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Bartercard – Analysing the Rot

With calls for action from the authorities (aka inquiry) into the shonky Bartercard commercial barter business, I share here my take on where the rot lies. I put it into context which will hopefully help those affected to take constructive steps. [Read more…]

BBX Seeks a NZ GM

BBX New Zealand recently advertised for a General Manager. Funny! Seek should withdraw the advertisement. I wonder if they will now that I have reported it? Just for the record, the moment I get evidence that any new person in the potential role knowingly promotes this BBX fraud, I will do as I promised I would – prosecute, charging them under s 240 of the Crimes Act.
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Bartercard Update – Bye Bye Trev

Bye Bye Trev! Bartercard’s big shot Trevor Dietz steps down before he’s pushed. Accountability in action?

Yesterday, ASX:BPS announced that Trevor Dietz has [effectively] gone from Bartercard. “Good riddance!” I say. As I shared recently with the impending move by the BPS shareholders waking up and indicating their intent to rid the board of crooks, he jumped before he was pushed. So that’s now two of the original three “Smiles in Suits” from Bartercard who have now bailed – just as I predicted. Trev will now cash up, pocket what he can and move onto another scam-ridden industry or make it dodgy. The third one will go in due course as well, for his sake, hopefully before the house of cards falls around him. Here’s my take . . . enjoy. [Read more…]

The Idolatry of Democracy

I responded to an online Christian motivational piece recently sent to my email which encouraged me to vote in today’s New Zealand elections – a repeating three-year circus that entertains and determines which of the ‘talking heads’ will be in our faces for the next three years. I encouraged the writer to do some biblical research, called his worship of democracy what it was (shallow thinking & idolatry) and got a defensive response, “Bugger off thank you anyway. We’ll have to agree to disagree!” Here it is the exchange FYI. [Read more…]