Corruption in Samoa – PM’s Mistress

Papali’i Sonja Hunter – CEO STA (Photo: Samoa Observer)

In this post I share a private (and thus far confidential) communication to Samoa’s CEO Tourism, Sonja Hunter, issued at the height of our conflict with STA. I do it in an effort to show that her inevitable shame, disgracing and downfall as knowledge that she’s the PM’s Mistress kicks in, was not a result of an effort by me to destroy someone who attempted to destroy me, but in fact occurred in spite of my best efforts to help her and Samoa. Sadly though, those with flakey morals and the hypocrisy to go with it are not ones to take advice, especially good, biblically based advice. If it’s possible to enjoy this sort of stuff, enjoy . . . 

In September 2016, the Minister of Samoan Immigration (PM Tuila’epa) evicted me, a Palagi guest in his country. He had to break the law to do it as I was a legitimate visitor on a legitimate visitor’s visa at the time, as did his department staff who had to also lie and break the law to get me out, but they achieved this. I lost all.

Why was a straight-shooting Palagi guy, one who had been in Samoa for seven years and gave all for the people booted out? Because the PM was worried that I would publish the book Corruption in Samoa in which one thing, and one thing only worried him . . . exposure of his immoral relationship with his Mistress, and CEO of Tourism, Papalii Sonja Hunter. To date, I have shared only details about the PM. I have shared my thoughts and exposed him personally. In this post I share more of the woman whom he preferred, lifted, protected and whom will forever eventually be known as his “girl”, Sonja.

I’ve recently responded to a comment on my blog that referred to the PM & Sonja’s relationship as a “romantic affair”. That’s not a correct characterisation as it implies a short-term fling. Their immorality has gone on for way more than a decade that I know of. This is serious stuff covered up by many means. I’ve also commented that Samoans’ jest and laughter thinking of these two having it off is a disgrace – an insult to the God that they claim to worship. Jesus didn’t die to enjoy people doing it on the fifth floor when they pretend to be sold out to him. He required that His people sacrifice themselves for others; He required integrity and good. He also called a spade a spade. I now turn to share a little more about my take on Sonja, a woman skilled in the art of manipulation and power games . . . her life now sadly about to change, most likely for the worse as word gets out from under the on-island political and social cover-ups and into the Samoan diaspora.

Sonja (and her husband) have received huge personal benefits under Tuila’epa’s sponsorage. She and her husband (and others) secured ownership of TV1 from the government. Woah! She has been CEO of Tourism for multiple terms, despite performance that equates to no more than “bureaucratic stability”, when (as [the late] Bev Barlow said to me more than once) we really need some creativity. To say that these two at the top are “close” is an understatement.

According to my read of things, giving your body to a man of power for personal gain is simply prostitution. Personally I think that Tuila’epa is a fool, a fool to think he would get away with it; a fool to take me on and try to cover up by exporting me; and a fool to choose to sow his oats with a manipulator like Sonja.

In my investigations I have established proof of their sexual relationship going back to 2008 when one of the Old Man’s staff walked in on one session when they forgot to lock the door. The poor staff member was beside herself and needed serious consoling on exit after stumbling into an act of immorality occurring on the floor. I feel for her, as I do for those who too are now learning who their leader really is, and despite the efforts to cover-up and deceive. As I have said directly to the PM on my Palemia website, the shame that these guys have brought and will continue to bring is a HUGE blot on Samoa’s proud history. It’s simply a huge, disgusting display of hypocrisy and evil. To my thinking the thought that every dignitary who has visited Samoa has unknowingly walked over the same carpet that these two have ‘shagged’ on and shaken hands with a man’s hand when I know where it has been, sends shivers up my spine.

That Sonja Hunter and her husband have got away with the immorality, yes even profited from it says a lot about Samoans and Samoa. People have known for years – not all I grant you, but a lot and as I raised the subject and simply chatted and asked questions when I lived there, it was clear that this really was common knowledge. People, especially in the tourism industry feared Sonja’s power. She not only had the power to hurt your business, she would also use it, so it was not possible to speak up without risking destroying your own families income.

This is the ugly side of corruption, immorality and sin – there is a human cost.

