Time, Healing & Godliness

It is said that “time heals all wounds”. This is patently false. Look at the indigenous land conflicts, long-term resentments within most societiesand generational curses. Healing only occurs as a deliberate act, in a human sense an act of the will/mind, in a physical sense as part of preprogrammed mechanisms to repair the body, and in a spiritual sense the conscious act of forgiveness. None of this need correlate to time. In this post I give recent examples of godliness outworked around me, giving the relationship between time and healing in a Christian context a little expose.

You’ve heard it all before, “time heals”. When injustice, evil or adversity strikes, pain and grief is natural. Well-meaning friends or family step up and spit false wisdom in our faces . . . “you’ll get over it in time!” is the basic premise.

Bunkum. This is false wisdom – foolishness.

When a Christian encounters pain, it should be our desire to shorten the grieving process, not deny it but as we come closer to modelling our lives on the Master’s (this is the process of becoming like Christ – sanctification) we should be active to shorten the grieving process.

The underlying premise to this thought is that Christ has paid for our sins, thus we can call on His forgiveness; on His work as ours. The wisdom of the criminal being hung up beside Jesus is shown when he got over his likely feelings of bitterness, regret and grief to speak words of endorsement of the perfect One who was being slaughtered beside Him. He processed very quickly because of need and scored a seat in the good destination as a result. His colleague on the other side of the Master however gave himself time to wallow in his emotional traumas; the price was an appointment with death and terminal prognosis.

The difference was that one processed his grief quickly and the other didn’t. Pride swallowed in the former case; fostered in the latter.

Jesus demonstrated the principles of healing and the role of time in it. Time is not eternity. Time is a creation. There is also the possibility that timehas mass. It’s too big of an issue for my puny mind to deal with but knowing that Einstein was a plagiarist and a fraud; knowing that much advanced scientific knowledge exists outside of the deliberately dumbed-down Western scientific community; and how TPTB retain advanced knowledge for the purposes of control it is to me perfectly conceivable that time can be managed and manipulated.

If we take just one example, Jesus’ healing of the blind man from birth, we see two demonstrations of the speeding up of a natural process in order to produce what is called a miracle. His healing act first resolved a blockage in the man’s eyes – perhaps a cataract or physical obstruction. The details we cannot be sure of but the second stage of this healing we can be certain of – this was the learning of the brain to interpret the electrical impulses so that he could understand what he was seeing. The people looking like trees became understandable.

Taking this thought further then into the emotional arena, when people ran to Christ and dedicated their lives to Him, people observed extreme dedication, godliness and integrity whereas previously there was sin. Grown men would cry, repent and get active; prostitutes would come clean; people of power would humble themselves and more. It seems that the pattern of miracles around His ministry is that the natural maturing process was sped up in His presence.

This is often put down to His special powers, but if the same thing happens around any form of godly leadership then it may be a principle that when we are given reason to act maturely, we can choose to do so, thus the healing occurs sooner.

Let’s test this with my oft-used example of giving up smoking. A very hard thing to do without motivation but if a 20yo boy knows that his fixation with smoking prevents a score with a lovely lady whom he would like to marry, the cost of giving up cigarette smoking will become payable overnight. I’ve seen it happen more than once! This “miracle” of sudden maturity and healing has originated from a decision of the mind. It can be done in an instant or dragged out and fought or even obfuscated forever.

The correlation between time and healing does not exist. Increased time simply increases opportunity for the weak to wallow in their pride. Shortening the distance between the point of calling or challenge and the decision to act reduces the pain and increases the godliness.

In September 2016, the Prime Minister of Samoa arranged for my unceremonious, involuntary departure from Samoa. While I begrudge the cowardly (and illegal) way that he did it, and while it totally sucks to have lost everything I owned including irreplaceable family heirlooms, the experience was a brutal but speedy one. For that I am grateful at least.

One day I was living working and playing in Samoa; the next I was persona non grata. It took me five days to find out what was happening and another five days to what the real score was, but having made the decision to accept it all and to get on with life back in New Zealand it made the entire experience constructive. Sure, I could have attacked back and been bitter but the conscious decision NOT to lash out meant that I could process things and be constructive in in moving forward. In some ways it is a miracle what happened as things are now moving forward for me in relation to Samoa.

This raises another issue that is important when considering the way we shorten healing – it is the predetermination to do the honourable, right and godly thing from the outset. We see this with Jesus’ predetermination for forgive on the cross. He’d processed His emotional challenges before the cross – at the garden of Gethesemane. When it came time, He showed incredible composure in forgiving those who hurt Him in realtime. This was much more to do with having predtermined to forgive before the event than to do with any miracluous intervention of supernatural powers akin to a Jedi! The miracle had been decided long before.

The decision to forgive and get on with life despite betrayal made BEFORE the event removes that horrible period of temptation as we process the pain, humble ourselves and then comply with His commands.

I’ve also found that brutal honesty in dividing between the facts and the feelings of any situation to be a great help in processing grief. Sure we feel sad, challenged, lonely, angry and more but the facts are often that we cannot do anything about others and their conduct; we are called to be forgiving, loving or whatever and that as always it is only ever pride that gets in the way – our pride.

Chin up. Make the choice. I trust this post has helped you to shorten the distance and reap the rewards.

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