants down, hand in the till and has jumped before he got pushed. Correct me please if I am wrong. Thank you for commenting even if we are waiting for your detail.


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