But there is also another side, and I think it is important for me to share this now, something that most people in Samoa do not know about me and how I read godliness, and it is that I care about people, including the lost, like Sonja, and the PM. Even as Sonja Hunter was two-faced, claiming to serve and to be appointed by the same God as mine yet screwing the PM as she chose, I was reaching out to her behind the scenes seeking to mend apparently burned bridges. For example in August 2011 when serious sh*t was going down I wrote her a long email attempting to explain, and build bridges. My wife also attempted to do the same at the same time. I quote from this email, at the time marked Private & Confidential, so that people can see that speaking publicly about someone and exposing their misconduct does not necessarily mean that you hate them, or are out to get them.

Much of Sonja’s venom against myself, and the SWAP Foundation was based on self-preservation – attack being the best form of defence when threatened. The same for the PM – he did what he did so that he could protect his powerbase and credibility. I was also working hard behind the scenes for sanity to prevail – unsuccessfully.

In the interests of disclosure, designed to show the motive for exposure is not personal, I share here that on 6th August 2011, in a 4257 word email entitled “Personal & Confidential” followed up by a supporting email from my wife I said this:

Hi Sonja

I’m writing this in a personal capacity, as if we were sitting down over a beer, away from work things, and without others around. I’ve discussed the ideas and concepts extensively with [my wife], and a few of them with my trusted friends and some close business colleagues. If anything contained within here is wrong, as a result of misunderstanding, guesswork or assumption on my part, I’m sorry and I stand open to correction.

Sonja did not respond.

The first and most important thing I want to say is that I UNDERSTAND. Please do not be deceived or misled in this regard. I do not always get things right “first up”, but I am deep. I constantly ask questions, and I always get to the bottom of things. This gives me a degree of wisdom that very often challenges those around me. No, I’m not God’s gift to mankind, and I’m not perfect, but I do understand people and things around me a lot more than most people think or realise, and it will help our relationship enormously if you can reframe the way that you look at me, and SWAP, knowing, or at least believing that I UNDERSTAND. I think that I understand you a lot more than you realise. Some of this is as a result of my personality; some of it is a gifting from the Lord; and some of it is just having learned from the school of hard knocks, pushing the doors and boundaries around me over several decades. Whatever the reason, I think you will find that truly, I am “onto it”.

It may sound a falsehood to you at the moment when I say that I CARE (about you personally, about STA, about Samoa and Tourism and more) but it is absolute fact. [My wife] and I want to lift you and help you, and we genuinely want to see you succeed – as a CEO, STA as an organisation and you as a sister in Christ. We really do care. The reason that we push so hard and are forcing matters with you and STA is because we do care. If we didn’t, we would be blogging about you, STA and Samoa with everything that we had against you, trying to pull you down. Bloggers can have a lot of influence because (unlike the printed media) our words remain online forever, and if you know what you are doing online (which we do) we can move into an industry, a subject or a country and dominate thought in that space. Many people have learned the hard way that bloggers who have a following have enormous influence – for good or for evil. The Lord knows that Samoa doesn’t need any more “knockers” so we’re not, and we won’t. We will not pull others down, unless we have exhausted all possibilities to do good, and even then we will only speak the truth and it is the Lord who will do the work removing any obstacle to His purposes. We will always speak the truth, hopefully in love. By the way, while our understanding of how to use the Internet like this can be used for hurt, this knowledge is the very reason that we can achieve so much for STA and Samoa online. It is a two-edged sword.

Sonja and the STA under her leadership continued to actively do many things to destroy the SWAP Foundation and my personal credibility.

The PM has told [my wife] and me more than once that he wants us to work with STA. He has also said that he has instructed you to trust him in his judgement call and that we can be a real asset to the country (in as many words).

I would note here that Tui’s actual words were to support us 200%. Yes, a direct quote!

My take on this is that if we respect his leadership (and I know that both you and I do) then we MUST work together. Realistically neither of us have an option in the matter. If the PM says to us “OK, give up trying to work with STA, just go and do your own thing” then we will. We have told the PM more than once: “If you want us to go away and do our own thing, just let us know and we will”, but he has ALWAYS said just, “Leave it to me . . . I’ll have a word with Sonja”. Nothing more. As we said in the last communication to you, unless we have things wrong or he changes his instructions to us, then we believe that we MUST push through and get STA/SWAP working together constructively.

I explained what actually happened in the book Corruption in Samoa, when the Tuila’epa buckled to Sonja’s wish and he reneged (ripped us off).

[My wife] and I are acutely aware that developing a partnership with another organisation like SWAP is a new, and potentially challenging step for STA, and for most likely for yourself. I first offered my services to you, and Misa and Tuila’epa in early October 2009 – the first week of October actually. As you know, we have yet to reach first base. As you can also see, we’re patient. We set up SWAP, and I relocated to Samoa, and [my wife] followed later, to do what we are currently doing despite not having any contract with you or Misa. A good working relationship with STA is central to our work, life and ministry. Sure, we can do it alone without your support, and we’d probably do quite well and make good money, but this is not the best thing for Samoa. [My wife] and I are pragmatic enough to face reality and do our own thing if we are forced to do so BUT that would be our “Plan B”. We are people of faith however, who believe that we SHOULD be working with you, and we will not stop us”working at it” to achieve what we believe is the right thing. Put simply, we are not going away, and we are not giving up. Put even more crudely, if SWAP cannot develop a partnership with STA within the next three years with you, we’ll wait, believing that when the time is right, the Lord will put in place people that will be able to develop a working relationship between the two organisations.

This is indeed what happened and that we had hundreds of guests through despite the active efforts of Sonja and her team attempting to destroy our operations is nothing short of a miracle!

Sonja, this is not a threat – it is simply me trying to show you that we’ve been knocking on your door now for 18 months, actively working with the PM for almost a year, and trying to show you that we’re totally committed. Just as the pig said to the chicken that the farmers breakfast of bacon and eggs meant a different level of sacrifice to each of them, we too have made a step of faith and sacrificed much to come here. We believe that STA and SWAP should and WILL be working together. Hopefully this will be soon, but definitely eventually.

A large part of our determination to do what we are doing stems from our faith. This is not simply the fact that we love the Lord and are Christians. For me, it is faith stemming from an extended encounter that I had with the Lord in Fusi Safata in October 2009. When we have a moment to relax and chat, I will be happy to share details of this extraordinary sequence of life-changing events. You will likely be speechless and will have a much deeper appreciation of who we are, why we are here and the amazing creative, loving God that cared so much about Samoa, [my wife], you and me, that He engineered such a sequence of events as has happened and is happening. It is as we all push forward into His will that things get done. When the time is right, you can ask me to share with you the miracles that have occurred around me personally, and of course SWAP and [my wife] over the last year or two while we have been in Samoa. Sonja, we do not need a high profile visiting evangelist to visit Samoa. We need small people, like you and me to listen to the Lord, humble ourselves and do what He wants us to do, in faith. That is how Christ worked and what He taught us. It was nothing about show or greatness or anything major – it is always small. That is all that [my wife] and I are trying to do.

I consider this a hugely important comment and one that repeats in my mind day after day in regards to Samoa and my own existence. We tend to want the spectacular and think that the little things (like immorality) don’t matter. They do. Absolutely they do!

My role is to spearhead things; to push forward; to confront, challenge, teach and lead in new areas, so that God will be glorified and the work will get done. [my wife’s] calling is different. Her calling is to come to Samoa and support me in the work. I assure you that Samoa is the last place on earth she wants to be, except that I am here, and she naturally shares the vision. Shortly, [my wife] will be writing to you personally, sharing what is on her heart, but from a Christian perspective we believe that the Lord wants our two organisations (and particularly you and me personally) to work together. It is therefore for us a faith thing to push forward, to speak like this, to constantly seek what we seek.

It may seem like we’re out to pull you down; to knock you or to fight with you. I understand how threatening we could possibly be. Developing any partnership is a high risk activity, similar to establishing a marriage. While it can produce fruit, it requires commitment, communication and a developing relationship. This naturally creates opportunity for pain, hurt, conflict and we understand this well. The Lord was quite specific with me that I was to only work with the best in Samoa. This sounds logical and a simple thing to say, but for me, in the space that I was two years ago, with my background and business and life experience this request of me was a major issue and revolutionary. I have constantly worked on a budget. I have had to drag others less capable than me up and taught them to perform. Except for niche markets (like my public speaking and authorship in the IT industry) I’ve never had the guts to stand up and see myself as worthy of leading people that I previously looked up to. This all changed in 2009 when the Lord showed me what He wanted me to do, and showed me what He wanted for Samoa. He called me to do what I am doing because, to put it directly, I am the best man for the job. Without a doubt. I found myself launched into a country, and industry and a time in which my unique experiences, personality and giftings meant that I could do things that virtually nobody else could or would do. The knowledge that I was the best man for the job, and that He has given me this opportunity because I was, has driven me to work tirelessly, selflessly and in faith to speak to, seek and work with only the best at all times. It has also helped me to do and say things that to others may seem like arrogance and worse. This guidance from the Lord was a direct experience. It came out of the blue and was one of many concepts that have helped develop the SWAP Foundation, and our work in Samoa. The first thing I did, literally the FIRST thing, was go straight to Tuila’epa and spoke these words: “Hi. My name is Dennis. I am from New Zealand. I believe that the Lord . . . ” and I shared briefly that I was an Internet Marketing strategist, able and willing to help. But Sonja, this is not all about me, NOR about SWAP. It affects you too. If what I have just said in this paragraph is fact, then you too MUST (by the fact that Tuila’epa reappointed you and supports you) be the best person for the job, and you MUST be anointed and uniquely resourced to do the job. Please do not be confused by one communication from us that appears to accuse you of evil, and another that appears to acknowledge you as unique anointed to do the job. I will try to explain . . .

As I have tried to explain, people claim that their position is God-appointed thus because they have His authority, they have His blessing. Tui and Sonja both claim this. These are two separate issues. It is a logical fallacy to claim that one’s position, obtained through sexual favours or political manoeuvres gives credence to what we say or do because God ordained that authority! As can now be seen, these people have been fools, and have ZERO credibility in His eyes. Sonja could have done the right thing. She chose NOT to. There is a subtle but important difference.

I believe that STA under your leadership currently has some very serious weaknesses. Some of this is a result of Board direction and activities (or lack of) but some of it is directly attributable to you and your leadership, personality and style. Our last communication was quite direct, detailing several areas where we believe that you (and of course your team) have missed the boat so-to-speak and have been unprofessional in regards to dealing with us. To be quite frank Sonja, I actually don’t care about the past. I’ve spent a lifetime with people misunderstanding me and my motives, so I am well practiced at getting over things and progressing with people-relationships where problems have occurred in the past. I’m 100% focused on getting the job done, and that requires developing a strong relationship. The reason that I stayed up to 1.30am writing what I did, and again spending hours today writing trying to explain for you like I am is that I seek a strong relationship and good understanding. What we must do however to build a strong relationship is to face the facts, acknowledging the past and deal with it constructively. Just as I have to face the music when I say or do something wrong, or cause offence, you too must face your failings when they come to the surface. I believe that you and STA have failed us so far in several areas (already mentioned) that require you to step up to the plate, acknowledge and apologise for, so that we can get on with life. If this is genuine, then [my wife] and I will absolutely accept it, and help you to move forward. Failing is not failure per se, unless it is reinforced and defended. Failing is a possibility of course for us all at some time or place, but failure as a whole to us is not an option, and if we are working together we will not let STA fail, nor you personally.

Her offer to start afresh after a strong of problems wasn’t genuine and we all know why now, eh?

Sonja, if you are still listening to me, I’d like to share with you some home truths about STA and how they, and you personally, are perceived in the industry. We know that we’re still outsiders and relative newcomers to your country and business but this is changing as we get our teeth into businesses and develop relationships here. We are still Palagi and always will be. We know that. We know and understand the culture of complaining, bickering, put-downs and the difficulties this places public servants in (and in fact anyone who wants to get ahead). In the course of 18 months I have been VERY active, talking to a wide range of people in the tourism industry and others and I have yet to meet one person, that has spoken positively about you. Three people have been neutral, between thirty to forty have been openly negative (some scathing) and [my wife] has been witness and party to probably a dozen or so of these people. This is a serious crisis Sonja for both you and STA. This is not Dennis or [my wife] out to get you. This is not just knockers out to knock. This is a clear consistent pattern from people at random over 18 months who all report the same things.

I want to clarify this further here so that you have maximum opportunity here to understand what I am trying to say. I am NOT saying that everybody else is RIGHT. I am NOT saying that you are not doing anything or that everything you say or do is wrong or ineffective. I am however saying two things:

First, STA is not seen as an active effective organisation, and secondly that you are not respected for your capacity to empathise, or to work constructively for the industry and DO what is required nor to listen to the industry.

In general, from what I have seen and experienced, I concur with the sentiments summarise above. Again, I’m not putting you down, it is how you come across, and how I see STA.

A note of clarification here . . . we have NOT gone to the industry saying “STA and/or Sonja sucks. Don’t you agree?” Most feedback has been generated from open questions about STA and/or yourself and not led by us. This has been the one factor that makes our analysis of your public perception so scary, and worrying – the fact that we did not seek negativity, but that there was widespread dissatisfaction, mostly unsolicited.

[My wife] and I established the SWAP Foundation with more than a simple business idea in mind. Yes, voluntourism is a growing sector and suits Samoa well, but we did it following the visions that I experienced and mentioned above. One day I trust that you can hear the full extent of the visions (if it is possible to explain His visions in words! John struggled to do it in Revelation, but I will do the best I can!). Basically the Lord wants to use Samoa to bless and prepare selected people for end-times. Samoa has developed the ability to receive and has refined this process well, but it has yet to mature in the art of giving. Samoa has given of its people to the world with a large and increasing diaspora, but He has a specific role for the country in the absence of its brightest and best for end-times. I believe that the 2009 Tsunami and the associated $1billion of negative press created a unique set of circumstances from which He is setting up Samoa to have a steady stream of selected people, primarily Palagi but also a few key ex-pat Samoans come to its shores, experience some of His “magic” and then return to their own nations wiser, closer to Him and ready for end-times. Some (like us) will stay but the heart of the Lord is to develop Samoa into a resource that can give.

In 2011, these words were very early in my understanding of what the Lord wanted for Samoa. Wisdom is best defined as knowing the heart & mind of God in any given situation. Even today I view these words as the essence of Samoa’s role for the future . . . IF the Samoan people have an ear towards Him, and not the distractions of culture, self or power.

The Tsunami has affected tourism, and will continue to do so for many years, which has brought the country to its knees. It is from that weakness that His strength can shine. As we have people like you, me and our team who connect with Him, understand His vision, then do what He wants for us each individually then He can do the work that He wants. As with all things that He does, this will affect much more than one sector such as tourism. Our plans are to work in the tourism and IT fields developing value-adds and online systems that are scaleable and have viral replication for exponential Return On Investment. This is not pipe-dream nor is it just positive thinking. It is sound business strategy developed from extensive experience mentoring and advising companies at board level and shown to me by the Lord on how to apply into the Samoan context. Foreign investment and tourism are our targets using smart, well-thought out, modern and proven Internet Marketing strategies.

When we next meet we have specific new ideas and suggestions that can perhaps help break through professionally.

It never happened!

In moving forward, it will be really important to understand me. A large part of this is trust. The more you can “get inside me” the more you will be able to trust me (and us) and get productive.

People who are trustworthy trust. Vias versa. “Mr” Hunter cannot trust his wife . . . but he knew that!

I am different. I’m much more than just a straight-shooter, or what they call a “creative-gifted”. I actually carry the role of prophet very comfortably. While it is hard for me personally, I have been used by the Lord increasingly frequently to bring a message of hope into peoples’ lives, often a hard message. I believe that the Lord has blessed me increasingly in this “ministry” because, believe it or not, I am genuinely humble in speaking the hard words. I have not a skerrick of malice in my blood toward you, and genuinely want to help you and lift you. In fact if you really want to know, I care more about you and STA than I do about myself and SWAP. I can say this because I know in my bones that the Lord has us in His hands and no matter what you or STA does or says, that He will achieve what He wants through or with us. It is from this position of strength (essentially one of faith) that it is really, really easy for [my wife] and me to reach out and help. In time I pray that you will see that my arrival has been an absolute blessing and that you can step aside more and more from doing things and fighting in your job and career and give the Lord the space and room to do miracles. Again this is nothing to do with Dennis, or [my wife], or SWAP, or in fact even the PM, but heaps to do with you and the Lord, and letting Him work in your life and career, so that He gets the glory.

Over the coming years, as the Palagi blogger who got booted out of Samoa for speaking it like it is, and for taking on the “Corrupt” PM Tuila’epa, I expect to have an increasing influence in those Samoans who care. This is the flip side of paying the price. While the crooks can gloat and continue their corruption, there will come a time when people, more and more, turn back to the ones like OLP, and me and thank us. This is a prophetic role that I perform – speaking it like it is, and it is a dangerous and sometimes scary game we play, but it is done for Him. People like Sonja and the PM Tuila’epa speak these words but put themselves above Him. It never works. He can never be mocked. Never!

I now move into an area that is a mixture of assumption, guesswork, experience, revelation and faith. If I am wrong, forgive me, please. If I was chatting by the fireside, and you were still listening to me and wanted to know more, by now I would want to get up and give you a great big hug and say, truly Sonja, it’s OK, we’re all in this thing together. I wouldn’t of course, but that’s how I would be feeling. I think that there is something much deeper going on in your life in regards to Dennis, and SWAP and the PM. Some of the things that you have done and said are extraordinary to me. I see a defensiveness in you that is common to those that the Lord has used me to “talk to”. That you want to back off and seek counsel now, because you are “misunderstood” just at the very time that we are desperate to push through and achieve great things together indicates to me that something major is happening for you. I would imagine that we would be seen as providing a constant barrage of problems for you when you are simply trying to do your job to the best of your ability. But there are a couple of keys that I think I need to mention.

Sometimes there comes a recognition that you are out of your depth. Sonja was always threatened by me, first I never wanted anything so I as never bribable; secondly I shot dead straight. People like Sonja do not understand straight-shooters, and thirdly I knew my stuff. She didn’t and doesn’t.

I then moved into deep stuff that gets personal. I do this with people I really care about . . . it hurts but if it’s accurate people never forget it. Sometimes, years later people come back to me and say, “Tenisi, I hated you when you said it, but you were right. Thank you. I needed that!” So I spoke it straight to Sonja . . .

The first is a spiritual matter that all people-problems – all – have a root cause of pride. Your pride. My pride. There is no exception to this. Humbling ourselves is the ONLY way forward. Many, perhaps 50% of the people who I have spoken to about STA have spoken of you personally with words that reflect an arrogance they object to in you. Some of this has been general (such as “they” i.e. all officials) but a scary percentage has been quite direct about you, personally. In my dealings with you, I too have seen this and I would advise you to seek the Lord on what it is and how to deal with it. In terms of importance to your Christian walk on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being a crisis, I would put this issue at least as high as an 8, with the possibility of becoming a crisis if not dealt with proactively. [My wife] and I are able and willing to help you and support you but your husband and others should be your first port of call. I predict that your career, work and business relationships will blossom like you could never have dreamed of before if you can push through, and that your work and business relationships will gradually, possibly quite quickly close down and turn sour until the matter is rectified.

As Sonja’s career closes and the shame kicks in, sour will be seen as an understatement. Expect serious bitterness form the Hunter camp over the next few years . . .

Sonja, this has been a risky thing for me to say. I believe that this is “from the Lord” and that I am 100% right, possibly speaking words that hurt (as well as help) and that may have a far deeper meaning than even I could know. I will leave it to you now and move on . . .

The second issue is more of a personal skill or technique to cope with and progress in discussions with SWAP. Please listen to us. You do not have strong listening skills. The more that you can force yourself to listen, genuinely, humbly, as the PM has done with us, the more I believe that you will WANT to work with us, the more that you will be able to see the unique offering that we have to all; yourself personally and professionally; to STA; for the PM; for Samoa; for indeed the body of Christ and God’s purposes here in Samoa and internationally. I believe that your capacity to listen to us, to engage with us has a direct correlation to the effectiveness of the Lord’s purpose through us in Samoa. There are many times in the scriptures that the Lord’s stated plans and purpose was held back until one individual “processed stuff” and the time was right. Jonah, Moses, David, and even Jesus had to spend 30 years as a house-builder before he was released into ministry.

We understand this and await good news that you are strong enough to talk with us and engage meaningfully. Until then we stand by in faith, waiting and praying for you.

And note the final words:

Bless you

The above communication is NOT your typical letter sent to a CEO of a government department. I did it in a personal capacity and it was ignored. When you’re in bed with the PM and can have what you want in life, why would you want to respond to this sort of thing.

It is however the way that a man of God works . . . while being destroyed on the outside, we work on the inside with those who are destroying us, doing what we can to affect wise choices. Never let it be said that I do not care and never let it be said that Sonja Hunter didn’t have her chances.

Shown to be a tramp in public in Samoan society, the only reason that she can remain in the position she currently holds is if the Samoan people do not care, and the PM continues to pay the price to protect her, personally, politically and spiritually.

Those who care about the PM’s Mistress should step up to her quickly, give her a little nudge and find a hole a long way from the halls of power to hide in.

Sonja . . . I warned you!

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